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Grateful Dead Hour no. 1157

Grateful Dead Hour by David Gans

Week of November 22, 2010

This week's archival post is a very recent show, featuring bluegrass legend Jesse McReynolds, whose Songs of the Grateful Dead is one of my favorite releases of 2010.

Interview: Eric Thompson talks about Jesse McReynolds' mandolin style

Interview: Jesse and Joy McReynolds


Grateful Dead, Road Trips vol 4 no 1

Old and In the Way, That High Lonesome Sound

Jesse McReynolds and Friends, Songs of the Grateful Dead

Jim and Jesse, Berry Pickin' in the Country

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Thank you for listening!
- David Gans

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Old School Chuck's picture
Joined: Feb 3 2009

I haven't made it past Morning Dew yet, but I am glad to have come into the world on 5/24/69...a good day to have been born, to be sure.

Joined: Sep 4 2007
A brief overview


Great revival - quite recent too . Im pretty excited to hear McReynolds music ( Jerrys and Bob Hunter s } . As few can play it just right .....

* On the other hand , excellent broadcast pick on your Weekly show on KPFA as you re showcasing Oct 10 ,1982 . A great piece of 1982 Dead . The band ( equipment wise } was giog through some good upgrades and additions at that time . Phil was about to ( 1983 } start using Geoff Gould s Modulus graphite basses .. The bass guitars that Lesh played in the early 80 s sounded awesome - at least - in the mixes . And on audience tapes

** I think Brent was probably one of the most intriguing developments and progressions , equipment wise . Ive seen anyrock or music preformer do . The awesome keyboards he played in the early , mid and late 80 s . The sounds that he would produce out of them ... I doubt many rock keyboardists in the 80s sounded like that guy . I find a uninqueness to Pigpen , Keith , Brent and then Vince . That makes me listen to different periods and hear the best out of these players ( theres so much to check out . -

For example , lets be objective for a bit . In 1995 , Jerry was pouring his heart and soul out in many performances , and in others he was quite absent . But ( as i remember hearing at home lately } , on July 6 in Maryland heights MO , Vince on Eyes of the World played some sensational licks ( That show , the 2nd set eclipses the 1st in potency } . 94 , 93 and back to 90 featured some great stuff from Welnick He s extremely missed .

When we objectively analyze all periods ( and years } , of the band s music we see what REALLY Happened . Instead of dismising entire runs , tours etc as ' slow , unpopular etc ' . Lets read up on those eras . And see what really happened ; all this with the adecuate Albums and tapes on hand . Thie band music should keep being analyzed by Lemiux and Co . with a bit more passion perhaps . Hes doing a great job at selecting music . But lets go a bit further . lets REALLY see what was on and not

*** When we read up on 95 for example we see th bands output as some of the lowest in potency . But whenever these 6 musicians would get together something ' Special ' would happen . Being a real fan of jerry means finding value in his great playing .

I think his real quality STILL is not valued and found in the Dead world and organization ; and much of the Dead community world wide . Happy 2011

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Good Choice David!

I remember the night I heard this very recent show....I was blown away by the "Grand Ole Opry" standing ovation story....and it's really nice to hear one of Jerry's Heroes pay tribute to the ole' 9 1/2 finger brother!

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Grateful Dead Hour no. 1157