Grateful Dead

March 18 – March 24

Every Friday we'll be sending you off with a Jam Of The Week, hand-picked and delivered by tape archivist David Lemieux. Listen to it on the weekend. Listen to it at work. Listen to it all day long...but make sure you tune in or you'll miss out because these little nuggets will stream for ONE WEEK ONLY!

This week's Jam is from:

November 29, 1979
Cleveland Public Hall
Cleveland, OH



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Joined: Apr 12 2009
Black Peter '79

With all due respect to the elder professor what I would give to see a '79 Black Peter or anything else for that matter. Did not get to my first show until '88. And no I am not a "Touch" head, but as Seinfeld would say "not that there's anything wrong with that." Early exposure was American Beauty and Workingmans Dead. Then on to Wake and Mars Hotel.

As far as avoiding predictable set sequences, just see Furthur as they continue to break most set list conventions... and they have been sounding great...

Last thought... I heard a nice Black Peter on Sirrius that was from Palo Alto in 89... Peter fans should check it out...

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Joined: Jul 21 2008
i like myself some 73 around

i like myself some 73 around and arounds, and I like myself some 71 BPs. just throwing that out there. pow.

Joined: Sep 10 2008
Same old stuff

I agree with the Proffesor to what he said, but the Black Peters were good, it was like that in 88-89 when they did The Other One out of Space, it usually ended with Wharf Rat>Around and Around>Throwing Stones>NFA some times a surprise would come out of Throwing but hardly did. Not that the tunes suck but it got old knowing the sequence and no surprises like a Bertha to end the 2nd set. Predictability was not what we went to see.

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Joined: Aug 26 2008

miguel wrote: (did Jerry holler at the Shah??)

Yeah, there was the Iranian revolution/American hostage crisis going on, and JG would throw in "Shake the hand, that shook the hand of PT Barnum and the Shah of Iran" line into US Blues once in a while. He did it a few's on 1-13-1980 as well, if I remember clearly...cheers.

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Joined: Aug 26 2008
Black Peter....UGH!

This S L O W! Jerry was killing us with these post-space Peters....not many people liked this song during this time period. It was a death knell. I know it's hard to believe now, since I'd give just about anything to have Garcia here and playing BP to me every night, but at the was not a fan fave. The song COULD rock, don't get me wrong, I didn't dislike it per-se, it was just this ultra-slow arrangement (like the super-fast coked-up Eyes of the period) that left many of us less than pleased.

Joined: Mar 22 2011
black peter

Yes a twist of 70's and 80's thats what I can describe with "Black Peter". It is very relaxing with the mind. But my husband is awkward with me. He didn't like BP'. hmmff.. He is still busy like a beautiful naked woman running around. Last day will be 24 right. hope another jam weekend for BP.

Joined: Jan 9 2009
You're right - all of you!

I find myself agreeing with Prof. The familiarity was sometimes too familiar. But here’s a twist you might find funny. I remember being “older” at this point in my career on the road (late 70’s, early 80’s) and thought at the time, maybe they were getting a little tired like me? Now that I’m over 60 I think: I was around thirty then, I didn’t know what tired was! But I agree with Greybeard too, we all like what we like, and sometimes it was just looking for the tasty/fun little throwaways (a good example being those Phil bombs that Canyon Critter mentions). And yes, it’s the Shah. He was in the US at this time for cancer treatment after being deposed. It angered the new government in Iran that we were still helping him and this, at least in part, led to the “Iran Hostage Crisis” that was about three weeks old at this point.
Lastly, I very much appreciate the civility that is always displayed here (just as it was at the shows). It is refreshing to find these days.

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Joined: Jan 3 2009
Black Peter and Friends

MATTRESS loved your comments - im still laughing at your post as I did the same thing with my wife who joined me at a bunch of shows. We are picky folk. Cheers

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Joined: Mar 21 2011
black peter and friends

after reading all the comments about this jam and black peter etc. to my wife, i told her that deadheads are a particularly picky bread of folk and asked her if i was that way.... she`s still laughing

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Not exciting

The professor has it right. This Black Peter isn't particularly inspiring; pretty torpid. I've certainly enjoyed this song. The bridge can be beautiful when they nail the harmony.

As far as Around and Around -> JBGoode, they were a bummer. Bobby had a limited set of songs and played them too many times. How many MMUncles???? But Jerry said before playing JBGoode at the Fillmore "Here's the one it's all about" and that has kind redeemed it for me. I went out bought a comprehensive Chuck Berry CD and listen to these numbers (Let it Rock, Promised Land, etc) and then think how much Jerry did with these simple numbers.

They were probably tired and wanted to head to the bus in the parking lot themselves but how would it have been to end with a drum solo and say "Good night Cleveland" Can't do that.


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