Grateful Dead

March 29 - April 4, 2010

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers’ Section. Our focus here will continue to be unreleased Grateful Dead music for the most part, but occasionally we come across some music on commercially released CDs that we’d forgotten how good it was, so we’ll play it for you here.

First up this week is a piece of music from the exceptional, and currently out of print Rare Cuts and Oddities 1966 album. You’re probably familiar with that album’s background, but a quick refresher in case not: in 2002, Bear was in Marin County and stopped by the studio and vault. While in the vault, he pointed to a couple of boxes and asked if I’d checked them out, and as they were clearly marked as Bear’s, I told I had not. He told me I should check them out when he was gone, and as soon as that door closed, I opened them up and found a dozen reels from 1966, some live and some rehearsal. There was a lot of great music in there, and we selected the very best to include on the Rare Cuts CD. So, from that great little album we are very pleased to present the earliest known Grateful Dead version of Promised Land, which is not only played great, but features none other than Jerry on lead vocals. Another great piece of music from that album is this studio version of Cream Puff War , with a completely different chorus, both musically and lyrically, than that which would appear on the Dead’s first album in early 1967. As much as I love the officially released version, I think this one is its equal in terms of a great little song.

Next up, from 5/15/80 at Nassau Coliseum, we have a beautiful High Time. This is from the Go To Nassau CD, mixed from crisply-recorded 24-track analog master tapes. That is one mighty fine, high-energy album from a very good tour, if you haven’t yet checked it out. Loads of great stuff on there.

From seven years later at one of the Dylan and the Dead shows in 1987, we have this peppy, exploratory Bird Song from Anaheim Stadium on 7/26/87. This is part of the two-show DVD/CD View From The Vault Volume 4, an album that is filled with little in the way of huge jams, but loads of powerful, extremely well-played, inspired 1987 Grateful Dead music.

Finally this week, from 4/2/89 in Pittsburgh at the soon-to-be-closed Civic Arena, we have the second set opening Shakedown Street. I distinctly recall dancing on Phil’s side, up the blue line, about 10 rows off the floor during this Shakedown Street, with a random fellow beside me screaming in my ear “just gotta smoke a pound” during the “just gotta poke around” chorus. Thanks for the memories, buddy…

Be sure to check back next week when we’ll have more great music, drawn from the world of unreleased Dead, from 1974 and 1990. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to write to the email address below with questions, comments or suggestions.

David Lemieux


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seems to be up now

lemme know if you're having issues.

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yeah, lamagonzo, where's the new stuff for the week?

We gotta have it.

listen to 6/4/78 in the meantime.

lamagonzo (not verified)
No Taper's Section as of...

...9am,4/5. Must have coffee and tunes st start the week!

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restoring post lost in editing mishap--sorry random!

MIGHTY good last show
On April 3rd, 2010 randomjohnsonjr said:

raaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. i actually brought a poncho to the of my better decisions. all the rain songs came out in the rain....thanks, guys. my favorite show. MIGHTY QUINN......come on. great setlist for this wet night. this was my last show :( (this is the only time i shall make any kind of face using punctuation)

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hey sher

this topic is for the weekly Tapers Section installment, and while one posting of poetry might be relevant this is really over the top. Please feel free to post in Spinnin' Spinnin' Free or Poet's Corner. Thanks!

ME, now removing mod hat

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At this time it was, April 4, 2010

And it was at....
9:31 am
12:48 am
5:48 pm
on April 4, 2010.
How Great Thou Art
The gift of awareness
and truth in so many things.
I am so happy for us all!
Praise The Lord!

Thank you for this
magnificant miracle God!
Hope for your heart's delight,
@In lovingkindness,

I'm reading another great book
and it was to be shared.

Church Hymnal
Pathway Music
Tennessee Music and Printing Company
A Division of Pathway Press
P.O. Box 2250
Cleveland, Tennessee 37320-2250
Copyright 1951 (Renewal, 1979) by
Tennessee Music and Printing Company
All Rights Reserved
I love it! xo
Pslam 118:24

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On this day, in the morning.

April 3, 2010

I have come to heal, Sheol
I have sat in the window
I have done mighty things from there
I have loved every child
I have suffered every sin
I have seen with no eyes
I have come again

The body houses many things
Does your body house I, I, I,
who has given you everything?

I know He who would sent me
and why —but do you?: Oh,
do you find yourselves inside of you?

My Brothers and Sisters another
has scorned the Acts of All and in
their scorn they wasted the children
for their pleasures and I have seen
it all. I have come now for them
for it could only be by the blood
they are saved. So I am she,
whom He sent to save the world.
Only I could impart the wisdom
and will in her to save the Nations.
By her all will see, she has the light
and the way.

I will send her to the Leaders
of the Most High and await their
responses. Ahhh

For she can only come to you through
Him who sent her. By the blood of Him,
whose Blood lasts to this day,
as your proof, but again, you deny this
instead of rejoicing. Again.

If your confusion is great there is only
one way, to be sure, to save this day.
If you have heard her words you shall
not misunderstand. Many will not.
I have given her the answers of your
heart’s delight but until the hour
approaches until you learn of whom
sent her, she cannot heal anyone.
I have imparted on her the knowledge
of all the land, will you deny her?

She is the sum of all you have done
and in her carriage she holds all malice.
She cannot unknow that which she
possesses. I , I, I, give her to you for
His mercy is great. She dwells with the
merry-makers for it is one of her earthly
comforts, where it is that I AM.

She finds me there and rejoices in
delight. And it please Him whom
she is sent by; all while she had no life
in her bones only that which is everlasting.

See she has offered to heal every drop
of blood in all the land. On this day,
I ask, do you see her? She has been
many hours of many years in
supplication. She has written this
at the banks of the river and I, I, I,
have been with her there.

Luke, II, 15-18
Matthew, V, 1-10
Mark, XI, 15-16
Luke, VII, 36-50
Mark, VI, 47-51
Matthew, XIV, 33
Luke, XXII, 14-20
Mark, XIV, 32-42
Matthew, XXVI, 14-16
Luke, XXII, 47-53
and of course, 66-71
Luke XXIV, 1-9
John, XXI, 1-14
Luke, XXIV, 50-53


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Happy New Year's! ----(---@

and of course for a few...
April Foll's Day!
April 1, 2010-
April 4, 2010

So Fun to be exactly where I needed
to be today, we should all be
in great emotion, Acts.
15 weeks to go...
Do you understand?
Imagine that Bravo, 4some.

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I liked the Morning Dew shirt... the fashion of the Mountain Dew logo. I had a friend in high school that wore it everyday just about. Thanks Tim H'kns for the tapes.

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Bass Great Lesh Philling

My favourite T of all time


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