Grateful Dead

Furthur Summer 2010 Tour

Furthur, featuring Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, John Kadlecik, Jay Lane, and Joe Russo will be heading out on a Summer Tour in 2010! The dates of the tour are:

 Fri-Jun-25 Rochester, NY Highland Bowl 
 Sat-Jun-26 Brooklyn, NY MCU Park (formerly KeySpan Park)

 Sun-Jun-27 Brooklyn, NY MCU Park (formerly KeySpan Park)

 Tue-Jun-29 Jim Thorpe, PA Penn's Peak 
 Wed-Jun-30 Lowell, MA LeLacheur Park 
 Sat-Jul-03 Herkimer, NY Gelsten Castle Estate 
 Sun-Jul-04 Oxford, ME Nateva Music & Arts Festival 
 Mon-Jul-05 Shelburne, VT The Green @ Shelburne Museum 
 Thu-Jul-08 Buffalo, NY ArtPark 
 Fri-Jul-09 Masontown, WV Allgood Music Festival 
 Sat-Jul-10 Philadelphia, PA Mann Center for the Perf Arts
Sun-Jul-11 Philadelphia, PA Mann Center for the Perf Arts

Please go to for more information.



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Joined: Jan 24 2009

Futhur in Philly on my birthday ~~WOO HOO!!!~~

Inspiration, move me brightly.

snaggletooth's picture
Joined: Oct 23 2008

honest to the point of recklessness,

DAMMIT, Dude im in iraq and i dont get leave until september PLEASE DO SOME SHOWS IN SEPT-OCT. I LOVE YOU GUYS,

Doc Weaver

Joined: Feb 25 2009
Zoe an Sunshine...

Anyone know if they are gonna bring Zoe and Sunshine along again? Those two bring so much beautiful energy to the stage, and I think they are a great addition to a beautiful lineup.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Seattle would be nice

Right on with that Johnman, but right now I am thinking about Portland in one week! See you there.

Yes, the boys do play in the West but it is mainly in the bay area and a show in Denver now and then, they don't travel much out here. So folks, I guess it is our trade for having these wide open spaces in that we see less of our band than our crowded East Coast Brethern. Think about it.

I bet they will do some more West later on. But long gone are the days when they would play places west of the Big Muddy like Des Moines, Omaha, Boise, Missoula, Spokane, the Twin Cities. (though Ratdog does come through, thanks Bobby!)

At least I can hop in my rig, put on a show and be in the mountains in 45 minutes. We do get that high, wouldn't trade it for some East Coast big city living for all the money in the world!

As for those who slam this - sour grapes. I prefer a smile myself. Hey this music is classic and we still get to see and hear it with some of the original players. The music will continue like Beethoven in the symphony hall and folkies playing Dylan and Jazz musicians playing Miles in some club. If you just want to live in you memory of what was, fine for you, but some of us like live music. Keeps you young at heart even if the bones are growing old.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

johnman's picture
Joined: Dec 26 2007
of course, since half of those

are rehearsals, which are generally not open to the public, that drops the total considerably. percentage wise, the west coast does not get near as many opportunities, no matter how you juggle the numbers, as do our family members on the other THERE!! nya nya NYA!...heehee!! Let's just hope we ALL get to see more long as the boys are willing to play for us.

Canyon Critter's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2008
Never Play Out West?

I have to rectify something here...I don't live out West anymore (home :) but I do believe they've played there alot already and more shows to come. Compiled from setlists/shows file I have:

2009~The Fox Theater * Oakland, CA September 18th, 19th, and 20th > 19 Broadway * Fairfax, CA November 20th > Masonic Hall * Mill Valley, CA December 27th, 28th (rehearsals) > Bill Graham Civic Aud * San Francisco, CA December 30th, 31st
2010~142 Throckmorton Theatre * Mill Valley, CA January 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th (rehearsals) > Masonic Hall * Mill Valley, CA January 11th and 12th (rehearsals)

and are going to be playing:

1st Bank Center * Broomfield, CO March 5th and 6th>Portland Memorial Coliseum * Portland, OR March 8th>Bill Graham Civic Aud * San Francisco, CA March 12th

So by my count that makes:

40 shows played already + 19 shows more=59 total
21 of them are are or have been played on west coast.

And the Summer Tour hasn't even been announced yet! I can't wait for Chicago tommorow...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Will you come with me? Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!

Joined: Feb 10 2008
Come on Guys

Why do you never play out west? You are from the West but you rarely play shows here. I am so wanting to see you guys play this summer or even fall. Are we only good enough for a couple of shows at the end of the winter tour? How about showing us even half the love yolu show the east coast.

johnman's picture
Joined: Dec 26 2007
the west in general

and that includes arizona, doesn't get near enough shows, comparatively speaking, but i'll shut-up now and say a few prayers to keep the boys safe...and who knows...mebbe will get a longer summer tour...rarrarrf!! wagwagwagwagwag......

Dan Weaver's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007

You all think West coast gets dissed? How about Arizona? I think Ratdog played in state a few years ago, at a casino a hundred miles from Phoenix... And has Phil EVER played here? But I'm not hatin', I realize I'm not in a major market like New England, and I am Grateful they tour at all, and I'll be checking out and Sirius satellite for the shows. Furthur is the best group they've put together yet!! I love it!!
At least I got to see Mickey and Planet Drum right here in Mesa!!
On the bus since 3-5-94 PHOENIX

johnman's picture
Joined: Dec 26 2007

is more like 45-55...but STILL a big change...if i have any change.....gotta love 'em either way


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