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CHANGE ROCKS - The Setlist

Change Rocks Brings Together Dead, Allmans One Mo' Time

 The Dead reunited last night (Monday, October 13) for the first time in four years, thrilling a sold-out crowd of devoted fans when they performed in State College, PA.  The “Change Rocks” concert, which also featured the Allman Brothers Band, was held at the 15,000-capacity Bryce Jordan Center on the campus of Penn State University to raise awareness for Senator Barack Obama and the upcoming November 4 election. 

 Original Dead members Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart were joined throughout the whole show by RatDog's Jeff Chimenti on keyboards and Allman Brothers Band/Gov’t Mule/ex-Phil & Friends and The Dead guitarist Warren Haynes.  They tore through a 15-song, two-hour set that included such Dead classics as “U.S. Blues,” “Franklin's Tower,” “Playin' In The Band,” “Dark Star,” “St. Stephen” and “Touch of Grey.”  The crowd--a mix of college students, longtime Deadheads and Barack Obama supporters--were on their feet from the first notes of show opener “Truckin,’” through the psychedelic explorations of “Dark Star,” to the end of “Not Fade Away,” the night’s closer.

 In a video-taped message shown between sets, Senator Obama told the audience:

 “For twenty months, I’ve been traveling this country from town to town-even developing a ‘Touch of Grey’ of my own.  And on that journey, I’ve seen Americans who are hurting under the politics and policies of Washington.  They need change, and I am running for President to bring about that change.


“On November 4th, you’ll get to make a choice between two different candidates with two dramatically different visions for our future.  You’ll get to choose which direction you want to take our country.  I believe that now is the time to put Americans back to work and rebuild our middle class; to live up to the promise of affordable health care for everyone; to guarantee a quality education for all our children; to end our dependence on Middle East oil; and to bring this war in Iraq to a responsible end.  We can do all that.  And on November 5th, I hope to announce that we ‘Ain’t Wasting Time No More.’”


The Dead last performed in 2004 on their “Wave That Flag” tour.  In February of this year, Hart, Lesh and Weir played a “Deadheads For Obama” show at the Warfield in San Francisco, and last year Weir, Kreutzmann and Hart performed at a post-inauguration for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.


Bryce Jordan Center
Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA
October 13, 2008

Filmed greeting by Senator Barack Obama

U.S. Blues
Help On The Way>
Franklin's Tower
Playing In The Band>
Dark Star
St. Stephen>
Unbroken Chain>
The Other One>
Throwin' Stones>
Playing Reprise

Touch of Grey>
Not Fade Away

Bob Weir, Warren Haynes, gtr; Phil Lesh, bs; Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, dms; Jeff Chimenti, kbds.


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mrngdo's picture
Joined: Jun 12 2007
last night

A good night and well worth the trip to PA. Those who continually draw the comparison to the days before will continually set themselves up for disappointment. It will never be the same and that's just how it is.

So enjoy what we have, enjoy what they give us now.They came back together after 4 years to give us a real good time! I had a real good time.....

Miss you Jerry!

Steve-O's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

FOR A REAL GOOD TIME!!!!! Now about 12 hours of sleep to recover. I hope they do a spring summer tour, had to travel solo. My wife would really enjoy a grate show.

Joined: Jun 30 2007
Support Barack

Thank you tapers! For those of us who live far away, having a good recording hours after the performance is just great.

Thank you Barack Obama for having the courage to associate with us outlaws.

Thank you Phil, Bob, Mickey, Billy, Jeff, Warren, Greg and everyone else who made this possible. A love for real.

Everyone, get out and vote. Being apolitical for most of my life was a mistake. Things have just gotten too far out of hand not to vote. Please vote and help your friends and family vote.



patdog's picture
Joined: Sep 23 2007
Calico Kaliope come tell me the news!

Sounds great!! I think Phil gets a boost from Bobby. Just Bob and Warren is a great guitar balance, bring back The Grateful Dead! (and The Allman Bros and both should tour continuously until the sky falls!) I want more.....

"Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke!"

tomsned66's picture
Joined: Oct 14 2008
Last night

I agree with TJ that doing these shows without Jerry leaves the guys in a conundrum - either get someone to play like Jerry or get someone totally different. Too much like Jerry and they sound like a cover band of themselves (not a criticism having played in a GD cover band for 20+ years) - or go in a different direction and I would count Warren Haynes in that group. He's an awesome guitarist and vocalist and has moments of brilliance with the boys but he has a very different approach to playing. While he is an excellent improviser the music as an ongoing conversation that the Dead is not what he is versed in. He seems to get a little lost in the subtleties, transitions, etc. Since there is no map or predetermined direction he seems tentative as to when to interject himself and when to lie low. Hell, the Grateful Dead didn't always get this right with Jerry but when they did it was magic. That being said, I had a great time at the show. The song selection was very adventurous and if they fell flat a few time so be it. I thought Phil was spot on and Bobby was great other than a few obligatory lyric tweaks, it's always great to listen to Mickey and Billy chase each other around the one. It wouldn't be a Grateful Dead show without warts and this show had its fair share but it was great to hear them dust the rust off the old tunes and put on a show. I hope they can work it out and go on tour this Spring.

Joined: Sep 19 2007
Dont forget Billy and Mickey

Wow, those boyz tore it up from start to finish. When the boyz dont play together much, you really appreciate what Billy and Mickey bring to the mix. What a psychadelic show it was. Anyone who complains should just jump off the bus. These boyz are the best and only band that can pull off jams like that. The changes the exploration- WOW. Bring on more!!

mcleary's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
worht every mile to get there

sixstringsmoreorlesh i disagree on the segue jams there were many fine dead jams that highlighted the show including


jam in "Dark Star"

jammin' the middle of "St.Stephen"

segue jam from 'Throwin Stones" into "Playin in the Band" reprise to close the show

and the second encore being "NFA" means they are coming back ?...............

Stephen Spangler's picture
Joined: Jul 28 2007
Hope we win!

I never heard of this wklitz stream; I'm gonna try it

Eric Abrahamson
Yale University
Pierson '71
P.O. Box 1112
Berkeley, CA 94701
510-809-1369 x6149
Senior Computer Science Major

gr8fuldrew's picture
Joined: Aug 15 2007
Foggy Valley

Boy was it foggy on the way home this morning from State College!!!

Had a gr8 thyme with old friends and new the only down point was the parking lot....with the police running up and down the rows busting people even sitting in their car minding their own business...but i guess they where breakin the law.....Just wish the boys would have filled the Philly Spectrum fact if it came down to it i think Philly has more schools to rally up if that was what they where looking for......

But we where all there for the MUSIC and the music LIVES WITHIN US ALL....
For not playin together for several years i think the boys sounded gr8.....with like a gr8est Hit setlist the music just PHilled the air with song....From the begining lines of TRUCKIN to the last clap of the hands to the beat of the heart because we know our LOVE WILL NOT FADE AWAY........

Bobbys last words last nite should be remembered.................

he quoted Hunter S. Thompson
If every Dead Head in the state Florida would have voted in 00 we would be living in a different world today........................

So you Pa. Dead Heads i think Bobby was trying to tell you something

Let The Words Be Yours, I'm Done With Mine.......................

Joined: Oct 14 2008
I agree

TJ Crowley said: . For those who choose to criticize segs, consider the fact that the "leader walked off", and Phil and Bobby are in the uncomfortable position of having to direct the jams, particularly toward transition times. Not to sound too obnoxious, but in the old days, they simply had "to be" and allow jerry to gently lead...that vacuum creates problems which we all have to accept.

It can also be a lesson in humility to watch Bob and Phil try to do that which Jerry never really had to think about.

I completly agree with this statement, I acknowlege that to be very much part of the situation that ocuurs during key transisitions and alos during "reeling it in" at several bridge points between songs/jams/ ect..... WELL PUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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