Grateful Dead

Rocking the Cradle: Grateful Dead, Egypt 1978

From Egypt With Love

The two-CD Road Trips set,
plus a third Bonus Disc,
is drawn from the two
shows of the series that are in the vault,
October 21 and 22, 1978.

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More Egypt '78

Egypt In The Archives

Photos, Passes & the Poster

The Egypt Shows

September 14, 1978
September 15, 1978
September 16, 1978


Enjoy a short video montage from the
Egypt '78 DVD.
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Watch a Video of Bertha in Egypt,
September 16th
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Listen in on an interview
with Richard Loren on how Egypt
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At Long Last...
Egypt '78
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2 Disc Set + 1 DVD

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Good things come to those who wait! First, it took 30 years to produce this ultra-cool 2CD/DVD set from the Dead’s legendary September 1978 run at the Sound & Light Theater, outside Cairo, nestled in the dunes just a short mummy-walk from the Great Pyramid and the mysterious Sphinx. Then, Dead Heads had to endure the long, restless weeks between the announcement of the release and when they could actually order it. Well, ring them bells, because the wait is over! is NOW accepting orders for this beautiful and historic package, Rocking the Cradle: Grateful Dead, Egypt 1978, which includes two exceptional music CDs and a DVD with over 95 minutes of concert footage from the Egypt shows (plus an impressionistic “Vacation Tapes” mini-documentary that shows the band and Dead family at play).

Much has been written about this storied adventure: About the band’s long-standing desire to play in “places of power,” as Phil put it years ago… The incredible logistical gymnastics necessary to get permission for this strangest of American rock bands to bring their peculiar alchemy to the cradle of the ancient world… The huge, scattered caravan of crazies that descended on Cairo from the U.S. and Europe, drawn to the desert by some irresistible force… The sheer magnitude of shipping in tons of sound equipment, setting up in 110-degree heat, maxing out the local power grid, trying to turn the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid into an echo chamber (alas, Osiris would have none of that!)… The wondrous interplay at each of the three concerts between Nubian drummers and singers and the Grateful Dead… The miraculous final show, during a total lunar eclipse… The synchronicity of that last show and the signing of a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel… Magical horse and camel rides under the desert moon…Trips up and down the Nile… High adventure at every turn!

The three Egypt concerts—September 14, 15, 16, 1978—were captured on a 24-track tape recorder with an eye towards putting out a live album to help defray the (considerable) cost of the expedition. When the Dead got home, however, they discovered that the tapes of all of the first night and part of the second were not useable because of technical problems. Then the band got wrapped up in finishing their Shakedown Street album (begun before the Egypt venture), and soon the notion of putting out the Egypt album lost its momentum. But just as Howard Carter and all those other explorers in the ’20s and ’30s couldn’t stay away from the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, the Dead weren’t about to let those Egypt multitracks stay buried by the sands of time. Next thing you know there’s a phone call to ace GD mixer Jeffrey Norman and he and vaultkeeper David Lemieux discover that despite the problems with the first night’s tapes, there’s still lots of great material available from nights two and three, including: a dynamite “Shakedown Street” (just the second live version ever), “Truckin’,” an exquisite “Stella Blue,” “Eyes of the World,” fresh takes on then-new songs such as “Stagger Lee” and “I Need A Miracle,” and the hypnotic Egyptian tune called “Ollin Arageed” that features Hamza El Din and other percussionists, who are then joined by the Dead for a jam into “Fire on the Mountain.” Wow!

And the concert video, though rough around the edges in places, is quite a revelation as well. Not only does the DVD include many of the best tunes on the CDs—you’ll dig seeing Jerry do some pretty energetic thrashing here and there—it contains two songs not on disc—“Bertha” and “Good Lovin’.” The concert material has been mixed in both stereo and surround sound, with two listening options: DTS 5.1 and PCM Stereo. The beautifully designed booklet (with cover inspired by the late, great Alton Kelley’s Egypt 1978 tour poster) contains a revealing essay by longtime Ice Nine Publishing chief (and Egypt trip co-organizer) Alan Trist, and many rare photos. All that’s missing is sand, the smell of camels and some “hubbly-bubbly”!

So don’t delay! Order Rocking the Cradle: Grateful Dead, Egypt 1978 today by going Here.

Track List

Disc 1

1. “Jack Straw”

2. “Row Jimmy”

3. “New, New Minglewood Blues”

4. “Candyman”

5. “Looks Like Rain”

6. “Stagger Lee”

7. “I Need A Miracle”

8. “It’s All Over Now”

9. “Deal”


Disc 2

1. “Ollin Arageed”

2. “Fire On The Mountain”

3. “Iko Iko”

4. “Shakedown Street”

5. “Drums”

6. “Space”

7. “Truckin’”

8. “Stella Blue”

9. “Around And Around”



Track Listing


2. “Good Lovin’”

3. “Row Jimmy”

4. “New, Minglewood Blues”

5. “Candyman”

6. “Looks Like Rain”

7. “Deal”

8. “Ollin Arageed”

9. “Fire On The Mountain”

10. “Iko Iko”

11. “I Need A Miracle”

12. “It’s All Over Now”

13. “Truckin’”

Featurette: “The Vacation Tapes”


Road Trips Vol. 1, No. 4 features Winterland ’78 “From Egypt With Love” shows!

It must be the Curse of the Pharaoh’s Tomb or something, because once we’d put together Rocking the Cradle: Grateful Dead, Egypt ’78, we couldn’t get Egypt out of our system. Suddenly it seemed only natural that the next Road Trips should be culled from the great five-night “From Egypt With Love” run the Dead played at Winterland a month after they returned from Cairo. Each night the band treated the hometown fans to an extensive slide show of their travels, and at two of the concerts, Hamza El Din joined the Dead for versions of “Ollin Arageed” that helped summon even more of the flavor of Egypt. Harmonica ace Lee Oskar (of War) showed up a couple of nights, and at the final show, John Cipollina added his distinctive guitar to the back half of the second set. The two-CD Road Trips set is drawn from the final two shows of the series, October 11 and 22, 1978. Get complete order information Here.


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Colonel Rebel's picture
Joined: Oct 24 2007
dig it

Super pumped about this release. Cant wait…

Thanks guys

Joined: Aug 7 2008
can't wait for this... put

can't wait for this... put in my order a week ago!!! even the packaging is awesome!

Joined: Aug 30 2008
thinking hard about it,but want more

I am wondering about the video quality of the DVD.I am hoping that someone gets the idea to put out a show in blue-ray and use DTS audio.I thought the ones making descision would embrace these new technologies.Whats up.I am patiently wating for this, I own every video release so far, but I wan't more.The release of American Buity and Working Mans Dead in DVD audio was a sign that things would go to the next level.What are you waiting for.Try supper audio CD too.Come on, Tech heads are wating.Regards from the Baltimore scene.

Joined: Nov 14 2007
again with the "debate"

Get used to disappointment, folks. If the RTs sell enough to make Rhino some $ they will continue to be issued. If gigantic expensive boxed sets of complete runs like WInterland 73 sell enough to make Rhino some $ they will continue to be issued (how many runs would be worth it both musically and fiscally, though? For me, not that many). Presumably they will soon try issuing some single complete shows, and if those make them some $ they'll keep doing that too. Nobody is forcing anybody to buy shit they don't want. If you are a hard-core complete-shows-only-and-no-mp3s-allowed partisan, then just wait until they offer something that fits your criteria. What I don't get is why people think it's useful or worthwhile to bitch and moan about releases that don't fit their personal criteria--many of us are just not so picky. Deal with it.
Note that I am not advocating that people shut up or be censored or that the right to free speech be trampled here on I'm just saying that complainers are wasting their time, and a little bit of mine too.
Rhino bought the Vault as an investment. They will release stuff that will make them money. Period! They have no reason or responsibility to care what your personal desires are unless those desires are shared by enough people to cut into their profits. My guess is that the RTs are produced with relatively low overhead and sell pretty well, and that therefore they will not disappear just because you, personally, disapprove. *shrug* That's American Reality.
As for the boyz, do you seriously think that any of the band cares even a little bit about the issue of complete shows vs. compilations being released? Do you really think that those guys care as much as you do about the putative sacredness of Complete Shows? Please. Phil himself put together a compilation (I refer to the Fallout CD).
Good stuff for all is coming down the line. Rhino will be milking us for the long haul. Hang in and we will all be very happy over time. Why interfere with the happiness of your brothers and sisters by insisting on your way or the highway (see what I did there with the roadtrips reference?)?
That's what I don't understand.
but it's time for my bootheels to be wanderin'

JeremyP's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007
UK heads

Another plea for downloads. This set with extras will push us over the import limit, meaning we have to pay duty and tax on it. That will close on the double the cost for us. Please can we have the download option back - or would that not make enough money? Anyway, I will have to pass on this - would have been able to afford it were I in the USA, but I am not, so I can't.

We say boo.

Joined: Jun 4 2007

I'm looking forward to this but believe the Fillmore West box should be reissued.

amellowd's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
It's All Good!!

I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing all of this! There definitely been talk of the Egypt shows not necessarily being top notch (at least musically), however should be well worth the purchase!

BTW - I love Road Trips!! They sound great and kick ass!!! I generally find myself skipping through songs of a complete show to the most inspired moments (of my particular taste) and have made plenty of compilations for myself and find it even better when they are coming from the vault! Yea its nice to hear a show in its entire context, but I don't see a problem with trying to highlight moments of particlular tours. I'm sure there will be plenty of complete shows released in the future, but I hope more compilations come out as well!

The more the better, complete shows and/or compilations!!!!

Big-Gar's picture
Joined: Jun 20 2007

Looks like nice stuff. Hope the audio quality is OK, past listenings from tapes were pretty rough sonically and musically. I remember Garcia saying they played poorly at these shows and they had technical problems and a little too much of that "hubbly bubbly"! I'm in just for the pure fun of it. Enjoy. Peace

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Yes, it was outdoors

at, I believe, the Giza Theater of Sound and Light (by the Sphinx?). Louie Armstrong, Sinatra, etc. played there along with many others. Wind is always a factor as well as sound dispertion difficulties. But hey, it was the Dead in Egypt, afterall.

Joined: Jun 7 2007
music preview

It'd be nice to get a preview of the music, so I can check out the sound. I am assuming this is an outdoor show? I am not a big fan of outdoor acoustics, or lack thereof.

Greg SC


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