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CHANGE ROCKS - The Setlist

Change Rocks Brings Together Dead, Allmans One Mo' Time

 The Dead reunited last night (Monday, October 13) for the first time in four years, thrilling a sold-out crowd of devoted fans when they performed in State College, PA.  The “Change Rocks” concert, which also featured the Allman Brothers Band, was held at the 15,000-capacity Bryce Jordan Center on the campus of Penn State University to raise awareness for Senator Barack Obama and the upcoming November 4 election. 

 Original Dead members Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart were joined throughout the whole show by RatDog's Jeff Chimenti on keyboards and Allman Brothers Band/Gov’t Mule/ex-Phil & Friends and The Dead guitarist Warren Haynes.  They tore through a 15-song, two-hour set that included such Dead classics as “U.S. Blues,” “Franklin's Tower,” “Playin' In The Band,” “Dark Star,” “St. Stephen” and “Touch of Grey.”  The crowd--a mix of college students, longtime Deadheads and Barack Obama supporters--were on their feet from the first notes of show opener “Truckin,’” through the psychedelic explorations of “Dark Star,” to the end of “Not Fade Away,” the night’s closer.

 In a video-taped message shown between sets, Senator Obama told the audience:

 “For twenty months, I’ve been traveling this country from town to town-even developing a ‘Touch of Grey’ of my own.  And on that journey, I’ve seen Americans who are hurting under the politics and policies of Washington.  They need change, and I am running for President to bring about that change.


“On November 4th, you’ll get to make a choice between two different candidates with two dramatically different visions for our future.  You’ll get to choose which direction you want to take our country.  I believe that now is the time to put Americans back to work and rebuild our middle class; to live up to the promise of affordable health care for everyone; to guarantee a quality education for all our children; to end our dependence on Middle East oil; and to bring this war in Iraq to a responsible end.  We can do all that.  And on November 5th, I hope to announce that we ‘Ain’t Wasting Time No More.’”


The Dead last performed in 2004 on their “Wave That Flag” tour.  In February of this year, Hart, Lesh and Weir played a “Deadheads For Obama” show at the Warfield in San Francisco, and last year Weir, Kreutzmann and Hart performed at a post-inauguration for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.


Bryce Jordan Center
Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA
October 13, 2008

Filmed greeting by Senator Barack Obama

U.S. Blues
Help On The Way>
Franklin's Tower
Playing In The Band>
Dark Star
St. Stephen>
Unbroken Chain>
The Other One>
Throwin' Stones>
Playing Reprise

Touch of Grey>
Not Fade Away

Bob Weir, Warren Haynes, gtr; Phil Lesh, bs; Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, dms; Jeff Chimenti, kbds.


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sixstringsmoreorLesh's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

tj crowley

set list looks impressive BUT

warren was a bit weak (possibly the bros. set wore him down where he and derek tore it up)
it was obviosu that bobby got his wish/ lead the boys

thought seque's were a bit weak/un-impressive

josh e bear's picture
Joined: Feb 29 2008
wow what a set-list !! holy smokes !

that is the mother ship !!

Josh E Bear !!

Joined: Sep 8 2007
Ratdog board?

What the hell were they on? From what I can hear, I didn't expect them to sounds this great! If this is them playing with no rehearsal, I can't imagine what some practice would do!

I really hope a tour comes out of this. Warren wasn't my first choice to play with them either, but I've been converted. I love that 'wah" sound. I would follow this band around if I could. Thanks to everyone posting links!

Joined: Aug 21 2007
sounds good

show sounds good! much better than the last time all 4 got together. can someone put this on or explain etree? can't seem to download it there. and what is bit torrent anyway? flac is good enough for me.
see you all in the spring/summer...

Joined: Oct 14 2008
Finally got a miracle

After tour in a blur during the 90s, I got to experience a true miracle! Last night was my first show as a WarfRat. I remembered every song in the set, and I remember every conversation I had. The set was dynamic! The boys were on. I can't believe they've been jammin for 43+ years. Keep on keepin on!

Thanks to the boys and brothers

Life's journey is the reward!


Joined: Oct 14 2008
What a long strange trip its been...

This was an amazing time. Thank you for coming together in State College!

Thank you to the Heavy Pets as well for a kick-ass pre-party and post-party show at the Cafe!

tahoejimbo420's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
oh yea

p.s. Can anyone point me to the archived Allman set?
Not Fade Away!

tahoejimbo420's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
Change Rocks

Listened to the stream whilst downloading and thought it rocked, as far as the ratdog board, well you always hear know it alls digesting each and every detail and critisizing this or that. I will never understand why even bother to buy a ticket or listen if all you can do is bitch, complain, and funniest of all, trying to second guess what they are going to play.
Let the words be yours, I am done with mine.
Not Fade Away!

stealyourboognish's picture
Joined: Oct 19 2007
Had such a good time.

Allmans were great! Dead was really good, seems like they never let Warren really achieve liftoff. Transitions were a bit rough, Still, very enjoyable. Would like to see a tour of this. Probably should spend some rehearsal time beforehand. Whats up with the missing merchandise? No T shirts!! Nothing inside at all!! Did the Republican Party stop the shipment from arriving? I mean really, there should have been a huge Obama merch set up inside to help get the message out. No buttons, stickers, event posters, tshirts.... nuthin......
Can someone please explain this to me...........

Still a great time was had by all.

aaron's picture
Joined: Jun 12 2007
And of course....

most folks over at the RATDOG site are just complaining and trashing the show. The main adjective being used is "train wreck."

I'm not sure what show they saw, but the show I was at last night rocked out! Nothin' left to do but smile smile smile, in my humble opinion.


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