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"Tales From The Golden Road" Goes Weekly On Sirius

When “Tales From The Golden Road,” the new roundtable discussion/audience participation program, debuted on Sirius Satellite Radio’s wildly popular Grateful Dead Channel in January, listener response was immediate and positive — so much so that Sirius quickly decided to turn the monthly show into a weekly one, beginning March 2nd. Every Sunday, hosts David Gans and Gary Lambert will interview guests in the studio and by phone, and take questions and comments from listeners on a wide variety of subjects of interest to the Dead Head community.

Sunday, March 16th will bring a welcome visit from a great musician and an old pal, Mark Karan, who will bring along some of his favorite music, talk about his experiences as a longtime Dead Head who got to play Grateful Dead music with some the guys who created it, his recent triumph over a serious health scare, and his impending return to life on the road with Bob Weir and RatDog.

Listeners are encouraged to join the discussion by calling 888-89-SIRIUS.

Suggestions for future show topics and other comments are also welcome, at:



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Joined: Jul 30 2013
Mail Order cashing verification

On the recent Tales from the Golden Road David mentioned a website where you can check to see if your USPS money order is cashed yet....something like, but that's not it. Anyone remember?

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Joined: Jun 28 2011

revisiting the Grateful Dead is a regular thing with me. Everyday in my ipod i listen to so many shows as I ride my bike... where ever I go the dead always play.. I can never replace the great tunes of Jerry and the guys have brought in my mind with other tunes.. though I may stray, but not for long. Like Mozart, Brahms, and all the great composers of the past.. My, your generation will and always relate to the Dead as such.. the Gratest <-- "note spelling" Band that ever played.

Joined: Jun 26 2007
The Spectrum

Being a north jersey kid, we made many trips to "The Rectum", I mean, "Spectrum". A pretty much horrible building, but THE SHOWS always kicked butt! Highlights include my friend getting nailed for selling beer in the parking lot. Some weirdo actually drinking the streams of urine that rebounded off of the old JFK stadium during the Lynyrd Skynrd Tribute tour 87, I shit you not.

Everytime I did mail order for Phily I was always blessed with the first 10-15 rows on the floor and the band always delivered the goods: Dire Wolf, Shakedown, Tennesee Jed, Dupree's Diamond, Billy's Birthday cake facial with Mickey Hart.

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Joined: Jun 14 2007
Ahhhh... the spectrum....

some of my favorite times were at the Spectrum... my first dead show was at the Spectrum, hell my first concert of anykind was at the Spectrum... fabulous place for a show! the word on the street is the Spectrum is coming down for a commercial development around the new arenas and stadiums... I hope it is not true, that would be a sad day!!!

Joined: Nov 15 2007
I'd rather be in Philadelphia?

I've seen many great and good shows at the Spectrum, but it is hardly among the top venues I think about for magical GD shows through the ages. Call me crazy.

Joined: May 26 2007
Tales from the Spectrum

Today's show is "Tales from the Spectrum" - the legendary Philadelphia venue where the Dead played 53 times!

Gans/GD Hour blog
GD Hour station list

Joined: Jun 4 2007
At least I'm enjoying the ride

I purchased a Sirius subscription when The Grateful Dead Channel premiered and have really enjoyed listening in. I have been able to catch bits and pieces of the first two installments of "Tales From the Golden Road" and think it is a nice complement to programming on the channel.

One idea I would like to offer would be to do show that focuses on how set lists were formed and what the scene was like back stage before and during the show. Did set lists change much during the show? Was there much flexibility? How much of the shows were truly adlib and at what influence did each band member have in the set list for a particular show?



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