Grateful Dead

Dogfish Head & Grateful Dead American Beauty Beer & Listening Party

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Grateful Dead, two pioneers who built their followings by connecting directly with beer lovers and music lovers, are collaborating on the newest beer in Dogfish’s line of off-centered ales. “American Beauty” is set to be strong pale ale with all-American hops and barley and a special ingredient inspired by the Dead and suggested by YOU. Did you trade a bushel of fresh clementines for tickets to a two-night stand at Long Beach Arena? Or maybe your dad first laid eyes on your mom sipping a cup of green tea in the parking lot of the legendary Cornell ’77 show? Tell us the story behind your chosen ingredient and you could be the one to help bring this counterculture collaboration to life!

Get inspired while listening to American Beauty in full.

1. Box of Rain
2. Friend of the Devil
3. Sugar Magnolia
4. Operator
5. Candy Man
6. Ripple
7. Brokedown Palace
8. Till the Morning Comes
9. Attics of My Life 1
0. Truckin'
11. Truckin' (single version)
12. Friend of the Devil (live)
13. Candy Man (live)
14. Till the Morning Comes (live)
15. Attics of My Life (live)
16. Truckin' (live)



Originally recorded in 1970. Now remastered in HDCD! Featuring 6 new tracks, expanded booklet, rare photos, and all-new liner notes.

Get American Beauty here.


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Joined: Sep 5 2012
Final Ingredient: DATES

Because 1) I ate them once, 2) they're legal, and 3) they were used for brewing in ancient Egypt... perhaps even in concert (pun intended) with readings from the Book of the Dead.

Joined: Dec 31 2008
How do they get the essence

How do they get the essence of a Veggie Burrito into a beer? My sincere hope is that they don't mess around too much with what they put in-- beer should not be fruity, but simply hops, malted barley and water (maybe some yeast or wheat if you are into Weiss beers). Interesting idea from Marye though... if the rose was subtle enough I could be convinced of trying that. Dogfish beers are usually too hoppy for me anyway. Interesting idea though.

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

rose petals.

Anna rRxia's picture
Joined: Dec 25 2009
Hey, Jeez

You took all the fun out of this contest!

"Ingredients must be LEGALLY sourced and readily available in the US".

Well, I guess there must be some strong pale ale drinkers out there who can suggest an ingredient with the right subtlety and have a good story to go along with it...


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