Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Press Conference

Grateful Dead Press Conference To Announce Partnership With UC Santa Cruz

The conference is over. We will be putting it up permanently on this page as soon as we get it.


(NOTE: Contrary to rumor, this has nothing to do with any sort of Dead reunion or tour)


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Joined: Jun 14 2007
Grateful Dead Archive.

April 24 (Bloomberg) -- The University of California at
Santa Cruz will receive the Grateful Dead's archives from the
surviving members of the group, which helped to define the San
Francisco psychedelic sound, the Wall Street Journal reported.
The collection includes photos, artwork, press clippings,
posters, letters, backstage passes and other documents collected
by the band over 30 years, as well as fan memorabilia, the
Journal said. It doesn't include the group's vault of live
recordings, which still generate new releases and revenue, the
report said.

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BK rumor

Now that would have been a strange one as right around when it was posted here, I got an email from GDSTOO list announcing the NYC boat show he is having on June 1st...

if it were not for my daughters dance recital getting out that time, I would so be there...


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Press Conference

The Grateful Dead, whose songs celebrated personal freedom, American idealism and mind-altering drugs, will donate a cache of their papers, posters and props on Thursday to the University of California, Santa Cruz, which plans to use the musical miscellany as part of a research center to be known as Dead.

Joined: Nov 21 2007
thrilled & releived

We just read the article from The SF Gate . It is so nice to know it is NOT bad news !! I was scared that Rhino would take everything from the archives and sell it all .. Man what a releif !! When UC Santa Cruz gets it all organized it would be a heck of an exhibit.. We would heve to plan a trip to California to see that .. And a huge Thank you to Eileen Law for being the safe keeper of everything for all these years !! ( huge sigh of releif ) ..
The UC of Santa Cruz sounds like the perfect place for the safe keeping of the Dead`s (and our ) history . I am quite sure they will take exelent care of everything.. And they have been teaching a music class on the Grateful Dead , WOW ,, that is way cool !! And a radio show , also way cool !!
I will still tune in for the press confrence .. man i feel so much better ,, i`ve been downloading everything i could for the past few days ,,i can take a break for now ..
So again Thank you Eileen !! And many thanx to the UC of Santa Cruz !! And also many thanx for all the previous posts of this imformation !! Peace everyone !!

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Amazing ...

If Eileen Law saved EVERYTHING ... all my nutty letters from the 1980's will be there ... and my frame-by-frame suggestion for a music video of Standing On The Moon (from early 1990?) and all other stuff I have sent to Dead Heads since my first fan letter in early 1981 ... ;-)

But what an archive it must be ... even though I have met older Heads from Sweden who have their OWN private archives, with drawings and you know what, stuff that have been made since the early 1970's ... so WHAT AN ARCHIVE IT COULD HAVE BEEN ,,, with EVERYTHING from around the globe ... it would take all of the actual university area to store all that ... ;-)

But ... I also say thanks to Eileen for saving everything ... the good ol' Grateful Dead will probably be the greatest treasure for researchers for years to come ... and perhaps their will be some more scrapbooks to be issued??

Micke Östlund,
Växjö, Sweden

(Garcia fan since Spring, 1976 and convinced Dead Head since November, 1978)

Joined: Feb 2 2008

I wonder if there is a copy of a poster I drew for Jerry Garcia Band back in 1973. Thanks Eileen for saving everything!!

Joined: Feb 2 2008

I hope I can get iclips to work this time....
things are getting more and more interesting every day.

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Shall we go

Hey shannon, I found one of those old bumperstickers the other day.

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thank you for any updates

the more I read and scramble for information, the more it becomes obvious to me that my earlier post and concerns regarding BK were unfounded. I AM THRILLED AND RELIEVED, that I either misunderstood the information that I received, or it was incorrect in the first place. Whew...I'll tell you though it has been over eight hours since I got that disturbing message and I haven't thought about much else since...LONG LIVE THE STRANGE THAT REMAIN (and all of you with better sources than me..thanks :)

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Dead memorabilia goes to UCSC

A very special thanks goes out to Eileen Law for her years of saving all the Dead memorabilia.

Here is the link to the story if you can't wait until tomorrow.

Disregard the post by Even on the death of BK.


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