Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Hour no. 870

By David Gans

Week of May 23, 2005

This week's program is part 1 of an interview with Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh, talking about his autobiography Searching for the Sound.

The music:
Grateful Dead, Dick's Picks vol. 24 (3/23/74)

Grateful Dead, Vintage Dead

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Thanks for listening!
David Gans

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Joined: Jul 15 2008
Thank you, for that wonderful interview

Thank you for the music

Love Above Love


Joined: Sep 4 2007
A nugget from the Dead Hour s archive ..

In relation to your ' outro ' on this 870 installment , you mention you were going to perform at Schwagstock in MO , among other places in 2005 .

The Schwag is a great band from St Louis , that would come thorugh Iowa - and Cedar Falls specifically - on a regular basis . And until my departure from CF in early 99 , saw them a generous number of times ( Always at a great venue , Steb s } . I taped them once ; I noticed they liked it as the next time they came to Cedar F , they debuted Tom Thumbs blues ( in what would be their first in live repertoire } .. anyhow

Great interview , looking forward to the rest of it next week . How great it is tohear a persona like Phil L . I acquired his auto B , in late 2007 , and began reding it mid 2008 in my free time . My work and my work related interests and my gnostic christianity studies have me reading like 5 books at a time ( demanding , but worth it }

Phil had words to say on this broadcast that i think I ll be re listening over and over for some time . As he makes many things quite clear as to the ' better ' and clearer times of the band , in his objective opinion .

Id love to hear Mick , Bill , Bob share their thoughts on when the band was hitting the highest peaks Its clear that the pre hiatus period is a universe of GD music that deserves and demands close examination .

Obviously also there are very good moments thereafter . But Lesh s critical assemsent , as to how their repertoire was beginning to sound and be sort of ' too structured ' ( two sets } , is very substantial . And ( that ] may have brought a freshness necessary inn their live output

Jerry - IMO - was always a guy , that on a good or bad night .. delivered the goods

Bobby , in the later years , took to give the band and sound the necessary muscle and authority when Jerry was having an off set or off night . Phil also , as I witnessed live and heard on tape would chip in to make the night a worthwhile concert of quality music ( The drummers and Vince too } .

The whole question , we all know was Jerry G s struggle with his personal obstacles that were for lack of a a better word , disbalancing the Dead touring machine ; and its output . Thank god Jerry never let ( me at least } us down on any given night . And that s half of my motivation to keep interested and listening and reading and buying the music of this sextet

“The experiences show us just as we are; they make us see our own defects” Goethe , the great German scientist and writer

“The biggest mistake that the doctors make is to heal the body without trying to heal the Soul; however, body and soul are one and they shouldn’t be treated separately”. Plato

Peace . -

* We deadheads , Dave are forever grateful for your kind , creative and unselfish vision in trying to do the best for this band s community in informing us with the best stuff ; again , in a simple and kind manner , and that s always appreciated


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