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Dogfish Head & Grateful Dead American Beauty Beer & Listening Party

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Grateful Dead, two pioneers who built their followings by connecting directly with beer lovers and music lovers, are collaborating on the newest beer in Dogfish’s line of off-centered ales. “American Beauty” is set to be strong pale ale with all-American hops and barley and a special ingredient inspired by the Dead and suggested by YOU. Did you trade a bushel of fresh clementines for tickets to a two-night stand at Long Beach Arena? Or maybe your dad first laid eyes on your mom sipping a cup of green tea in the parking lot of the legendary Cornell ’77 show? Tell us the story behind your chosen ingredient and you could be the one to help bring this counterculture collaboration to life!

Get inspired while listening to American Beauty in full.

1. Box of Rain
2. Friend of the Devil
3. Sugar Magnolia
4. Operator
5. Candy Man
6. Ripple
7. Brokedown Palace
8. Till the Morning Comes
9. Attics of My Life 1
0. Truckin'
11. Truckin' (single version)
12. Friend of the Devil (live)
13. Candy Man (live)
14. Till the Morning Comes (live)
15. Attics of My Life (live)
16. Truckin' (live)



Originally recorded in 1970. Now remastered in HDCD! Featuring 6 new tracks, expanded booklet, rare photos, and all-new liner notes.

Get American Beauty here.


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Joined: Sep 5 2012
Hops = Yummmm

Unfortunately, Americans are (generally) accustomed to cheap, watery domestic lager. A healthy dose of hops would be great!!! (Easy on the malt, though! :o)

gratefaldean's picture
Joined: Jun 22 2007
I'm good with the heavy hops

But I've got a sub-par sense of smell, so all the hoppiness is probably just overcoming that sensory deficiency. Sort of like the glasses I have to wear to see, the cranking of the volume I have to do to hear. I have a pretty decent sense of touch, though (small consolation).

I'm also in the "purist" camp, in that I generally am not fond of flavor additives.

Maybe a shot of nitrous oxide in the bottle as it's being capped? Is that legal?

Joined: Dec 31 2008
with you

I fully agree-- keep it simple. Also 100% with you on the high-hop beer trend right now-- I can't drink a lot of the overly bitter beers a lot of craft brewers are doing (because of both taste and my sinuses get annoyed with high hop beers). I have actually found myself looking for more imported beers over crafts because of this.

Joined: Nov 12 2007
Where was Pigpen?

Pigpen's contributions to the "American Beauty" LP were absolutely minimal. Although "Operator" is a great song, I don't think he did anything else in the studio. All the organ parts were done by Howard Wales instead. Seems like Mickey Hart's contributions to the album were also quite minimal.

Joined: Jun 15 2007
I'm with Cosmicbadger

Yes, keep it simple: barley malt, water, yeast and hops - and do try to go easy on the hops Big mistake many brewers make in America is going overboard on the hops, yielding nothing but an overly bitter brew.

One Man's picture
Joined: May 17 2011
Rose Hips

Rose petals might be too weird, but rose hips could be just the thing. Here's a quote from a homebrew forum:

"From what I've read rosehips are usually added 5-10 minutes before the end of boil, and add some red color, a touch of sweetness, and a bit of a citrus aroma.

If you're going for a rose flavor try playing with rose petals or rose water instead. Rose hips don't really taste like roses."

I would also oak age it to match the wood grain behind the rose image on the cover.

cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007

Keep it pure and simple, let the best quality ingredients speak for themselves and savour the way they work together. Don't add all sorts of fancy frills for the sake of it. Surely that's the Grateful Dead spirit. It's been said often enough that the GD rarely performed as well with guests on stage!

Gr8fulTed's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
All American, eh?

As an IPA afficionado, I'm crazy about New Zealand and Australian hops: check out Schlafly's T IPA. Unbelievably fresh.
To add an American ingredient, I'd go with honey, to give the pale ale some sweetness and certainly boost the alcohol content by enhancing the fermentation/aging process.

slo lettuce's picture
Joined: Jul 20 2012
hey, jeez II........

i couldn't agree more. by all rights, in keeping with the 1970 gd family and era, the final ingredient should definitely be ms. green jeans. :)
but since that stands a good chance of not happening (too bad; demand would be ridiculous!)

just remove 1.5 oz. of beer / bottle; replace with 1.5 oz of southern comfort

(all american beauties....... pigpen & janis)

relabel as "heavy duty american beauty"......... :D

wilfredtjones's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
based on the cover

How about wood? Just kidding. I'd go with a little cinnamon.


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