Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Channel Launches Exclusively on Sirius

Highly anticipated channel will feature original radio shows hosted by members of the band, rare concert performances and insider interviews.

NEW YORK – August 29, 2007 – SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) today announced the launch of the highly anticipated Grateful Dead Channel. Heard exclusively on SIRIUS, the channel will feature music spanning the Grateful Dead’s long and celebrated history. The channel will include rare and unreleased performances, original shows hosted by Grateful Dead founders Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann, as well as rare archival interviews with Jerry Garcia.

The Grateful Dead Channel will make its debut on September 7 at 12 pm ET on SIRIUS channel 32 with an extremely rare concert broadcast of the band’s 1974 performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. This performance will be followed by a special show hosted by Bob Weir, the first by a member of the Grateful Dead on the new channel. The channel will also feature contributions from Grateful Dead expert David Gans, as well as Dead archivist David Lemieux, who will provide a unique look into the Dead’s lush past with daily insights.

"Since we announced the launch of the Grateful Dead Channel, it has become one of the most anticipated music channel launches in our history.” said Scott Greenstein, President, Entertainment and Sports, SIRIUS. “The loyalty and passion of Grateful Dead fans are the truest testament to the band’s legacy. Sirius is thrilled to bring exclusive content to this community and welcomes their continued participation as Sirius becomes part of the Grateful Dead family.”

“This is gonna be one fun channel,” said the Dead’s Bob Weir. “We, the guys in the band, get to be involved as much as we can and we'll make sure it's fun. We want the fans to be involved as well.”

The Grateful Dead formed in mid 1960’s San Francisco’s psychedelia and quickly became a staple in the local music scene. The historic summer of 1967, known as ‘The Summer of Love,’ is when the band first found world wide recognition as thousands of young people from around-the-world made their way to San Francisco’s Haight and Ashbury district to find a new social experience. The Dead, well-known for constantly touring, kept the experience alive for another three decades with a devoted community of fans, many of whom traveled the country with them.

The Grateful Dead Channel joins an exclusive line up of 24-hour, commercial-free music channels dedicated entirely to some of the world's greatest recording artists including Elvis Radio, the world's only official, all-Elvis Presley radio channel broadcasting live from Graceland; and Siriusly Sinatra, devoted to the music and legacy of Frank Sinatra. SIRIUS has previously dedicated channels exclusively to the music of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, The Rolling Stones, David Gilmour and Pink Floyd, George Strait, and most recently, The Who. SIRIUS is also the exclusive radio home of Shade 45, the uncut hip-hop channel co-created with Eminem, "Little Steven" Van Zandt's Underground Garage, channel 25, and Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville, channel 31.

To learn more about SIRIUS, please visit or


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Joined: Aug 16 2007

Bout time something positive is happenin here-i purchased my sirius 14 months ago hoplng for this to happen. Now, after reading all these comments from other people-too bad-either get sirius now or wait for the merger-you too had the option at buying time-quit whining and get ready for dancin in the street!

muzzard67's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
A Zappa channel!!!

That would be great!

I have Sirius and will never listen to regular radio again, it is terrific! The point of the Grateful Dead channel is to promote the Grateful Dead. For me it will be like the Who Channel was. I have every Who release there is, but when I'm driving in my car and don't want to suddenly have to start flipping through my ipod I could just turn on the Who station and hear the Who. I wish they still had the Who station. But I think the Grateful Dead channel will be fantastic.

Deadheads are always sour about something. Alot of em, like a lot of people, have some weird sense of entitlement.

If you expect nothing, everything is a gift.

Joined: Aug 21 2007
i'm not sirius

No opposition to this idea or a monthly charge, but I have enough "stuff" in my life to do and pay attention to and pay a bill for. I would much rather pop on a Rhino release at my convenience than be glued to another teet. And where are those releases?
Don't shake the tree when the fruit ain't ripe

Joined: Aug 21 2007
Don't shake the tree when

Don't shake the tree when the fruit ain't ripe

cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007

Sounds good..hope you enjoy it. Those with good recording equipment PLEASE put some of the new shows or those with improved sound quality into circulation!

Sad to say its about as much use as a chocolate teapot over here in Sirius and $12.95 a month for 128kbps on the internet....oh well

Joined: Sep 1 2007
xm and sirius are merging,

xm and sirius are merging, so before long, if you have one, you'll have both. i've got a great cd collection, but i do enjoy having sirius, and they did a sneak preview for a couple weeks of the grateful dead channel, and i think it'll be pretty cool. the jam on channel is pretty sweet too, i've found some new groups on there, and there's always something good on.

neddles's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007

There sure doesn't seem to be much positivity about this channel in this community...
I s'pose it's understandable for those with xm now... But for the record, I started off with xm and when I made the switch to sirius a year and a half ago, it went really smoothly and was not a big problem.
For those who have neither service and don't want 'em, I can only tell ya that nearly all of what I expect to hear on this channel is readily available other places, indeed I expect that most of you already have tapes of most of the stuff.
As far as the "exclusive" part of this channel, I'm sure folks will record and torrent whatever new soundboards/interviews we may hear.
I would love to read more posts like mr.charlesdad (above), I am stoked for this channel although I already have more sbds and auds than I know what to do with! I just wanna have the entire catalogue of shows, albums, and interviews on a big ipod shuffle... that is what I expect it to be most of the time. Friday can't come soon enough!

I wonder if sirius would ever do a zappa channel?

MrCharliesDad's picture
Joined: Sep 1 2007
I picked up a Sat Radio

I recently picked up a satellite radio when I heard the Dead Channel was coming. I got it hooked up and running on the last day of the "GDC preview" and have been enjoying new songs on channels I thought I'd never ever listen to since last month. I'm so excited with the prospect of 24 hours of dead tunes and the like pouring into my house, car....ears. Oh..yeah...there are some radios that let you record up to 100 hours of music for listening at your leisure, so don't tell those guys over at you know where...I am 'siriusly' ready to let the good times roll...

dead tanuki's picture
Joined: Aug 27 2007
Hmmmmm.... is right

I agree with Spacebrother. For those who have Sirius, or who don't mind hearing something once and then maybe never again, I'm sure this is good news. And I applaud Rhino/GDP for doing something...but I'd rather own stuff. Buy stuff. Since this will be "exclusive" content for Sirius, I don't suppose there's ever a chance of being able to post any of this programming on this site as paid downloads?

Joined: Jun 4 2007

I don't have a Sirrus player. Would rather buy new releases. What gives Rhino?


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