Grateful Dead

Europe '72: The Complete Recordings - All The Music Edition

Europe '72:
The Complete Recordings -
All The Music Edition

Our Europe '72 boxed set is now officially sold out, with all 7,200 boxes now gone! We can't thank you enough for your support, for having faith in the project and taking the plunge to purchase this unprecedented release. Despite the fact that it's going to be a bit of a wait before it arrives on your door step, we are sure you'll be blown away with the results.

We are now offering the All-The-Music edition of Europe '72, which includes all of the music recorded on the tour, with each show in its own individual package, complete with its own liner notes by Dead scholars such as David Gans, Blair Jackson, Steve Silberman, Gary Lambert and others, as well as by attendees of some of the shows. You'll get 73 CDs and over 70 hours of prime Grateful Dead.


Because you dared dream this might happen one day… Because you went down to the Gypsy Woman and offered up your first-born to try to make it happen… Because there are enough passionate Dead Heads at Rhino/GD who thought it might be cool for this to happen… It’s happening! Coming in September is a gargantuan EUROPE ’72 MEGA-BOX SET containing ALL 22 SHOWS of what is arguably the greatest tour the Grateful Dead ever played, on a whopping and clearly cosmic 73 DISCS (over 70 hours of music!). Bet you didn’t see that comin’!

Really, at this point we probably don’t need to lay on too much hype about how wonderful the music is: Chances are, if you’re even considering buying a copy of this enormous box, you already know how amazing the Dead’s tour of Europe in April and May of 1972 was. To review briefly, though, the Dead’s first tour outside of North America took them to all sorts of historic and unusual venues in England, Denmark, West Germany, France, Holland and even tiny Luxembourg. Many members of the Dead “family” came along on what was really an extended working vacation that was designed to both expose the Dead to new audiences and also reward the band for their unlikely conquest of America during the preceding two years. As a hedge against the costs of the nearly two-month trip, the Dead’s label, Warner Bros., paid for the band to lug around a 16-track recorder to capture the entire tour… and we’re glad they did!

This was a band at the top of its game, still ascending in the wake of three straight hit albums — Workingman’s Dead, American Beauty and the live Grateful Dead (“Skull & Roses”). It had been a year since the lineup had gone to its single-drummer configuration, six months since Keith Godchaux had been broken in as the group’s exceptional pianist, and this marked the first tour to feature Donna Godchaux as a member of the touring band. There was a ton on new, unreleased material that came into the repertoire in the fall of ’71 (after “Skull & Roses” was out) and during the spring of ’72, including “Tennessee Jed,” “Jack Straw,” “Mexicali Blues,” “He’s Gone,” “Comes A Time,” “Ramble on Rose,” “One More Saturday Night,” “Black-Throated Wind,” “Looks Like Rain” and Pigpen’s “Chinatown Shuffle,” “The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion)” and “Mr. Charlie.” (Sadly, this was Pigpen’s final tour.) All those future classics were interspersed with songs from the aforementioned “hit” albums—such as “Uncle John’s Band,” “Brokedown Palace,” “Cumberland Blues,” “Casey Jones,” “Sugar Magnolia,” “Bertha,” “Not Fade Away,” et al — and then were topped off by loads of big jamming numbers — the Europe ’72 tour produced spectacular versions of “Dark Star,” “The Other One” “Playing in the Band,” “Truckin’,” “China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know You Rider,” “Good Lovin’,” “Lovelight” and even the early Pig chestnut “Caution.” And that’s leaving out a truckload of other tunes, too! There wasn’t a clunker show in the bunch, and many are acknowledged today as classics. No doubt you already have some favorites.

Through the years, there have been a few releases of material from the Europe tour—starting with the 3-album Europe ’72 which knocked our socks off in the fall of that year, and followed many years later by material from a pair of German shows and the fantastic 4-CD Stepping Out, culled from the group’s eight shows in England. Incredibly, though, only one full show from the tour has come out previously: the excellent 4/24 concert in Dusseldorf, Germany, released as Rockin’ the Rhein in 2004.

Until now, that is. Jeffrey Norman, who has been the primary mixer of Dead archival multi-track material for the past 15 years (Fillmore West ’69, Ladies and Gentlemen…, Rockin’ the Rhein, Nightfall of Diamonds, etc.) has spent many months toiling over the 16-track masters from the tour, and will continue working on the mixes through the Winter and Spring, employing the high-tech Plangent Processes transfer and restoration tools, trying to get every show to sound “just exactly perfect” (as Bob Weir says) for this release. You might think you’ve heard that intense “Dark Star” > “Sugar Mag” > “Caution” from Copenhagen, but I guarantee you’ve never heard it sound this alive! Mastering to HDCD specs is two-time Grammy-winning engineer David Glasser of Airshow Mastering. Needless to say, all the songs that turned up on previous Europe compilations will be appear in their proper show contexts, and in the case of songs from the Europe ’72 album, without overdubs that were added later (where possible).

So dig deep, raid the penny jar, take a weekend job at Jack-in-the-Box, beg your kindly ol’ grandma for some of your inheritance early… Yes, it’s an extravagance, but jeez, you (or your loved one) deserve it! This is way cool.

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Joined: May 4 2011
Europe '72 - great release, great music, some sloppy work

I really enjoy the box set and glad to have it. A couple of things, I was sent an email about some sort of limited edition certificate in September, which never arrived. That's ok though, I ordered the set for the music, not the certificate. If there was meant to be a certificate, maybe it will arrive.

I run my music now on an Ipod and I am amazed at how poorly the digital labeling is on the discs, misspelled song names, four different album names for one show, some say Europe '72, some don't, some say Grateful Dead, some say GD, some have the date in one place, others in another. I ended up erasing all of them from my ipod and then re-added them to my Ipod one at a time, reviewing and editing the digital labels so the Ipod t link the various discs for each show together. Also, it would be nice if they had digital images of the different sleeves available on line, luckily a scanner works wonders.

Finally, there are some glitches on some of the discs. With 73 discs or however many there are, I'm not sure I will find them all. The first show from Wemblay was defective as it had noticeable glitches or skips in the music. That said, I already live with an Ipod that skips sometimes, whether from me printing something while downloading which may cause a digital hiccup, or maybe the harddrive on my Ipod has bad sectors. Will I ask for replacement discs? Maybe if I get the time to listen to each disc all the way through, which I probably won't anytime soone.

All in all a great effort but perhaps the digital editors should put the hashish away when adding digital labels in the future.

n4ykd's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2007
Music GREAT, Packaging Sea Wrap

I ordered the All Music editon in October and it arrived this past Friday, December 2nd. I finally got a chance to listen to the first show today on my commute back and forth to work. I tried carefully to remove the first disc from the CD sleeve and it was imposible to do so without tearing the sleeve. I was mighty angry and didn't really start to enjoy the music until Big Boss Man. The second disc was a bit easier to remove, but still a struggle. The third disc came out easy. When I got home I tried to eject the third disc from the player but it wouldn't come out. After five minutes the disc came out. I looked at the music side of the disc and saw what appears to be what could best be desceibed as water stains on the outter edge. I checked the first 2 discs, first one still a pain to get out without causing furthur damage. The first 2 discs did not exhibit the "defect" of the third. I'm afraid to go through the whole collection to inspect the rest of the discs for damages for fear of having all the sleeves with rips in them before I'm ready to listen to them.

When I got home the wife wanted me to go into town to pick up some items for her so I figured I'd get an early start listening to the second show. Well, I couldn't help but tear the sleeve for this show trying to get the first disc out. I guess all the sleeves in my collection are going to get ripped just trying to do the basic function of listening to all of the music. What a shame, great tour, great remix/rematering, great music and crappy packaging:>( I'm highly disappointed. But I did get all the music, I think. Time will tell...

Joined: Apr 10 2008
Replacement discs...

So, I have PM's Mary E, emailed Dr. Rhino, and called customer service. customer service told me I would receive replacements shortly about 3 months ago. Mary E kindly forwarded my troubles to Dr. Rhino. Dr. Rhino evidently doesn't respond to emails. This leaves me sitting here with my trigger finger on the cancel button for the Dave's Picks subscription I hesitantly ordered.

My question to y'all is, has anyone heard anything more about replacement discs for the defects?

Joined: Nov 1 2010
STILL no sticker! No, seriously, STILL no sticker!

Am I the only person of the 7,200 (which I'm now doubting that there really was only 7,200 made) who STILL hasn't received the numbered and personalized sticker? After numerous emails and phone calls to CAL-DEAD, all concluding with the broken promise of "we'll send it out this week", I still have not received the sticker. The last call to CAL-DEAD (about a week ago) resulted in me being told I had to take it up with "Dr. Rhino", and was given an email address. One week later, no word from the mysterious doctor.

I originally placed my order on the first day within the first few minutes, and have been told serveral times that I was one of the original 3,000 to place an order and that I definitely got in on the personalization. I have LONG given up hope that my numbered set would be somewhere between 1 and 3000, but sheesh, how about at least delivering what's advertised? I've never really had problems with ordering from CAL-DEAD, but frankly, this one's been downright pathetic. It's a freakin' sticker, how hard can that be?

If I ever do get my personalized sticker with the box number, I'd love to compare numbers with y'all and see if there's been duplicate numbers issued, because the whole thing wreaks of fishiness. I feel really bad in even thinking this because, as we all know, back in the days that the Grateful Dead were an active band, they would have personally made sure a fiasco like this would never have happened. Sad, very sad.

Joined: Jan 5 2009
When will the Complete Edition start shipping?

I placed my order two weeks ago and have not gotten a shipping confirmation. This page doesn't mention that there are delays. What gives?


Joined: Jun 22 2007
Well that settles it..

Some friends and I were going to buy this as a gift for a friend after reading these comments we'll find something else. I have no intentions of dealing with a Rhino and Co.

ckcoffman's picture
Joined: Aug 16 2010
Hey now!

The All Music edition I ordered in June hit the doorstep here in Boston this afternoon--a welcome sight on a Friday. 4/7 is rolling through the headphones now.... For those curious about the All Music materials: you get the discs in the one-pack-per-show cardboard covers everyone seems to have, if the pics I've seen online of that are accurate. Wasn't quite on time, but everything seems in order otherwise.

fool4thedead's picture
Joined: Jan 15 2010
It's here!!!

UPS finally brought me my all music edition box set and I'm stoked!!! I was laid off and just couldn't think about getting this when it first was introduced. But as soon as I got a job I ordered the all music edition. I'm a little jealous of those that were able to get the steamer trunk and books. But the music is the what it's all about and the extras are just icing on the cake. I want to thank Rhino, the band and all involved for bringing this joy into our lives. Don't look for me without head phones for several weeks to come!

Peace in the valley

JackstrawfromColorado's picture
Joined: Jan 2 2009
If we want to make a point

With Rhino, we have to stop giving them $$. When they know we'll keep coming back with a handful of cash despite their mistakes, false advertising and atrocious customer service they have no incentive to change. Their business model is downright criminal but hey it works very well for them when you keep showering them with forgiveness and coming back for more..

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

PM sent, but long story short, your sets are on their way and I'm sending your tracking numbers as well.


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