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The feature film The Music Never Stopped is based on the true story of an estranged father and son reconnecting through the power of music, particularly the music of the Dead. How has the music of the Dead helped to heal you? Is there a specific song that has given you inspiration when you needed it? A memory of the Dead that has greatly enriched your life? Submit your personal tale of "gratefulness" in the comments of this page and not only we will pass along your anecdotes to the band, but you may just win a copy of The Music Never Stopped soundtrack and a t-shirt from the film. 10 winners will be selected at random.

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Oh no

Ummm...its, not it's ^^^

Sorry, not to minimize any of the far more touching posts on here, but I had to correct that.

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Would you hear my voice

When my son was a baby, he'd usually go to sleep pretty easily. A little "Pat the Bunny," a little "Goodnight Moon," off to sleep. But like all babies, sometimes he just could not settle down at bedtime. When it would get really bad, I'd hold him against my chest and walk around his room while singing "Ripple." I don't know why I chose that song. Maybe because I know it so well, maybe because it's so gentle, maybe it's because you can keep humming the last bars over and over. I don't know. Don't really care. But it worked every time. Every. Time. I tried other songs, other techniques. His mother tried singing "Ripple." Nothing else worked when things were otherwise too far gone. I even saved it for the "bad' nights (like any parent wouldn't give a fortune just to have one of those "bad" nights again), so the song wouldn't lose it's special power.

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Joined: Mar 25 2011
healing with hunter the dead

This personal account/ farewell is dedicated to my
companion of 10 plus years-the only girl that has yet been able to
make me melt like soft serve ice cream on hot desert asphalt.
2-2-2011 left a hole in my heart as big as the sky.

Sasha,let the night air cool us off girl...I see you now as i always

A beautiful white husky, with custard colored thunderbolts striking
through your velvet soft,thick winter coat. My girl has big brown eyes
that smile at me as im greeted with a howl "woo woo". All I can say
is "woo woo" right back at you girl-I will still sing in the shower,
but with out your background vocals its not going to be the same-

There you are laying in the yard content to smell the fresh alpine
The 2 neighborhood deer lay 20 feet away, but there is no chase,
oh no my girl, not today. I believe these two deer came to you -
either to help show you the way home or just to say goodbye, for your
days are close to night.

We have been living hard girl, It seems life keeps throwing us
beatings, so i know that its time for a deep rest, But don't you worry
I will be right by your side. Come on girl, lets get in the truck,
Come on girl lets go for one last ride.

I am standing alone in the twilight, fresh dirt on my hands- Twilight
has become the lonliest time of day.

Long may you run girl through the hills at full stride
I can see you in the ocean, I can see you by my side.
Will you walk with me again my girl? When sleep takes me at night?
These years we have spent together forced me to grow up right.

Run up ahead girl, go and chase those deer.
You never need look back, for I will always be right here.
One more mile, girl we are almost home, I'll carry you the rest of the
way-I know the years have caught us slow, All you gotta do is lay your
head in my hands girl, Close those brown eyes and let this old world go.
I pray this beautiful life you lived washes over you like the warmth
of my love.

Close your eyes girl, its time to go...

Laid to rest under the cover of darkness, by my own bare hands
On that old westhill, where the west wind blows/
My girl will now rest forever right out side my bedroom window
We Johnson boys bury our own.

Farewell Mrs. Sasha my truest friend,You were a very good dog!

I can't help but to think of these words of robert hunter

"10 years ago i walked these streets-I was riding tall.
Tonight I would be thankful lord for any dream at all
Some folks would be happy
just to have one dream come true,
but everything you gather is just more that you can loose."

Joined: Jun 16 2007
Like a Road

I would never have had the courage to share feelings like this on a website but knowing we are all fellow deadheads here. Reading all the stories of tragedy it is a beautiful thing how the dead have helped so many peoples healing hearts in the hardest of times. March 1, 1999 I was 21 never have seen the dead but was a deadhead to the core my younger brother of two years shockingly ended his own life. When I found him “Like a Road” was playing from Jerry Garcia Band’s how sweet it is album in the back ground it was a tough time. When it came time to pick the music for the funeral my line up was “Broke down palace” “Black Muddy River” and “Like a Road” My family never understood our affinity (my brother cousin and I) for the dead. The preacher even sat me down and had a talk with me about my choice of songs saying he felt the Dead was inappropriate for such a sad time. I did not give I knew what songs needed to be played to send my brother to his final resting place. After the funeral the preacher and most of the attendees came up to me and were blown away by the beauty of the lyrics of such profound songs. My mom finally got it, so much that my brothers head stone reads “Our love will never fade away”. “Like a Road” that tragic day and Jerry’s words and the sound of his guitar will always be there to help me smile in the darkest of days. I would like to thank the Dead for all they have done and I would like to say my heart goes out to everyone, we all share pain and luckily we have the best medicine the joy of music.

In loving memory of Chad James Graham 4-21-80 to 3-1-99

Joined: Mar 25 2011
Healing With The Dead

My brother turned me on to the Dead back in the early 80's. He made me a mixed tape of selections from live performances. I put it in my car stereo, cranked it up as load as it would go, and was instantly hooked on the Dead! I never got to see them live, but have seen RatDog and Bob Weir with Rob Wasserman live. The Dead's music mesmerized me! I could feel all my anxiety, pain, fears and heartache just disappear from my body! It was amazing!! What a cathartic release and renewal of my inner soul! Over the years, I have turned to the Dead in times of trouble, deep sorrow and just to energize and feel Grateful for everything wonderful God has brought into my life! It is so difficult to pick just one song!! I love "High on a Mountain", "He's Gone", "Ramblin' Rose", "Truckin' ", "Box of Rain", "Ripple", and "Touch of Grey" just to name a few! I am so grateful to my brother for making me that cassette tape so many years ago!!!! The Dead have gotten me through so many extremely low points in my life and through so many extremely high points in my life! Not to mention just enjoying the music while driving in my car, relaxing on the beautiful beach, hiking in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, and listening on my MP3 player riding on the back of our Harley!! Thank you GD for all the healing, relaxing and just plain feeling good!!!!!!

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Joined: Mar 25 2011
Death and the Dead

After my husband died, I could hardly listen to any music at all for a really long time. It all just made me feel worse. The only music that I could listen to for about 2 years was the Dead and the Beatles. It's hard to explain why, other than the universal magic of both of these bands to uplift the human spirit. It's like some sort of cosmic miracle that is hard to put into words. All I know is that it's true. They healed my heart and helped me to keep going through the most difficult time in my life, and I am eternally grateful.

Joined: Jun 7 2007

Sorry for the tpyo!

Joined: Jun 7 2007
Raeching for the gold ring.....

Never could reach it

just slipped away

But I TRY!!!

The End.

Joined: Nov 2 2010
Healing Power of the Dead Got Me Through a Stem Cell Transplant

Almost three years ago I was in the hospital for 21 days while undergoing a Stem Cell Transplant for treatment of my cancer. Those were very strange days and nights that were made that much shorter by having my iPod and speakers that allowed me to play my Dead songs throughout the day and night as my body gained back it's strength.

It was very peaceful to just be laying there (some days I couldn't do much else) and listening to the music. Sometimes tears of joy were mixed in with the music and other times it was tears of fear. Gerry, Phil and the crew got me through it.

Joined: Mar 25 2011
Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease

Like some others have written, my baby son wouldn't go to sleep unless we put on American Beauty.
But when he was four months old, we noticed that my son was not going through his developmental milestones. After many visits to doctors and labs all over the country, we discovered that our son has Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease, a very rare disorder that affects the central nervous system.
Now at twelve, my son still cannot walk or talk, but he still loves to listen to the Dead with his daddy. Since his diagnosis, the lyrics of "Attics of My Mind" have taken on new meaning for me because he may not have a "voice to sing" or "ears to hear" or "wings to fly," but I continue my prayer for the "dream of mine" that he will one day be healed.


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