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On Grateful Dead Channel, exclusively on SiriusXM, you'll hear music spanning the entire Grateful Dead experience – including band and solo recordings, both studio and live; unreleased concert recordings; original shows hosted by Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh and Bill Kreutzmann; interviews with band members, including rare archival interviews with Jerry Garcia; and music from other groups covering the Grateful Dead. The channel also features contributions from Grateful Dead expert David Gans and Dead archivist David Lemieux.

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Show Schedule:

Tales from the Golden Road

Sundays 4 pm ET
Rebroadcasts Mondays 9 am & Wednesdays 1 am ET
Join in an interactive on-air chat session every Sunday when Dead experts David Gans and Gary Lambert pick a different cool topic from the Dead’s history. Hear exclusive stories, great jams, and special guests -- including the band members themselves! Call in or email us at, or visit our Facebook page.

Grateful Dead Concerts
Daily 12 pm, 9 pm & 3 am ET
The experience of a full Grateful Dead concert, from their earliest shows in the 1960s to concerts by current Dead side projects; from pristinely mastered audio releases to legendary, sought-after audience recordings. Have a specific concert request? Email

Today In Grateful Dead History
Daily 7 am & 7 pm ET
Take in some amazing musical rarities as Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux chronicles the events and plays back the killer jams that happened on this date in Grateful Dead history.David will even dig into the vaults for some nuggets that have rarely, if ever, seen the light of day.

Head Set
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 5 pm ET
Dead Heads take over the channel for an hour to play their favorite live cuts and recount personal stories of following the band.


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Joined: Mar 16 2014
Sirius xm

I happen to have a trial of SiriusXM in my car. Tuned in to the Grateful Dead channel, 23!Cannot tell ya how great it is to the guys, Donna too. No, not an advert. Just satisfied so far! My bf is not into them like I am, so I go go driving every chance I get! Makes sure I stay flowin'!
Just wanted to share. Thanks for listening.

jabadead's picture
Joined: Aug 26 2007
jerry's 70th

Bobby's production of Move me Brightly really rocks....... amazon has a great price..................

RamblinRosebud's picture
Joined: Aug 2 2013
Very nice post. I will also

Very nice post. I will also be checking out Further in October when they are in LA.

smarcus's picture
Joined: May 20 2010
Getting Closer To The Bullet!

Well, I still haven't been to an actual Furthur Concert, but I am getting close! (Hell, I live 45 minutes from Terrapin Crossroads and The Sweetwater and I've been to TRI twice!)
I very much enjoyed the live feeds of the Furthur concerts at The Sweetwater recently. I like The Sweetwater it is a nice small club with superb sound (Meyers, of course!)
I stopped by Terrapin Crossroads a few weeks ago just to look inside and there was a rehearsal of Phil & Friends going on. Frankie Accardi-Peri gave me and Sue a tour of the place and on our way out I ran into Phil, whom I hadn't seen since 2004 and he gave me a big hug, so that was nice. I still haven't seen the inside of the Grate Room, but I am pretty sure I will soon.
I think the odds of my actually going to a Furthur concert sometime this spring or summer are pretty good.
All my old "Deadhead" friends tell me that it is worth it just to see old friends. I have been venturing out to see more major shows including Peter Gabriel for the first time since 1994 when I sat next to a certain 9 fingered guitarist and his wife at a Secret World show in Oakland...(Peter was excellent at both shows, see SO if it comes back to your city!) I saw Bruce Springsteen for the first time since ATT Park in 2003. While I missed Danny and Clarence, I was amazed that a 63 year old could put on such a non-stop energy filled concert for over three hours every night including running threw the audience three times and body surfing back to the stage...(Why didn't Bobby do that during the Grateful Dead days?)
I want to make something very clear to all of you here, my feelings about not seeing Furthur are only MY feelings and are packed with the baggage of, perhaps, being too close to the scene for so many years. I have always hated reading reviews of concerts or LP's where the writer states his/her opinion as fact without actually saying this is MY opinion, yours may be different. A perfect example was when my friend, writer Dave Marsh, called Garcia the worst guitarist ever! We had a couple of discussions about that, and I remember in 1987 I almost took him to a Madison Square Garden show. Even Phil thought would have been a good idea!
So, bottom line after this long winded post is that what I have heard of Furthur so far I have liked, and I would like to check them out.
Maybe I'll see you there! In the mean time try to catch a Railroad Earth concert...a Bluegrass Jam Band, what more could you want unless Jerry came back to play!

Joined: Feb 3 2012
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Joined: Nov 2 2010
First Show

I agree with Zuckfun. 3/26/72 was my first show. I had heard rumors that the tapes where destroyed or unplayable or something. I guess that was wrong! I was very pleasantly surprised to see this broadcast. Play it again!!

Joined: Nov 8 2007
smarcus, bite the bullet -- you'll be glad

Smarcus --- I envy you having been around since the inception and working for the boys. Me, i boarded thebus in '81 and saw many-a-show to '94 (didn't dig the post-Brent era much but it had its moments. The GD changed my life -- for the infinitley better. I could only imagine what they did for you. I believe the spirit of the muse into which the GD tapped still exists and it DOES manifest itself at some Furthur and P& F's shows. I promise it won't hurt -- give 'em a whirl -- "ya just might find ya get what ya need" to quote. Worse case scenario -- you have an average time but I doubt it -- you'll dig it. Wouldn't ever think of stearin ya wrong, brothah.

Anna rRxia's picture
Joined: Dec 25 2009

Fine, to each his own. All I know is dogs slow down and not at my pace. Have fun being 70 at a Furthut Show. That should match right about up.

Joined: Mar 18 2010

At the Academy Of Music was played this week on Sirius. Glorious sound and it's a scorcher. Thank You! This show does not circulate- all that exists on is a poor sounding copy of most of the first set. It's a 72 gem, and I hope someday this entire show is released.

bryonfake's picture
Joined: Aug 4 2007

my buritoes are the best


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