Grateful Dead

Get The Grateful Dead – Europe ’72: Rock Prodigy™ App

Grab Your Guitar And Jam Along With The Dead!

Whether you are picking up a guitar for the first time or are a long-time rocker, the Grateful Dead – Europe ’72: Rock Prodigy™ will improve your skills as you play along, note-for-note, to Jerry Garcia’s guitar. The app acts as your personal music teacher, walking you through songs from the legendary tour and providing feedback as you hit each note.

In addition to featuring iconic songs like "Jack Straw," "Ramble on Rose," and "Sugar Magnolia," professional Rock Prodigy® lessons are included in the app to get you started with beginner lessons ranging from holding a guitar to groovy rhythms, chords, and scales. Every song has multiple skill levels and uses the actual re-mastered, live-recorded tracks. Take a trip back to 1972 with the band and jam alongside as they journey throughout Europe. Start off by learning the basic rhythms and chord progressions and work your way up to soloing along with Jerry!

Download the app here.


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fromius's picture
Joined: Nov 22 2011
Not Much Technologics.

Not everybody unfortunately,has this technologics to get some applications,but this opportunity to get that tablatures of course is a great thing.Jeez!

Joined: Nov 8 2010
Rock Prodigy App

Great idea. A pc version would be excellent.

Gr8fulIra's picture
Joined: Jul 20 2007
I wanna be Playing In The Band!!

I want to be Playing In The Band but what all is needed to make this software work (aside from a guitar and an I-Pad). This is making me want to go out and try my hand at playing.

"The compass always points to Terrapin"


Joined: Nov 21 2010
I Heart U guys

Just wanted to say thanks for creating this. I am a DeadHead for life and have been trying to learn how to play dead songs for half my life.
So keep the songs coming. Im loving it.

Thanks all....

And guys with Pc. I know u cant afford the Apple Products. But used Apple stuff on Ebay or elsewhere is perfect for this. I bought an older Ipad for pennies compared to the new stuff that's out there. Just a thought.

O And I certainly am Not "Hip" or "Cool" LOL...Just needed it for this type of stuff.

Byerly's picture
Joined: Dec 12 2011
Bass Lines Please

Been a six string Bassist for many years but still this would be fun for me to jam to and learn some songs that i do not have in my repertoire

Kurt_van's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007
PC or Android versions?

I agree! Not everyone has an iPad. How about an Android app or a PC version?

Joined: Feb 24 2009

This looks great! Except I'm bummed I can't use it. It looks like you need an iPhone or iPad, right? Why don't they make it work on a desktop computer!? Not everyone is "hip", "cool", or rich enough to have an iPad.


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