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Furthur Summer 2010 Tour

Furthur, featuring Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, John Kadlecik, Jay Lane, and Joe Russo will be heading out on a Summer Tour in 2010! The dates of the tour are:

 Fri-Jun-25 Rochester, NY Highland Bowl 
 Sat-Jun-26 Brooklyn, NY MCU Park (formerly KeySpan Park)

 Sun-Jun-27 Brooklyn, NY MCU Park (formerly KeySpan Park)

 Tue-Jun-29 Jim Thorpe, PA Penn's Peak 
 Wed-Jun-30 Lowell, MA LeLacheur Park 
 Sat-Jul-03 Herkimer, NY Gelsten Castle Estate 
 Sun-Jul-04 Oxford, ME Nateva Music & Arts Festival 
 Mon-Jul-05 Shelburne, VT The Green @ Shelburne Museum 
 Thu-Jul-08 Buffalo, NY ArtPark 
 Fri-Jul-09 Masontown, WV Allgood Music Festival 
 Sat-Jul-10 Philadelphia, PA Mann Center for the Perf Arts
Sun-Jul-11 Philadelphia, PA Mann Center for the Perf Arts

Please go to for more information.



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DeadHead570's picture
Joined: Apr 20 2009
can't wait

this is great, can't wait, probably going to 6/29 Penn Peak show, hope its great

~keep on the east coast!!!

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
spam post deleted

poster soon to follow.

johnnyhub's picture
Joined: Jan 3 2009
These NE tours are becoming

These NE tours are becoming comedy...... 25+ shows once again in 200 miles radius WITH NOTHING pretty much nothing beyond.. It's so pathetically $$$ driven touring with no real nod to their fans everywhere... Bizarre...

Do you realize Phil & Friends has NEVER played Seattle... EVER..

For the past 4 years NY has received well over 50 shows.... Washington State: 2, Oregon: 1, Arizona: 0, Las Vegas: 0, California: a few more, but most are very small rehearsal style shows or NYE shows....
The tour management needs to be called out for this ridiculous touring style...

johnman's picture
Joined: Dec 26 2007
and the spammers, too, should find another home

fercrine outloud

johnman's picture
Joined: Dec 26 2007
ok ok.....

i want the boys to come play this side of the country as much as anybody...but let's keep politics in a different forum.....and yes, i AM for liberty...and apple pie....cold beer...............cookies.........................garlic pop corn...

Joined: Mar 3 2010
coming to west coast or even vegas

Is the band gonna do a Vegas show? I saw ratdog last summer at the House Of Blues. Guys its ok to come to Las Vegas, despite what Obama says. When are you guys gonna wake up and see Obama for the fraud that he is. Keep liberty alive and well!

streamline's picture
Joined: Jan 3 2009
Jump for Shelburne

I scored four for Shelburne, VT on July 5th during yesterday's pre-sale. A lot of folks who live in my valley in VT did the same. The Green at the Shelburne Museum is not a very large space, so you'd be wise to jump sooner, rather than later if you want to hit that show..

"When it comes to humility, I'm the greatest!" - Bullwinkle Moose

Joined: Dec 8 2008
Summer Tour

Lets webcast the tour. Wish we could buy an East Coast or West Coast package. How about a single show package. I don't need the added computer graphics or light show. A single shot webcam from the SBD with a feed from there for audio.
I'd like to think that I would not be the only one who would purchase.

Joined: Jul 12 2007
Bringin' it all back home

Hey, you guys, don't forget about us down here in the Deep Sh--, I mean deep south. How about throwin' Atlanta a bone at least. Please think about us for the fall leg of the tour. Maybe a Furthur/ABB or Gov't Mule show. We need it down here.

Joined: Jul 1 2007
Highland Bowl - Rochester, NY

Anyone know anything about this venue? I'm thinking about making the drive from Cleveland, but I can't find much information.


Joey, Ohio


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