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What a wonderful month it's been, sharing our love of the Grateful Dead through song and video! We applaud all the hard work and effort that you, the fans, put into the DEAD COVERS PROJECT, and we hope you'll continue to watch and support all the amazing participant videos on YouTube until we fire up the DEAD COVERS PROJECT again next February.

Throughout the month of April, we'll be shining our lovelight on a handful of artists that really made the grade. You'll get to know each of these five artists and find out just what made them connect with the Dead in our exclusive DEAD COVERS PROJECT profiles, but for now we'd simply like to congratulate the following participants (in no particular order)...

Now Playing In The Band...

The project may be over for 2012, but you can continue to check out some of the "Top Rated" videos that were submitted and "Like" them here.

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I Know You Rider

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Paradise Waits is Chicago's Grateful Dead Experience, and had hosted "Grateful Dead Night" in Chicago for over 2 years. They've been joined by Tom Constanten, John Kadlecik, members of JGB and over a hundred local Chicago musicians over their 7-year history of playing Grateful Dead music!

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On The Bus - DC Dead tribute

I added the tag, "DeadCoversProject" to an existing video on YouTube. I hope that satisfies the rules. Here is the video. On The Bus with John K sitting in to perform for Senator Patrick Leahy. Gotta love the setting.

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JSwine Smokestack

As I posted on Youtube: very cool arrangement of Smokestack. Chicago blues feel mixed with what sounds like a ska-like sound, in terms of the 'distant' voice of the sax. Nice!

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Impressive work Critter!

nice work on these videos/short films!

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Is there a limit on submissions?

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Now this should be a lot of fun!

Great idea!

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For all Those that want to Learn How to Post Videos

You will need to PM me here on click my name and PM me.

PM=Private Message

I can teach you how to embed videos....and thank you Marye for clearing that up. I'll post two from Vimeo (I think it is a better site, and actually adheres to alot of our Deadhead principles) but when I make your song, YES THIS MEANS YOU BANDS~The Critter is offering his services for FREE!, I will be sure to post it on somethingtube....I mean Glewtube, oh wait I really mean FLEWtube, or YouTube or something of the like.

P.S. I've gotten a couple of submissions so far, but I'm asking you Cubensis, The Maykers type bands from the west coast to get off your California Lag Time and start pulling for my help.

Videos to follow (ie: how to embed videos on this site or show your video) examples:

Dead.Net 2011 Contest for 30 Days of Dead #1

Dead.Net 2010 Contest for 30 Days of Dead #2

Love is Real,

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So far so good!

I hope you enjoy our attempt at a video here...

Just highlight, copy, and paste one of the 2 following links into your browser to find the video.



It's the closest I could come to being creative.

(PS)" I aint often Right... "(So I corrected the previous link... this will bring you to the video)


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