Grateful Dead

June 3 - June 9

Every Friday we'll be sending you off with a Jam Of The Week, hand-picked and delivered by tape archivist David Lemieux. Listen to it on the weekend. Listen to it at work. Listen to it all day long...but make sure you tune in or you'll miss out because these little nuggets will stream for ONE WEEK ONLY!

This week's Jam is from:

December 12, 1980
Swing Auditorium
San Bernadino, CA



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This is from Long Beach 12/13/80

I've had a great aud of this since the mid '80's. I'd recognize this thunderous (albeit brief) NFA anywhere. Great Scarlet-Fire, Playin' to start the second set. DL2 - please consider this for a road trip. It's GRRRRRRRRRREEEEAAT!

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got raw milk?

got raw milk?

Joined: Oct 1 2007
I also enjoyed...

There, some late-ish shows I had a good time at!

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I'm pretty sure this is from 12/13/80 - Swing Auditorium. Can't remember the last time the Dead played One More Saturday Nite on a Friday.....

"Music is Love"

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what else?

only scratching the surface, I don't want to imply that these are the very best, but each is much better than what has been released, I think:


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80 / 81

good stuff


81 Greeks

what else?

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Can Blair or David please come on line and tell us about plans to release better material from '80 and '81? Really, I have checked around, it's not me. The releases don't impress. The good stuff is really special and yet remains in the can. Trust an old crusty guy, these years ARE VERY GOOD and have not been done to death. Is 8/31/80 in the vault? I saw a piece on a box set (Far From Me?!!) and on the Tapers Section. Thanks

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EXPLOSION first lines....Can't FRIGGING Wait

PHIL Bombs birsting in the air.......can you feel it? I just turned on and tuned out to this one and BOOm....I feeel ALRIGHT man....just alright. It's like the first Guitar blast saying....I'm GONNA TELL YOU HOW IT'S GONNA BE..........You gonna give your love to me, YOU KNOW OUR LOVE WILL NOT FADE AWAY......CAPS PARTY IN HONOR OF ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS POPERS...

My love is bigger than a caddilac, I tried to show you but you drive me is real not fade away...

not fade away....

(((((((((JERRY GARCIA))))))))

None other, the smile between my every break ;-)


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These two years are two of a kind, great effort and get-up by Jerry for the most part, material hatched with Shakedown and Go To Heaven really starting to please over the top at times. Truly, I think the last great show for a stretch was 12/31/81, it was a killer according to the tapes I enjoyed for many years. I saw brilliant shows in 80/81, and I assert that only underwhelming stuff has been released (except maybe 5/6/81). It's no secret that there are great shows that could be released from the Spring and Fall of 1981. From 1980, how about 8/31/80? The reason for doing so is Jerry, he really was dazzling with a sharper focus at that time and succeeding in leading the band higher. It's there on many of the tapes, once you get past Radio City and the Warfield.


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