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Grateful Dead Meet Up At The Movies 2013: "Sunshine Daydream"

On a blistering summer day in 1972, the Grateful Dead took the stage on the grounds of the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta, Ore. for what would become one of the most legendary concerts of the band’s storied history. Join us this summer when we screen the previously unreleased concert film “Sunshine Daydream” as part of our now annual Grateful Dead Meet Up At The Movies.

Originally shot on 16mm film and painstakingly restored to HD resolution, "Sunshine Daydream" captures the band at the height of their powers (fresh off the Europe ’72 tour) and at the epicenter of the counterculture movement. Special features include never-before-seen footage of the concert day as well as recently recorded interviews with key participants from the time such as Ken Babbs, Sam Cutler, Wavy Gravy and Carolyn "Mountain Girl" Garcia, who provide insight on how the community came together for this special event to help raise money to keep the local town’s Springfield Creamery afloat. This extraordinary screening also shines a spotlight on some mighty fine tunes, with a playlist containing all new Stereo and 5.1 Audio mixes done by Jeffrey Norman at TRI Studios in San Rafael, Calif. and mastered by Grammy® winning engineer David Glasser at Air Show Mastering in Boulder, Colorado, with tape transfer and restoration by Plangent Processes.

"Sunshine Daydream" will only be playing on the silver screen for one night! Come along and connect with Dead Heads in your neighborhood on Thursday, August 1 at 7:30 p.m. local time.

Tickets are now available at

Look and listen: "China Cat Sunflower" from "Sunshine Daydream":


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marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

While I'm definitely in the camp that would rather never be visually assaulted with Pole Guy ever again, history is history. Save the censorship for a viewer option in the DVD release, which I hope will eventually happen.

PalmerEldritch's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2011

My local theater gives a "mature audiences" warning. So, I don't think they will pixelate the "bits and pieces". If they do, i'll boycott, as a matter of principle.

msgsec74's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
The "Clothing Optional" feel of the show

My friend and I have had a copy of this for a while. And he wants to take his son to see it at the theater. But he's worried about the folks dancing around naked. I was wondering if peoples "Goodies" are gonna be blurred out, or will he have to cover his sons eyes

ricsal's picture
Joined: Nov 10 2010



Do you fox have prepared a way for international dead heads ?

Please say yes !

Streaming ? I am willing to pay for it if needed ;-)


tx for answering

PalmerEldritch's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2011
all i'm sayin

I mean I guess my point was just to reiterate what someone said earlier: that the Dead considered the audience almost like a member of the band. The amazing music of 8/27/72 is so wild and beautiful. I'm sure the fact that it was played to a sea of crazy hippies had something to do with it. Surely, the music of 8/27/72 wouldn't be the same if it was performed in front of a bunch of fully clothed straight-laced melons sitting in lawn chairs.

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Joined: Jul 25 2011
Sunshine Daydream

Progpete makes an interesting point. We should be able to separate the music from the drugs and the "scene". We should- certainly. I've always maintained that my love for the Dead was all about the music. But honestly, when I hear, say 2/14/68 or the Fillmore West 69 recordings, it's pretty hard for me to completely separate the music from the celebration of consciousness likely going on in those halls. Same for all the 68-74 shows, including the fields of Veneta 8/27/72. The music stands on its own. It's great and has real integrity. That's why we still listen to it almost 50 years later. But I see no point and no fun in trying to separate it from its context. The 68-74 period seems to me like an innocent beautiful time.
I don't think a concert film with as many crowd scenes from the 90's would be as appealing to me. But, truth be told, I'd probably enjoy it too.:/

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Joined: Sep 1 2009
An interesting cultural shift

An interesting cultural shift is visible in this film. By '77 the nudity was pretty much gone from the tour. But what was the same through the '70's was the fact that 90% of the audience was clearly under 30 years old or even 25. hard to imagine the Dead and the Deadheads as youngsters but once upon a time we were.

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Joined: Aug 21 2007
4:20 Matinee

Hey Now and Fathom Events....
Really happy this is finally getting a theatrical showing. If course we all have owned bootlegs for years! LOL

Anyway, the auspicious date of August 1st is a fine time to enjoy this with fellow deadheads.

But there is also so much music going on that night as well! Here in the Bay Area we have the choice of Warren Haynes with the Symphony doing what is sure to be a very heartfelt musical celebration of Jerry Garcia's birth.

And the fabulous fantastic Mickey Hart Band will be starting off their tour in Healdsburg that same night... There are events all over the country, in every city the movie is playing in...

My point being, an earlier showing would be awesome! We could catch the movie at say, 4:20, then be done in time for a quick bite on our way tothe symphony, or any other Jerry celebration...

Just an idea!
With love, your friend,

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Joined: Dec 19 2007
I think I'll skip this one

If I have to see a bunch of naked drugged out dancers on a full screen, I think I'll stay at home and LISTEN to the music. I have always been in it for the music, and never saw any need to inebriate my mind to "hear" the music. I know there is a culture to this, but I am really bored and tired by the fact that you have to be under the influence of some kind of substance to get it. I have always gotten the beauty and presence of this band and they will always be my favorite.
I love this band for the music. That will always be. I grew up in the early 70's. I find this presentation nostalgic, but also a bit sad. This fan is turned off.

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Joined: Apr 10 2009
Can't wait!!

I used to have a vhs copy of this, that was copied a million times before it got to me. I can't wait to see this on the big screen!!!

We are so lucky to be DEADHEADS! The weath of material they funnel our way is amazing!!

See you at the North Hill's showing in Raleigh NC!!


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