Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Hour no. 912

By David Gans

Week of March 13, 2006

Two requests in one show!

John Jensen wrote: "Could you post the Dead Hour where you were shuffling through your iPod and found a cool version of 'Blues for Allah'?"

It's the 8/13/75 debut performance of "Blues for Allah," and it's pretty damn cool!

Shortly after the Grateful Dead played their "final shows" at Winterland in October 1974 (brilliantly documented in The Grateful Dead Movie), the band convened in Bob Weir's brand new home studio and began developing new material in a highly collaborative manner. In addition to the challenging and unconventional title track and Phil Lesh's instrumental "King Solomon's Marbles," Blues for Allah also includes "The Music Never Stopped," a consistently wonderful live show-stopper, and the beautiful "Crazy Fingers." The remastered edition includes several jams and work tapes from these sessions. One from the Vault is the complete concert of 8/13/75 in a tiny San Francisco venue, The Great American Music Hall, where the band premiered the new album; Dan Healy mixed the multitrack tapes in the early '90s, kicking off the band's program of releasing concert material from their archive.

Other treats from my iPod adventure included two non-Dead songs: a track from Rodney Crowell's powerful CD The Outsider, and a wonderful, soulful song from Georgia singer-songwriter Ralph Roddenbery.

This GD Hour also includes some unreleased live Grateful Dead, natch: three songs from the spring tour of 1989, which allows me to satisfy Jim Ackerman's request for "Standing on the Moon" in the bargain.



Grateful Dead 3/31/89 Greensboro NC

Grateful Dead, One from the Vault

Rodney Crowell, The Outsider

Ralph Roddenbery Band, Let It In


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Thanks for listening!
David Gans

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Joined: Sep 4 2007
a very good program

I always love a good / strong Loser . The Greensboro is definitely delightful ( the guitar solo is i think the standout factor in that song ] And Jerry did 3.4 stars out of 5

Again , that song sounds great when Jerry just RIPS a SICK solo . i.e. 8-20.87 UT . 5.8.77. NY . One from April 71 , portchester perhaps .

The Victim is gorgeous and SICK . Good ear DG .

Mr. Gans, do the Dead community a small and nice favour and dig out DH 350 , beautiful Schoolgirl , and Alabama - as well as the remaining broadcast . When time and duties permit , please bless us with that excellent broadcast . Take me to the river is on it , and it's one of my favourite songs that debuted in 1995 GD music .

Come on all , lets request that show , as it has mind numbing versions of those tunes i mentioned , just kidding . But you ll know what i mean when you HEAR it yerself

Nice greeting you all , from just above the tropic of capricorn .

It so happens I am sick of being a man.
And it happens that I walk into tailorshops and movie
dried up, waterproof, like a swan made of felt
steering my way in a water of wombs and ashes.

The smell of barbershops makes me break into hoarse
The only thing I want is to lie still like stones or wool.
The only thing I want is to see no more stores, no gardens,
no more goods, no spectacles, no elevators...

Excerpt , "Walking around" by Pablo Neruda [ 1935 )


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