Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Offers Four New Digital Collections Exclusively On Itunes

Select Studio And Live Albums Plus Two Special Rarities Collections Are Now Available Exclusively On The iTunes Store

The Golden Road and Beyond: A Grateful Dead Primer Digital Book Also Released

One of the most storied bands in rock and roll history, the Grateful Dead made music for three decades years that resonates still today. Their recorded legacy – both in the studio and on stage – coupled with a fearless willingness to follow the music wherever it took them, continues to inspire new generations.

To build on the band’s legacy, many of the Grateful Dead’s studio albums have been mastered specifically for iTunes, ensuring the delivery of the music to listeners with increased audio fidelity, more closely replicating what the artists, recording engineers, and producers intended. These albums were mastered specifically for iTunes from the original master tapes by GrammyÒ winning engineer David Glasser at Airshow Mastering. The band has simultaneously released four new digital collections exclusively on iTunes, covering both studio and live recordings spanning their entire career. Fans can choose between downloading songs, studio albums and live albums individually, or in four different collections. All the music is now available worldwide on the iTunes Store.

The Complete Studio Albums Collection contains all 13 of the band’s studio albums. Drawing from the 1960s, the bundle features the group’s gold-certified self-titled debut; Anthem of the Sun, which is the first with drummer Mickey Hart; and Aoxomoxoa, which boasts the live staple “St. Stephen.” Music from the 1970s includes: the back-to-back platinum releases Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty; Wake Of The Flood, the first with keyboardist Keith Godchaux who replaced founding member Ron “Pigpen” McKernan; From the Mars Hotel, which features the debut of “Scarlet Begonias”; Blues For Allah with the standout track “Franklin’s Tower”; and two gold albums in a row, Terrapin Station and Shakedown Street. The 1980s are represented by: Go To Heaven, the first with keyboardist Brent Mydland; the double-platinum In The Dark; and the group’s final studio album, Built To Last, which debuted on Halloween 1989.

The Live Albums Collection encompasses seven landmark live albums recorded between 1969 and 1990 that retrace the gloriously weird arc of the Dead’s continuous sonic evolution. It begins with the gold-certified Live/Dead, the group’s first official live release; Grateful Dead, which christened setlist fixtures like “Bertha” and “Playing In The Band”; the double-platinum Europe ’72, which is perhaps the gold standard for live Dead; History Of The Dead Vol. 1 (Bear’s Choice) was recorded and produced by the band’s soundman Owsley “Bear” Stanley; Reckoning, an acoustic double-album and its electric counterpart Dead Set; the collection ends with the gold-certified collection Without A Net, which features highlights from the band’s 1989-90 run that was recently revisited in the acclaimed Spring 1990 boxed set.

The last two bundles, the Complete Studio Rarities Collection and the Complete Live Rarities Collection, contain bonus material taken from expanded versions of the albums that were reissued as part of two acclaimed career-spanning boxed sets – 2001’s The Golden Road and 2004’s Beyond Description.

Those same boxed sets provide the foundation for the new digital book, The Golden Road and Beyond: A Grateful Dead Primer. Available now for free on iBooks, the book consists largely of the two essays from The Golden Road and Beyond Description, which were written by Dennis McNally, a Grammy-nominated author and the band’s longtime publicist. In addition, the new digital book also includes original artwork as well as an essential discography with sound samples and links to the iTunes store.

Complete Studio Albums Collection The Grateful Dead (1967)
Anthem Of The Sun (1968)
Aoxomoxoa (1969)
Workingman’s Dead (1970)
American Beauty (1970)
Wake Of The Flood (1973)
From The Mars Hotel (1974)
Blues For Allah (1975)
Terrapin Station (1977)
Shakedown Street (1978)
Go To Heaven (1980)
In The Dark (1987)
Built To Last (1989)

Live Albums Collection Live/Dead (1969)
Grateful Dead (1971)
Europe ’72 (1972)
History Of The Dead Vol. 1 (Bear’s Choice) (1973)
Reckoning (1981)
Dead Set (1981)
Without A Net (1990)

Complete Studio Rarities Collection Includes every bonus studio track featured on the expanded reissues from 2001 and 2004.

Complete Live Rarities Collection Includes every bonus live track featured on the expanded reissues from 2001 and 2004.


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Pink Floyd play Pompeii

Pink Floyd's Live in Pompeii is an old movie, filmed in 1971 and released in 1973 - it's not a bootleg, it's a real release. And it's been re-released on Amazon with a lot of new different footage. Some like the new longer version (not more music, more filler), some folks like the old, hour-long very trippy original version. It's recommended for serious Floyd fans only as it's lousy quality, but seeing them play among ruins while the camera catches the fading sunlight is pretty damn trippy.

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Joined: Apr 8 2009
hdtracks has the hq hookup

All studio albums in glorious 24/192 lossless for $249.98

Joined: Apr 12 2009
mastered ??? which audio quality ?

This upgrade does not speak to me !!!

what we need is to get
24 bits Flac files or better some Studio masters (you can find them for American beauty or Workingmans dead on
and the result is spectacular !!

I've heard guitar parts i just discover even listening these albums since 25 years

Please consider we have now new HD audiofiles players (ibasso, fiio,asteel & kern ,maybe neil young pono etc..)
and with a great headphone or connected to my car hifi this is far beyond what ITUNES files can offer
I will never buy the so called itunes mastered files coz there is no info about quality audio
i stop listening my audio files on iphone and accept only FLAC or higher level files !!

We are ready to pay for the best audio possible since the Grateful dead music deserves it !!

Joined: Jul 15 2008
Actually both American Beauty

Actually both American Beauty and Workingman's Dead were both released in surround mixes years ago.

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RE: Fillmore West - 7/2/1971

This is also at Amazon as 2 mp3 downloads 1st set & 2nd set

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I don't get it

Why doesn't the Grateful dead bring all it's recordings to its own web site. Thus increasing profit margins. Every ones knows iTunes set the price for the artist. David grisman did it why doesnt the Dead. All dicks pic series all road trip series all studio albums. My two wishes are that they will re release the studio albums in DVD audio like Rush just did. I want to hear workingmans dead and American beauty in surround sound. Second sunshine daydream cd alone and not limited release.

Joined: Feb 3 2012
RE: Fillmore West - 7/2/1971

I noticed it, too. The same thing happened with Pink Floyd: someone uploaded a bootleg concert to iTunes a year or so ago, some show at Pompeii or something like that. It hung around for a while then disappeared like it never existed.

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I'll check


Joined: Jun 4 2007
They look like boots

They say (c) 2013 TTW; most likely bootlegs. Marye, can you confirm?


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