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Grateful Dead x SkiLogik

We're suckers for stories of those who've found a way to incorporate the Grateful Dead's music and methodology into their daily lives, so naturally we were intrigued when we came across Eddie Sciarrone and his wife's story about the "Grateful Dead of skis." So intrigued, in fact, that we now present to you, not only Eddie and Cara's story but limited-edition Grateful Dead Skilogik skis.

We loved the Dead, we loved skiing, we had no money for a honeymoon, but we had an old Datsun. We put what we had inside and drove west to the promised land. It was September of 1983 and I had just married Cara in our hometown on Long Island. We had a sense of discovery and spontaneity that comes from experiencing a transforming inventiveness from music, yes, music of all things.

When I was younger I saw people whistling to music - I guess because it made them less bored. Life has its mysteries and mine was that music would change my outlook on life, change the way I would approach each day, change my thinking on a philosophical level. I call it transformation; it came unexpectedly and it swept me in.

I first got on the bus in ’76 and caught the ’77 tour, including the well-known Barton Hall, and my favorite, Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. The Grateful Dead is a profound transformative experience revealing a new dimension I couldn’t have even pondered. I’ve brought a lot of first-timers to shows and there’s this feeling of connectedness and discovery you can share when someone who hasn’t seen the Dead becomes aware for the first time. The Dead would transform something simple into complex and made it simple again. They were pushing themselves to do more and take it beyond. That’s timeless. It catches you and their approach has become my way of life.

I go out every day and leave the locker room and enter into an open environment. Every day, I pursue the freedom of transforming and reinventing. How do you vary and still make the day brilliant? That’s the Dead way and that’s what I do with my skiing. Take what you’re given and make the best and don’t be afraid to explore and don’t be afraid of failing. Be open minded and ready to move.

A lot of people are afraid of transformation. They want to feel the same feeling every day. They don’t realize that they have so many great moments available. Don’t get stuck in a corner. You need to be right on the top of the bubble looking ahead and ready to move with whatever’s coming. Don’t put so many expectations on the day; flow with it and create some magic. Make it fresh and new. I’m still jazzed about getting out there every day and bringing passion to the ski day and making something different happen that brings the smile. The Grateful Dead changed my life by opening it up to making magic happen.

I first came across SkiLogik four years ago. A friend of mine who is an instructor at another area was already into his second pair and couldn’t shut up about them. I tried a pair and bought my own. It’s the Grateful Dead of skis. I would have never guessed that after all of these years my skiing could be transformed. They take you somewhere you weren’t expecting, like they were made for me to feel and connect my body with the snow. The construction makes people learn about how to ski better. I’m still skiing on the first pair I got four years ago plus four more pairs. I have tattoos that are connected to these skis. They have really inspired me and I’ve felt stronger and I’m skiing better. I’m 54 and I’m skiing the best I’ve ever skied. I’m not the only one. There’s been a take-over on my mountain. I just told them that these skis are helping me – it’s working and you have to try it. Now, they’re all telling each other. Half of the instructors at Aspen Highlands are on SkiLogik.

As if it were yesterday, I remember the first time we came into this town. Cara and I had been in the Datsun for a week, aglow from our recent wedding. We rolled down Independence Pass, back and forth on the curves, finding our way into Aspen with our eyes wandering up the historic buildings to the forested peaks. The next day, we got to talking to a friendly local, who by chance, had a one bedroom cabin that needed some work. He let us stay in the cabin in exchange for painting it. That was a beautiful September and the weather even stayed warm well into November. I got a job for the ski area that would allow me to ski daily, but it was too warm for skiing. Thanksgiving was coming up and we weren’t sure if the ski area would open. One day, the clouds rolled in, the temperature suddenly dropped, and it snowed 70 inches. We continued to get some snow every single day for 40 days in a row. We fell in love with the quiet, the community, and the joy of skiing.

Cara and I haven’t looked back and we’re as happy as ever. We recently gave our now grown-up children the full experience at Further shows. The magic continues.

Eddie Sciarrone is celebrating his 30th year as a ski instructor in Aspen by creating magical moments daily at Aspen Highlands Ski Area, Colorado.


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Gr8fulTed's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
Send me a pair

I'll try a 176-178 pair that rip the steep groomers and hold up in the bumps, with capability to hold up in the powder.

gankmore's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007
So tempted

Looking at the Rockstar 178 version of this setup, I have a grateful-dead-hallway style of skiing that's very spinny and backwards, would be great to rock these around Squaw all season.

wilfredtjones's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
f'ing awesome...

...I want to start skiing now.

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
great story!

Who did the artwork on the skis?

Joined: Nov 17 2013
Ed's dad

Yeah; thats my boy. Loves skiing and doing it since he was able to walk. Actually both my two boys and my daughter hit the boards soon's the snow fell or the snow blowers came alive announcing another season. Not supprising, we lived just down the hill from a ski resort in Connecticut needless to say every weekend as well as nights my kids were making turns no matter what the snow conditions or how cold the nights or days were. A relocation to L.I.didn't stop them one iota infact it only honed their skills further this time hitting the really big stuff in Vermont. So it was me and my boys stuffed into a poppy red Beatle convertible with a leaky roof on I95 at four in the morning heading north; again and again and again till they grew big enough to drive their own cars. Still all that skiing wasn't enough for Ed who finally made the decision to hit another road this time all the way to Aspen, Colorado with his new bride Cara.
Thay've been away from home now more than 30 years. I and mother realize they like everyone else must follow their dreams wherever it takes them however there are times I wish it wasn't so far.


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