Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Hour no. 501

By David Gans

Week of April 27, 1998

Grateful Dead (composite of 3/28/94 and 4/4/94)

Grateful Dead 7/16/66 Fillmore Auditorium, SF

by David Gans and Peter Barsotti

Interview 1/97
Carolyn "Mountain Girl" Garcia

Grateful Dead 5/26/93 Cal Expo, Sacramento CA

Mutilaudio by David Gans

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman 5/92 (unreleased)
16 x 16

This is the sequel to last week's show...

As I said in the intro to GDH500, "I thought I'd put together some stuff that you heard first on the Grateful Dead Hour, and some things you probably wouldn't have heard otherwise." GDH501 has more of these firsts and exclusives.

"Days Between" is one of the last songs Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter wrote together, and it is one of my all-time favorites. A sober but unsentimental look back - I think of it as a companion piece to Hunter's poem "An American Adventure" - both pieces dealing with the history of the Grateful Dead form the perspective of age and wisdom.

The 7/16/66 "Cream Puff War" came from a reel that my friend Dave Angress brought over in January 1994. A friend of his had had it in the closet since his family occupied an old scout camp in Marin County following the Dead's occupancy there. There were four reels in the stash, one of which was a copy of Charles Ives' Fourth Symphony (transcribed from an LP). The others were Grateful Dead music. These reels wound up in the Grateful Dead vault where they belonged, and I believe some of the music was included on the two-CD set Birth of the Dead in the boxed set The Golden Road (1965-1973).

In the late fall of 1986, I got a call from Peter Barsotti, one of Bill Graham's principal creative aides, inviting me to create a sound montage for Bill's midnight ride on New Year's Eve. It was an honor and a thrill! Peter came over with some records and a bunch of great ideas, and we went to work. The result was pleasing enough that I was invited to do it again the next two New Year's Eves. The 1987 edition, included here, related to the theme of the midnight pageant, with Tony Bennett's classic "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" as the central thread (although we ducked "San Francisco" at the end, since the event took place in Oakland. Peter's instruction to me was simple: take a room full of really high people right over the top!

The interview with Mountain Girl is a short excerpt from a longer talk that aired on KPFA on March 19, 1997. I plan to play this conversation on Sirius Satellite Radio in the near future.

The Cal Expo '93 "Playing in the Band" speaks for itself: that three-day run of shows was pretty damn satisfying throughout, and this jam in particular recalled the mind-melts of old.

"Brickshake #7" is another of my Mutilaudio digital audio art pieces - this one shuffles "Shakedown Street" ad Pink Floyd's "Anther Brick in the Wall" together like a pack of cards.

And finally, "16 x 16" is from a collection of unreleased live Garcia-Grisman performances recorded at the Warfield Theater in May 1992, given to my by Grisman to share with you nice folks. Ther's an excellent studio version of "16 x 16" on the Garcia-Grisman CD So What.

Your requests are requested! Browse and/or search the Grateful Dead Hour program logs on the GD Hour web site. Let me know if there's a particular program you'd like to hear, and feel free to post requests and comments here or by email to gdhour [at]

Thanks for listening! David Gans
gdhour [at]

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ramblinrose8's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2007

My audio collection is "packed" and "stored" and I find myself frustratingly without many of my musical resources. Shows such as this (GDHour)...with legendary songs such as Cream Puff War, available via internet make my life bearable! I cannot thank you enough! As usual an excellent job. Amazing! I remain gratefully yours! Muchas Garcias! your, ramblinrose

"There are things you can replace
and others you cannot
The time has come to weigh those things
this space is getting hot -
you know this space is getting hot"

Joined: Aug 21 2007
nye 86-87

I posted somewhere else on this site how much I enjoyed the pre-midnight montage that night. An excellent job and I still get goosebumps when I listen to it remembering that night.
Thanks, DG.

dens's picture
Joined: Jun 1 2007

Thank you David for this! I am listening while illustrating a big hubby cat watching his favorite football team on the tube while wifey kitty cat is chopping veggies in the kitch, and everything is just flowing and working. So hey thank you again...... this is wonderful! :)

Joined: Nov 21 2007

looks like i am the first post again,, love the Garcia , Grismon music , Days ,cream puff war , playing , blew me away ... nice interveiw with Mountain girl ,, that is axactly how I used to feel ,, that is what the music used to do for me ,, I`ve been away for a long time and finally getting back to the music ,, that is why i posted what i posted last week . not trying to offend anyone..just love the music .. multi audio stuff , guise it aquirers a taste i just don`t have ,, anyway ,, nice work Dave ...thank you .. have a grateful week ...... peace ....stuman


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