Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Hour no. 293

By David Gans

Grateful Dead Hour by David Gans

Week of May 2, 1994

Another all-music show, with a particularly wonderful musical reference to the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. This five-note musical figure plays an important part in the film's story of inter-species communication.>

Grateful Dead 1/22/78 MacArthur Court,Eugene OR

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Thanks for listening!
David Gans

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Joined: Sep 4 2007
Eugene 78 .. potent stuff

What a NFA !! . The O1 . This tidbit of Dead music you aired in spring 94 is just hair raising stuff .

The not fade away rips and rips and rips ; Its a MONSTER !! : ) A good mosnter , dont get me wrong ..

Great Around & Around too ; These f**rs were on fire in Eugene in 78 .. !!

I didnt hear the Dead hour ai think in the spring of 94 ( I wasn t familiar w the program yet } . Its really curious , the opening music on the broadcast has stuff from American B . And I obtained that Cd , i think like a month before your broadcast ( I d heard it for about a year } But i remember that spring just being in total awe at the music in it . Its one of the band s best and most perfect works

Thanks for reminding me of how great it was to prepare oneself to see their first couple of shows ( for me it was that summer in ' 94 ] . I was totally pumped and the scene in Noblesville IN blew me away . I loved it .

Did you get aorund to seeing a PInk floyd show that summer , Dave ??

Great re broadcast ..

Pizza_T's picture
Joined: Jun 17 2007
pretty chill show

This is how a lien to GD Hour.... Poor man way!
I think this show was decent. Heard it before I believe... not sure. The St. St was cool in all yet kinda slow. I like when Jerry played his guitar solo. So fresh. Donna never stops rockin eh....? Cool GD hour.....

Pizza T luvs U.. ttyl

Joined: Dec 12 2009
nter-species communication.>

Eeek = ta . As in thanks Mr Gans.

pomo1's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Thanks, DG

Happy and HEALTHY New Year to you and yours.

"That path is for, your steps alone."

shwack's picture
Joined: Apr 12 2008

p.s. wondering if you have any lineage or origin info. on this recording?

shwack in nh

shwack's picture
Joined: Apr 12 2008

Hey David,
This is a fantastic musical passage.Your search for this tape has really paid off!
I one can hear the band reference the 5 "close encounters" notes during 2nd
set tuning on 12/29/77(Dick's Vol.10).
Thank you as always for providing.Great new year to you and yours,

shwack in nh


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