Grateful Dead

Furthur Summer 2010 Tour

Furthur, featuring Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, John Kadlecik, Jay Lane, and Joe Russo will be heading out on a Summer Tour in 2010! The dates of the tour are:

 Fri-Jun-25 Rochester, NY Highland Bowl 
 Sat-Jun-26 Brooklyn, NY MCU Park (formerly KeySpan Park)

 Sun-Jun-27 Brooklyn, NY MCU Park (formerly KeySpan Park)

 Tue-Jun-29 Jim Thorpe, PA Penn's Peak 
 Wed-Jun-30 Lowell, MA LeLacheur Park 
 Sat-Jul-03 Herkimer, NY Gelsten Castle Estate 
 Sun-Jul-04 Oxford, ME Nateva Music & Arts Festival 
 Mon-Jul-05 Shelburne, VT The Green @ Shelburne Museum 
 Thu-Jul-08 Buffalo, NY ArtPark 
 Fri-Jul-09 Masontown, WV Allgood Music Festival 
 Sat-Jul-10 Philadelphia, PA Mann Center for the Perf Arts
Sun-Jul-11 Philadelphia, PA Mann Center for the Perf Arts

Please go to for more information.



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Joined: Feb 25 2009

Alot of my friends went to desiderada fest last year and said it was a great time, furthurmore I don't think I heard one thing about people getting harrassed, I believe it is a very lax venue.

Still wondering about Sunshine and Zoe though, I love what they bring to the table, if anyone knows if they will be joining I would like to know.

johnman's picture
Joined: Dec 26 2007
ok 65

i don't mean to sound like an ass...but we wanna have fun too...lucky ducks need to share, and let it all come back to where it started, jus' for a minute or 3

Gr8fulTed's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
Don't forget us hayseeds too

Winter Furthur blew right by KC, from Chicago (9 hours northeast) to Broomfield (9 hours west). I'm right there w Johnman when it comes to concert locations. Travel $$$ is tight for many of us.

Since1965 is on the mark with his comment on logistics in relation to population density.

I'm sure we'll see some more dates announced, focusing on the west and hopefully the midwest.
Ya think Phil & Friends remember Starlight Theater 3 years ago when it was 100+ degrees out? It doesn't take long for a bottle of Guiness to lose it's cool!

LastFairDeal's picture
Joined: Jul 13 2007
The Gelsten Castle Estate

OK, this venue looks so enticing!!! I just finished watching videos from the Desiderata festival held there last year. Who among us has been to the Castle before? It looks wide open, with camping???? What will the boys allow??? Please share for us "Castle virgins".

Can't wait to dance with everyone. Saw Furthur at Mohegan Sun and had a blast for my wife's Birthday show!!!!!

I can Tell the Queen of Diamonds by the way she shines!

johnman's picture
Joined: Dec 26 2007
naw problem

but ya kinda made it sound like we on the west coast are not about the music, like we are not deserving of more than one or two shows......if they did even a short tour here it would sell out...easily....that's all i'm trying to say. nothing wrong with wanting them to do some shows close to home is there? i'm not the only one over here that feels left out. we want to share in the music and good times......peace!!

rosa rugosa's picture
Joined: Nov 23 2007
Hey jeffreygoodman!

Go to
Click on Upcoming Tours/Shows towards the lower left
Scroll down to your show, and click on the link to the right.
It looks like tickets are being sold through and not ticketmaster. We'll be at the Lowell Show - hope you'll make it too!

Since1965's picture
Joined: Jan 20 2010
JohnMan said: "Fercrineoutloud,gimmeabreak"

I am assuming that JohnMan is offended by my last post( Highland Bowl). Although his post makes no sense as to why?? The "For you Westcoasters" part of my post is a light-hearted jab at all who have a problem with the Northeast Summer Tour venue schedule. As BrooklynPeach said, it is a "densely populated" area. In other words- lot's and lot's of Deadfans. It is convenient for the Band AND the Northeast fans.

At Utica (Further Feb. 20th) we mingled with Heads from Ohio, Vermont, New Jersey, Mass. , and Delaware all at our hotel bar before the show.
If JohnMan has a SPECIFIC problem with my post he can feel free to let me know and I will gladly address it.
Oh yah, I left out Herkimer (the Castle), that is only (3) hours away as well.

1965ForeverGrateful2010- Rochester, N.Y.

Brooklyn Peach's picture
Joined: Jun 20 2008
NYC sez Hey Now!

I want to thank the band for giving a boost to Coney Island, cause that neighborhood needs all the help it can get. For decades now the boardwalk and surrounding neighborhood have been much neglected; the working rides dwindling down to the Wonder Wheel, the Cyclone; and some kiddy rides maintained and operated by a fast food franchise. The buildings housing the freak/sideshows were so spooky we were scared to pay our dollar to go in to see the three- headed baby. There was garbage all over the beach. Derelict lots had been purchased by a greedy real estate developer who planned to have the area turned into an expensive hotel and resort spa complex for the rich, potentially restricting even beach access for the general public. Due to public outcry the city has stepped up and this year purchased 6.5 acres for $95 million dollars from this man. Plans are underway to put in about 19 new rides, giving the working class of New York City a place to recreate again by the sea. Part of this populous effort to revitalize Coney was the building of the minor league ballpark Furthur will be playing in. Deadhead freaks meet Coney Island freaks...sure wish I could see it. All of these venues seem like gems. I don't think it's about money or even people. I think it's about playing special venues. None of these places are especially close together, but the tour does cover some of the most densely populated areas of the US, potentially serving a greater number of Deadheads. Tlhanks again!!

johnman's picture
Joined: Dec 26 2007
oh gosh, that's right

we don't like the music over here on the west coast....i keep forgetting, we don't dance or anything over here, my apologies....(fercrineoutloud, gimmeabreak)

Since1965's picture
Joined: Jan 20 2010
Highland Park-Rochester

Hot Damn!! Highland Bowl (Summer Tour)
For jporcelli,Ohio. Highland Bowl(and Park) is a Fantastic venue. A historic city park designed by the world famous Edward Law Olmstead (also of Central Park, NYC). The Orchestra Bowl sits in a perfect natural amphitheatre(grass,trees,hills). Small hill on one side, big hill on other side, with a perfect slow rise going back away from stage. Get this- Lawn chairs and blankets are allowed. Big hill has a large statue of Frederick Dougliss overlooking the entire Bowl scene with a cemetary at the top .Simply fabulous! No reserved chairs, just grass!! A wonderful venue for the kids. Bob(Ratdog) and Phil(Friends) were obviously impressed and rightfully jumped on this one to Further start the Summer Tour.
For you West Coasters-Highland is 20 minutes from my house. Buffalo-1 hour. Ithica(Cornell)- 2 hours. Utica-2.5 hours. Albany-4 hours. NYC- 6 hours. Sorry but New York /Penns. / lower New England is still where it's " happening" and The Dead know that. It's not about money$$, it's about people and music!! And anyone who doesn't like ( or appreciate) the Band/s since Jerry died, WAKE UP!! Jerry's dead , and LIFE is still worth living and enjoying.


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