Every Wednesday we present another show from the archives of the Grateful Dead Hour - "A weekly audio postcard from the wide musical world of the Grateful Dead." Since 1985, the show has featured exclusive interviews, music from the roots and branches of the band's musical family tree, and of course a generous helping of unreleased live and studio recordings.

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    By request, highlights of a Rex Foundation benefit at the Cal Expo Amphitheater in Sacramento, California. Longtime Grateful Dead attorney Hal Kant, a…

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    Week of June 8, 1992

    By request, music from the spring tour of 1992

    Also: an interview with filmmaker Jeremy Marre, regarding the Rex Foundation…

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    Week of March 11, 1991

    By request, a few highlights from 6/16/90, a show that was later released on DVD as View from the Vault III.

    Also: a message from bassist Phil Lesh to people…

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    Grateful Dead Hour no. 15

    Week of December 12, 1988

    By request, a selection of songs from March 18, 1988. This was the last of eight shows in five weeks, which put something of a…

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    Grateful Dead Hour no. 1562

    Week of August 27, 2018

    Second of two featuring a wonderful but incomplete soundboard recording (mixed by Betty Cantor-Jackson) of 6/4/76, the second…