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CHANGE ROCKS - The Setlist

Change Rocks Brings Together Dead, Allmans One Mo' Time

 The Dead reunited last night (Monday, October 13) for the first time in four years, thrilling a sold-out crowd of devoted fans when they performed in State College, PA.  The “Change Rocks” concert, which also featured the Allman Brothers Band, was held at the 15,000-capacity Bryce Jordan Center on the campus of Penn State University to raise awareness for Senator Barack Obama and the upcoming November 4 election. 

 Original Dead members Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart were joined throughout the whole show by RatDog's Jeff Chimenti on keyboards and Allman Brothers Band/Gov’t Mule/ex-Phil & Friends and The Dead guitarist Warren Haynes.  They tore through a 15-song, two-hour set that included such Dead classics as “U.S. Blues,” “Franklin's Tower,” “Playin' In The Band,” “Dark Star,” “St. Stephen” and “Touch of Grey.”  The crowd--a mix of college students, longtime Deadheads and Barack Obama supporters--were on their feet from the first notes of show opener “Truckin,’” through the psychedelic explorations of “Dark Star,” to the end of “Not Fade Away,” the night’s closer.

 In a video-taped message shown between sets, Senator Obama told the audience:

 “For twenty months, I’ve been traveling this country from town to town-even developing a ‘Touch of Grey’ of my own.  And on that journey, I’ve seen Americans who are hurting under the politics and policies of Washington.  They need change, and I am running for President to bring about that change.


“On November 4th, you’ll get to make a choice between two different candidates with two dramatically different visions for our future.  You’ll get to choose which direction you want to take our country.  I believe that now is the time to put Americans back to work and rebuild our middle class; to live up to the promise of affordable health care for everyone; to guarantee a quality education for all our children; to end our dependence on Middle East oil; and to bring this war in Iraq to a responsible end.  We can do all that.  And on November 5th, I hope to announce that we ‘Ain’t Wasting Time No More.’”


The Dead last performed in 2004 on their “Wave That Flag” tour.  In February of this year, Hart, Lesh and Weir played a “Deadheads For Obama” show at the Warfield in San Francisco, and last year Weir, Kreutzmann and Hart performed at a post-inauguration for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.


Bryce Jordan Center
Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA
October 13, 2008

Filmed greeting by Senator Barack Obama

U.S. Blues
Help On The Way>
Franklin's Tower
Playing In The Band>
Dark Star
St. Stephen>
Unbroken Chain>
The Other One>
Throwin' Stones>
Playing Reprise

Touch of Grey>
Not Fade Away

Bob Weir, Warren Haynes, gtr; Phil Lesh, bs; Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, dms; Jeff Chimenti, kbds.


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Good ol GD's picture
Joined: Feb 19 2008
Yea pick up after yourselves dammit, keep the scene clean!

Pretty sad I get to read about how trashed the place was. Good dirty hippie impression to leave on such a high vis event. I'm sure it wasn't everybody. Maybe just a bunch of hyprocrite college students or ungrateful people just there to see the freak show. Bandwagoneers! Wish I was there maybe for just that reason I would have been the guy in the tophat passing out trashbags. I hope there is a spring tour I will be attending some of these shows. The election will be over so hopefully there will be no drama And we can all be there to enjoy music, FUN and celebrate life and our enjoyment of all things we heads love. I'm sure there were alot of first timers, which we were all at on time, at this show that may have seen the light and can't wait for the bus to leave the station. So we who have been around a while need to reach out and shed a little light and keep the scene clean.

Anyone remember when the the Dead last played as the Warlocks and why. The Grateful Dead was not allowed inside the Hampton city limits with there traveling circus. So the billing was changed to the Warlocks which most of us of course got it. This was the late 80's and I remember the scene to be pretty bad at the time. I know that Some cities on the mention of Grateful Dead still say not no but fuck no.

So keep the scene clean and have FUN

PAPPYPGH's picture
Joined: Jul 2 2007
The lead guitarist debate goes on...

I've talked to people who said that Warren didn't do enough. I've also talked to people that say they'd love to have the DSO dude, so they could sound more like the Grateful Dead again. Here's my take on it...

I don't want Warren to do "his thing" like he does w/ the ABB. He's a GREAT guitarist, but he chose wisely by not coming to the forefront and 'taking over the show' (which he easily could have done). On the flip-side, the DSO guy does Jerry better than almost anyone I've ever heard, BUT - I don't want someone "doing Jerry" (stop it, you dirty minds). Personally, I'm not after Phil, Mickey, Bobby & Billy trying to sound just like they did way back when. I'm more interested in hearing them trying to make NEW magic (the old fashioned way) with the tools available.

I DO think they should have a lead guitarist - to play a solo, to add flavor, etc....but NOT to be the "centerpiece" of the stage. The 'core 4' are the centerpiece, and to me - that's just how it came across Monday night. I think they made the right choice and Warren made the right choice. The 4 of them played blistering stuff, while still getting tripped up a bit here and there (which is the BEAUTY of this music - improvisation and taking CHANCES).

If I want a "Jerry" - there can only be one. Everyone else is a mere imitation and that's not what these guys should be putting out.

For the TOUR, here's what I think they should do...

Pick a keyboardist and a guitarist from a local jam-band (GD cover or original) from each town on the tour. Have NO shows throughout the tour on consecutive nights, so that they can have one day with a little rehearsal with their picks, then the show the next day. THAT'D be FUN!!!

Keyboards: Chimenti over Barracco any day - props to Rob's busy-ness....great player, too many notes. Chimenti was tasty and perfectly under-stated.

~ Pappy

"Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places, if you look at it right." - Robert Hunter

Joined: Sep 24 2008
about the $

I seriously read somewhere that the campaign didn't accept $ from this show, however, I cannot find the article to support myself at the moment. That being said, if you scroll up, you will notice in the paragraphs above, it does NOT mention a thing about the concert benefiting Obama, it actually says to concert was held "to raise awareness for Senator Barack Obama and the upcoming November 4 election." Sooooooooooo...without my article for support, make your own conclusion, but I know what I read, just not where I read it.

Whatever the case may be, we are so glad they chose to reunite, thought the entire show-Allman Bros. and the Dead rocked, the parking lot scene was pretty cool, folks were great, from the old-timers, to the young college kids, it was a great evening, and we (my family!) cannot wait for Spring 09!

And, as stated a few times here, our country desperately needs change-Go Obama! Deadheads VOTE-it's your privledge, don't waste a precious gift. Whomever you choose, at least get in there and vote!! That's the message, Nov. 4, VOTE.

Joined: Sep 24 2008

If you took a piss in the parking lot pottys, you couldn't miss the huge trash bins and the rolls, and rolls, and rolls of blue recycle adults need directions on how to figure out a way to clean up their own trash????????

Obviously, by the look of the lot the next morning, but seriously-all the "environmentalists", bunch of is always embarrassing to see lots after Dead shows...people NEED to be more respectful, and seriously, instead of putting a bumper sticker on your van, put your trash in a can!!

bigstush's picture
Joined: Sep 12 2007

I can remember at the dead/allman bros show in dc in 73 that if you filled a bag with garbage, you were given a free ticket to the next days show. Obviously there wasn't a second show here, but why couldn't someone make an announcement about helping to pick up the trash and where trash bags could be found?

Joined: Jun 25 2007
day of show tickets

Releasing tickets on the day of a show (or a few days before) happens for pretty much every arena-sized concert - no matter who it is or how fast it initially sells out. It wasn't a sham. That's just how ticket sales work. It's been that way for at least 20 years.

Joined: Oct 16 2008
change show

What a sham it was the concert was supposedly sold out within days of posting tickets, I had to gothrough a scalper website to pay a huge fee, only to realize the tickets went on sale again the day of show there were so many extra tickets that people couldnt give them away. I ve been going to shows since 85 and never had seen anything like that but its not been a long time since the dead or whats left of them has become political. I wonder if the fake sell out was a sham for the obama campaign to collect more for thetickets, it would be easy to find out for i have the girls name who originally bought the ticket. I wonder who she works for. As for the dead fuck politics and key on music, lets not forget folks that the dead is a multimillion a year corporation and dont have the little guy in mind any more its been a long time since those old rich guys were young poor hippies a very long time.

grateful72's picture
Joined: Jan 17 2008
Once again, it was great to

Once again, it was great to see all the Boys pounding away. It doesnt matter really what they play or how they play, we have learned to live and cherish ALL of it. That doesnt change the fact that the show was on the very weak side of things, as I could have more or less expected. A LOT of missed opportunities by Warren, who absolutely smoked with the AB, leading me to believe that we were in for one helluva night. Not to be! Phil was pretty much hiding in the corner, Warren never came out of his corner (so to speak), on the opposite side, and Bobby hanging in the middle with nowhere left to hide. After all, His job is to shed light, not to master!
The good news...Ill be there the next time, and the next time, and the next time, until there is no next time, and will THEY!!!

Hal R's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
everyone here

The discussion about this show has been one of the best I have seen since this site started. Thank you for this high level of discourse about the musicians, performance etc. It has been fun to read and given me smiles and insights.

I have listened to the show several times and was hoping that Warren would have let it rip wide open. Oh well, still am enjoying it for what it is. A nice night with some ups and a little rust but lots of joy. I am just so glad they got together and happy that so many of you had such a good time.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

Joined: Jun 22 2007
Thank You, Keith Litzenberger!!!

Thanks to Keith for doing a superlative job of recording and processing this show. What a kind AUD.


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