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The Dead Covers Project

What a wonderful month it's been, sharing our love of the Grateful Dead through song and video! We applaud all the hard work and effort that you, the fans, put into the DEAD COVERS PROJECT, and we hope you'll continue to watch and support all the amazing participant videos on YouTube until we fire up the DEAD COVERS PROJECT again next February.

Throughout the month of April, we'll be shining our lovelight on a handful of artists that really made the grade. You'll get to know each of these five artists and find out just what made them connect with the Dead in our exclusive DEAD COVERS PROJECT profiles, but for now we'd simply like to congratulate the following participants (in no particular order)...

Now Playing In The Band...

The project may be over for 2012, but you can continue to check out some of the "Top Rated" videos that were submitted and "Like" them here.

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Joined: Dec 16 2011
Campaign to make DeadCoversProject a project not a pagent

There is a statistic in youtube's stat's that would be ideal for ranking entries. You can access it from the video's page just below the video on the right The button is a bar graph. It shows a timeline and lists events on that timeline including in this case "the first referral from" and indicates the total number of views that came from here. This would be a very difficult system to game and there are many ways your website could access that number from youtube. You could also generate that number yourself by tracking outgoing links but you'd have to make sure you separate repeat viewers from new although repeat viewers is an important stat and needs to be measured with same day repeats thrown out. I have a degree in biostatistics (don't ask me why) and there are a million reasons why views is a better measure than likes and why views thru your portal are better than total views for your purposes.

Just another 2 cents in my campaign to drop the annual contest and make this site an ongoing, highly functional project. For deadheads who are musicians, sound engineers, and videographers this site is a gift from Jerry himself (a jerrysend) but the annual beauty pagent is the anti-jerry to overuse a metaphor. The site brings us together, provides a platform and an audience, and if modified to a continuous rather than annual timeframe, doesn't make us have to wear watches. Have you ever seen those studies where they take deadheads and make them wear watches. One of the cruelest experiments conducted in our lifetimes - very disturbing as you can well imagine.


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Joined: Aug 21 2007
good job everyone!

really happy to see two of my favorites in the winners!

I have been seeing Cubensis since around 1990, and cannot think of a band more deserving. They earned it, through 25 years of playing LIVE DEAD in their own unique way, several nights a week.

Crag Marshall recieved Jerry's blessing to play the Dead's music - Jerry told him to do a good job of it! Larry Ryan holds down the bass bottom so solidly grooving, Steve Harris and Ed Fletcher drumming their hearts out (Steve sings good too!) - awesome keyboardist Tom Ryan (who has also toured with DSO) makes Brent songs his own. Nate LaPointe is unsurpassed at acing rhythm quitar, and leading it beyond... and the lovely Cece Sherman - newest member of the band, her voice is so gorgeous. makes all of us cry sometimes, (and she can play strings rather beautifully too!).... GO TEAM QB!!!

And Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers - what canIi say? I am blessed every time I get to hear Nicki sing, and Deren Ney's guitar is a gift to all of us... listen to him solo, beautiful every time. Go see this band live! (by the way, they are not a Dead Cover band, they do mostly originals, with a wide variety of covers).

Maybe we can hear Nicki Bluhm and Cece Sherman doing a duet someday? (~);}

Joined: Feb 28 2008
Getting Liked

Good post Ziph,

It seems a little harsh to have to rely on the video getting 'liked' to have it recognized, also.

I am pleased they will do it again next year. Perhaps I'll have time to learn how to play a decent solo!

Joined: Mar 2 2012
Tennessee Jed - IVY Travelin' Band(DeadCoversProject)

IVY Travelin' Band perform Grateful Dead's "Tennessee Jed" at CAFE IVY, Tokyo Japan.

Joined: Feb 25 2012
Liberty by The Professors

Wish it had been posted sooner, but thanks to all who voted The Professors into the top ten in less than a week. (And we are quite curious who gave us the one "dislike"; Prof. Steve suspects a disgruntled student......)

And though the contest is over: Please continue to vote!

Oh, might as well mention this: I happened to be there the first night the Dead performed Liberty in front of an audience: Oakland Coliseum, early '93 (a Sunday night show, can't remember the exact date). Also the first time they performed Lazy River Road and Eternity. Yeah, I miss Jerry, I miss that band, I miss those shows.

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Joined: Dec 16 2011

Yeah Mutt, I agree but it seems a litle harsh to hold a contest with a deadline for entries and then not treat all entries equally i.e.most contests start the competition AFTER the entries are in. but then this IS the Grateful Dead we're dealing with here. - sure don't know

I don't know what is more stunning; the audacuty of the crew who sat at the top of the deadcoversproject charts with thousands of "likes" for most of the month or the presumably innocent gullibility of the web master who left them there. But I forget, the supreme court now says its OK to buy votes.

I am so relieved to see that it was all a ruse anyway. I'm sure that many of us saw this coming. All the hype about contests and votes, in the end you knew someone in power would decide who won the vote and thank Jerry,they picked Aaron Gibson for he had dropped off lthe billboard as fast as he appeared and he's the clear innovative, creative, talented-exuding front runner (Brandon McCoy's chops are in the same league). The bluegrass ensemnble you featured who did "here comes sunshine", and also then disapeared, were the obvious acoustic act in my book but the van dwellers are cute and a legitimate choice also.

So why the damn contest? This is a great data mine you ( have started here. Why not strip off the top ten and let it continue just as it has. If you are gonna rank, make it a continuous ranking from one to a milion based on votes you collect right here not on youtube's extortable system.* That way everybody gets a sense of where they stand (even if its at #137) and you don't have these poor souls fretting that you never even noticed them (now they'll KNOW you didn't).

This wouldn't stop you from lifting that ocasional one of a kind phenomenon like Aron to the stars WHENEVER they come along and give everyone something to strive for all year round.

When anounced a virtual game that would be based on mutual coperation intead of competition we thought "wow, of course". The cover band project could be a rea-life creation of that. I knew there were dead bands out there but not this many. Back in the day the conventional wisdom was that dead heads couldn't play music and it was realy hard to fihnd talented musicians in the fold. I have had to trick more than one hot, non-deadhead musician into jaming on the dead with good result.Clearly now there is all sorts of talent among open deadheads and this site is gona help hook them up if you let it.

What ever hapened to that game anyway?

I know you're at bated breath and will be all so relieved to know that i absolve you of minor glitches in the process, believe on faith that you did wait for and consider everyone right up to the last entry , and made your best judgement. You've done a beaurtiful thing and we've been having a lot of fun - now don't fuck it up.

sure don't know . .

*see my addendum from tomorrow

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Joined: Mar 1 2012
Re: Front Porch Revival - Deep Elem Blues

It's too bad this wasn't submitted earlier. It sounds great. I really think it could have had a shot at the top five.

Joined: Jun 22 2007
Congratulations to all finalists

Congratulations to the final 5. I am a bit bias towards Cubensis (as their videographer) but there are soooo many great entries. I have bookmarked so many of them and have been watching a number of them over and over.

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Joined: Feb 12 2012
Dead Covers Project - Franklins Tower - Portsmouth, RI

Franklins Tower Performed By Mr. Chubb

Joined: Jul 5 2007

A dark and twisting BIRD SONG...


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