Grateful Dead

March 3 - March 9, 2008

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

This week, like we’ve done a few times so far in 2008, we’re going to look at a year in Grateful Dead history rather than just this week in Grateful Dead history. Well, two years, really. Rest assured, we’ll get back to our weekly focus soon, but for now, we’re going to listen to some music from 1984 and 1985.

Our first selection this week is from the concert on 4/1/84 at Marin Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium in beautiful San Rafael, California. The band had just played Marin Vets in October, 1983, when they played the final ever St. Stephen, and returned for a final four night run at the tiny venue in Marin for four shows in the Spring of 1984. This final show of the run featured some great material, and we are pleased to play the end of the first set, Big Railroad Blues, Cassidy, Tennessee Jed, My Brother Esau, Don't Ease Me In. This is a classic sequence from 1984 that we thought you’d dig. Well, we sure dig it.

Next up is some music from two weeks later on 4/16/84 in Rochester, NY. From the first set, we have the show-opening Shakedown Street, and from the second set, we have the combination that went into Drums, Far From Me>He’s Gone with a great jam out of He’s Gone, featuring Brent and Bobby hinting at the Other One, which would come out of Space a bit later.

Moving forward a couple of months to the magnificent Red Rocks show on 6/14/84, we have a slew of songs from the first set, specifically Minglewood Blues, Brown Eyed Woman, Jack Straw, Day Job. Like our selection from 4/1/84 heard above, this is a classic 1984 grouping of songs. Later in this show, the band would perform the first-ever Dear Mr. Fantasy, which we played here last year.

We’ll now go forward about a year to 6/27/85 at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, the band’s penultimate show at this magical little venue in upstate New York (they would return one last time, on 6/28/88). This show featured all sorts of shenanigans (“I say, Phil, my dog has no nose.” “No nose? How does he smell” “Blooming awful!”; and, “yo, butch, don’t hang from the balcony!”), plus loads of great music, as heard in this excellent show-opening trio, Midnight Hour, Bertha, Little Red Rooster.

From the Fall Tour of 1985, we have some music from the second set of 11/2/85 in Richmond, VA. The previous night, 11/1/85, with its exceptionally bizarre song list (even by 1985 standards!) makes up Dick’s Picks Vol. 21, but this second night is equally good. From the pre-Drums segment of the show we have Estimated Prophet>Uncle John’s Band>China Doll, and from the post-Drums part of the show, we have Morning Dew>Throwing Stones>Lovelight, Baby Blue. A little more straightforward than the previous night in regards to song selection, but very well played nonetheless.

Check in next week for more great music. Although it’s a mystery to even us here at the Tapers’ Section what we’ll be playing, rest assured we’re digging through the vault to find you some tasty bits to play. Likely some 1973 rarities among other stuff. As always, feel free to write to me at the email address below, always putting something in your subject line to grab my attention (something like “Grateful Dead” is always good). Also, you’ll get separated from the spam nicely that way.

David Lemieux
vault [at]


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Joined: Sep 4 2007

Thanks DL for the great music this week .

Of intriguing mention would be that i have realized that our of all vault releases , DP , downloads the only years left to tap into are 1984 [ !! ] , 93 and everything after . and the first 2 years , 65 & .

We ve seen releases from all years . When the band taps in to 1984 , we will see a great show probably . I have seen also , that selecting a show is not easy . DL the last two weeks has stapled a few audio bytes for us to listen to to see that not all material is releasable [ due to less quality ] . Last weeks Fire on the Mtn , had a flaw that crippled the song s quality . Bobby sang Fire ! , as he thought the chorus was coming , and Jerry was actually diving into the 3rd verse . Things that we probably would hurl back at pur beñped band for trying to make us believe that 's the music we like .

Lets sharpen our criteria

I simply dont think that editing digitally errors , lame ( yes lame ) guitar solos - Jerry had many . cannot be done . So thats why we sometimes see as Road trips is , bits of shows . or more than likely , the best of the best of those shows . I sometimes think that after we knowing that almost all shows are in the vault . the dead every night would be after trying to create that MASTERPIECE . That oftenitimes they could do . But other times they owuld fall somewhat shortly . In regards to the Marin C vets audio byte this week , the music is exremely well played , but something is lacking . I sometimes think , listening to the DP 21 ( Richmond 85 ] m tthat that show almost probably didn t make it to release , as the band fumbles ocassionally w the lyrics , and the song changes & structures . That DP is probably the most fumbled i ve heard by the Dead . Its and awesome show , and the added Sept 2 1980 makes it a must have . But , it almost makes you think it could ve gotten postponed or ignored . June 15 Greeks in 85 is an awesome show , and up there with that Richmond [ its energy ]

Sorry to ramble so much about music quality and the such . But we must sharpen our criteria . A band following that begs ' entire ' shows , and has difficulty proving why may be seen as not very serious . And we Deadheads must be seen always as an experimental bunch , but one that is in search of quality , and not doozies .

p.s. Anahat is the sound our brain makes , that is reminiscent of a slight whistle . That sound is called Anahat . If one concentrates on that . If one delves into that sound the way a bee dips into its nectar and honey , we get closer to Lord , God , Budha etc . Try it [ more info ? Search for Gnosis ]

p.s.s. The shakedown from Rochester 84 is indeed 5 *

Thanx for the music D Lemieux

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Dear Marshun's boss

Seems funny i know that Marshun seems to be sick a lot on Monday's
and although he is holding his own, there seems to be a lot of strange
sounds going into and coming out of his head. we will keep a close watch on him and monitor his progress with this Monday blues that keep him from getting down to that shift for work. Strange how he seems to be up and dancin' by the time the sun go down feeling great. the treatments seem to be doing a remarkable job in keeping his spirits up. We will make sure he continues with his current medication plan.

Kindest Regards,

Your Family Doctor

"Flight of the seabirds
Scattered like lost words
Wheel to the storm and fly"

John Perry Barlow

Joined: Aug 16 2007
re: battman

Dude- that was you? Holy cow- I totally remember. Did you see me? I was wearing a very name brand of hippie sandals and hoping for a free ticket.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
no Far From Me > He's Gone for me either


smallz's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

'84 is probably my least-explored year of Dead music as far as the '80's go. Thanks for the enlightenment, Mr. Lemieux :=)

P.S. That Shakedown is HOT!

Joined: Jun 15 2007

The hyperlink for Far From Me --> He's Gone plays Shakedown instead

josh e bear's picture
Joined: Feb 29 2008
Hey Now David !!! thanks for the tunes

I just wanted to say hi, and thanks for keeping up all the previous weeks music links

i have really enjoyed the europe '90 dark stars, and late 70's stuff, as well as the early and late 80's music,,, keep it coming !!!

would lov to see more early 90's, as well , how about a week of rare tunes :

maggies farm, wave to the wind, the weight, .. 1 time played stuff,, that would be a treat !!

ok,, thanks again GD FAMILY !!


Josh E Bear !!

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Joined: Jun 5 2007

I saw ya!

I'm not Beethoven

Joined: Jun 27 2007

hey, I was at the 85 SPAC show also. Did you see me? I had on a tie dye shirt!

round and round

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
a dog with no nose

Ha! That dog with no nose joke has been making its rounds lately! I've been telling it at home, band practice, work, everywhere. My 4 year old son made an adaptation:

He said, "Papa, I have a cow with now eyes"

I said, "How does he look?"

He said, "Awful!"

Anyway, great stuff this week, thanks!

| I'm just a, well...porpoise. |


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