Grateful Dead

Rocking the Cradle: Grateful Dead, Egypt 1978

From Egypt With Love

The two-CD Road Trips set,
plus a third Bonus Disc,
is drawn from the two
shows of the series that are in the vault,
October 21 and 22, 1978.

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More Egypt '78

Egypt In The Archives

Photos, Passes & the Poster

The Egypt Shows

September 14, 1978
September 15, 1978
September 16, 1978


Enjoy a short video montage from the
Egypt '78 DVD.
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Watch a Video of Bertha in Egypt,
September 16th
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Listen in on an interview
with Richard Loren on how Egypt
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At Long Last...
Egypt '78
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2 Disc Set + 1 DVD

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Good things come to those who wait! First, it took 30 years to produce this ultra-cool 2CD/DVD set from the Dead’s legendary September 1978 run at the Sound & Light Theater, outside Cairo, nestled in the dunes just a short mummy-walk from the Great Pyramid and the mysterious Sphinx. Then, Dead Heads had to endure the long, restless weeks between the announcement of the release and when they could actually order it. Well, ring them bells, because the wait is over! is NOW accepting orders for this beautiful and historic package, Rocking the Cradle: Grateful Dead, Egypt 1978, which includes two exceptional music CDs and a DVD with over 95 minutes of concert footage from the Egypt shows (plus an impressionistic “Vacation Tapes” mini-documentary that shows the band and Dead family at play).

Much has been written about this storied adventure: About the band’s long-standing desire to play in “places of power,” as Phil put it years ago… The incredible logistical gymnastics necessary to get permission for this strangest of American rock bands to bring their peculiar alchemy to the cradle of the ancient world… The huge, scattered caravan of crazies that descended on Cairo from the U.S. and Europe, drawn to the desert by some irresistible force… The sheer magnitude of shipping in tons of sound equipment, setting up in 110-degree heat, maxing out the local power grid, trying to turn the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid into an echo chamber (alas, Osiris would have none of that!)… The wondrous interplay at each of the three concerts between Nubian drummers and singers and the Grateful Dead… The miraculous final show, during a total lunar eclipse… The synchronicity of that last show and the signing of a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel… Magical horse and camel rides under the desert moon…Trips up and down the Nile… High adventure at every turn!

The three Egypt concerts—September 14, 15, 16, 1978—were captured on a 24-track tape recorder with an eye towards putting out a live album to help defray the (considerable) cost of the expedition. When the Dead got home, however, they discovered that the tapes of all of the first night and part of the second were not useable because of technical problems. Then the band got wrapped up in finishing their Shakedown Street album (begun before the Egypt venture), and soon the notion of putting out the Egypt album lost its momentum. But just as Howard Carter and all those other explorers in the ’20s and ’30s couldn’t stay away from the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, the Dead weren’t about to let those Egypt multitracks stay buried by the sands of time. Next thing you know there’s a phone call to ace GD mixer Jeffrey Norman and he and vaultkeeper David Lemieux discover that despite the problems with the first night’s tapes, there’s still lots of great material available from nights two and three, including: a dynamite “Shakedown Street” (just the second live version ever), “Truckin’,” an exquisite “Stella Blue,” “Eyes of the World,” fresh takes on then-new songs such as “Stagger Lee” and “I Need A Miracle,” and the hypnotic Egyptian tune called “Ollin Arageed” that features Hamza El Din and other percussionists, who are then joined by the Dead for a jam into “Fire on the Mountain.” Wow!

And the concert video, though rough around the edges in places, is quite a revelation as well. Not only does the DVD include many of the best tunes on the CDs—you’ll dig seeing Jerry do some pretty energetic thrashing here and there—it contains two songs not on disc—“Bertha” and “Good Lovin’.” The concert material has been mixed in both stereo and surround sound, with two listening options: DTS 5.1 and PCM Stereo. The beautifully designed booklet (with cover inspired by the late, great Alton Kelley’s Egypt 1978 tour poster) contains a revealing essay by longtime Ice Nine Publishing chief (and Egypt trip co-organizer) Alan Trist, and many rare photos. All that’s missing is sand, the smell of camels and some “hubbly-bubbly”!

So don’t delay! Order Rocking the Cradle: Grateful Dead, Egypt 1978 today by going Here.

Track List

Disc 1

1. “Jack Straw”

2. “Row Jimmy”

3. “New, New Minglewood Blues”

4. “Candyman”

5. “Looks Like Rain”

6. “Stagger Lee”

7. “I Need A Miracle”

8. “It’s All Over Now”

9. “Deal”


Disc 2

1. “Ollin Arageed”

2. “Fire On The Mountain”

3. “Iko Iko”

4. “Shakedown Street”

5. “Drums”

6. “Space”

7. “Truckin’”

8. “Stella Blue”

9. “Around And Around”



Track Listing


2. “Good Lovin’”

3. “Row Jimmy”

4. “New, Minglewood Blues”

5. “Candyman”

6. “Looks Like Rain”

7. “Deal”

8. “Ollin Arageed”

9. “Fire On The Mountain”

10. “Iko Iko”

11. “I Need A Miracle”

12. “It’s All Over Now”

13. “Truckin’”

Featurette: “The Vacation Tapes”


Road Trips Vol. 1, No. 4 features Winterland ’78 “From Egypt With Love” shows!

It must be the Curse of the Pharaoh’s Tomb or something, because once we’d put together Rocking the Cradle: Grateful Dead, Egypt ’78, we couldn’t get Egypt out of our system. Suddenly it seemed only natural that the next Road Trips should be culled from the great five-night “From Egypt With Love” run the Dead played at Winterland a month after they returned from Cairo. Each night the band treated the hometown fans to an extensive slide show of their travels, and at two of the concerts, Hamza El Din joined the Dead for versions of “Ollin Arageed” that helped summon even more of the flavor of Egypt. Harmonica ace Lee Oskar (of War) showed up a couple of nights, and at the final show, John Cipollina added his distinctive guitar to the back half of the second set. The two-CD Road Trips set is drawn from the final two shows of the series, October 11 and 22, 1978. Get complete order information Here.


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Joined: Nov 12 2007
Count me in

I've also ordered Egypt and the Road Trips CD.....I feel bad for those that have had issues with the quality of their Road Trips - I've ordered all three and have been very happy, have not had to deal with skipping issues, etc.

I also like full show releases, but am confident that we will get more of those. The sound quality of what I've heard so far has been nothing short of great.

All good things in all good time!

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Look for this book!

"Truckin' with the Grateful Dead to Egypt" by Robert Nichols
copyright 1984 Moonbow Press
San Rafael, CA

I dug out my copy out and am planning to reread it in anticipation of the RTC & RT1.4 releases. It's a great account of the trip.

Time to break out the hubbly bubbly and crack open a Stella!

I'm not Beethoven

Joined: Nov 12 2007
Egypt was known as "The

Egypt was known as "The Cradle of Civilization:"
The cradle of civilization is any of the possible locations for the emergence of civilization. It is usually applied to the Ancient Near Eastern Chalcolithic (Ubaid period, Naqada culture), especially in the Fertile Crescent (viz. Lower Egypt, the Levant and Mesopotamia), but also extended to sites in Anatolia[1] and the Persian Plateau, besides other Asian cultures situated along large river valleys, notably the Indus River in India[2] and the Yellow River in China.[3] (From Wikipedia)
Obviously "Rocking The Cradle" is a play on words. And an appropriate title for this release.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
My 2 Cents.

Just for the record, I'd like to say that while I generally prefer whole shows I have no problems with compilations or incomplete shows...Europe 72 is a wonderful example of a fantastic compilation. My only complaints are with the defective discs and, much more seriously, with the lack of responsiveness when it comes to replacing those defective discs.

I am, however, very pleased to say that Marye has sent me some pms and that I genuinely believe she is trying to pass the word up (or down, or sideways, or whatever) the chain to see if something can't be done, for which I publicly thank her.

Best wishes to everybody (and Go Barack!)

Joined: Jun 4 2007
I don't think that it is hating as much as it is passion for

what the person was hoping for and/or wants from the release. Many people had to settle for partial shows 'back the day' when we were lucky to get a piece of a classic show (that was low generation tape). Often times we were happy for what we could get, but that doesn't mean that we didn't want more of that show.

So what I hear/read is passionate deadheads making their opinions known. There is nothing novel about that. This is a rowdy and rambuncious group. Always has been, and always will be. Sitting around reviewing the show afterwards and talking about how the Dead played what, what we hoped for the next night's show, pontificating on the sound, set-up, vocals, etc. etc. Deadheads are not a shy bunch.

We are an opinionated bunch of zealots and frankly, I would have been surprised if there weren't some heads stating their perspective. I wish (like CC) that I could buy the DVD by itself. That doesn't mean I don't have appreciation for the package or the package deal that is available. Just that I wish I could purchase that specific part of it. Not a dig or a put down to Rhino.

I am also a big fan of whole shows as well. That is just my preference to have opportunity to listen to the show how the Dead played it that night 'warts and all'. But that doesn't mean I am hating anything. Just a different wish/desire on how to experience the Dead's music.

You know, some people love to be up front, pressed to the stage, some people love being a little bit further back to have more room to dance, and others want to see the show from a seat and then stand up and dance when the spirit moves. Some even prefer to watch through binocs. Hey, it is all just a matter of opinion or preference. Some prefer PigPen era, Keith era, Brent, Bruce, etc etc. I appreciate that people have their own views and leanings on various aspects of this music.

We did get the Winterland '73 run. I apperciated that very much. Just didn't get any complete shows from this run. So it goes. But I don't think that people will stop expressing their opinions on this topic. That doesn't make them bad nor wrong.

Hey, I love Europe '72 and listened to it over and over since it first came out. And I purchased the new 'extended version'. But I DEARLY loved listening to complete shows from that Europe run. To experience those Dark Stars in context of the rest of that evening is such a treat. And different than listening to them in a compilation. And I would purchase the complete shows when/if offered from that glorious '72 tour. But I didn't purchase 'Steppin' out" but I did buy "Rocking the Rhein. That isn't a dig to those who prefer the compliation.

So I get your sentiment about this issue. And I loved the Dozin' when it came out, but gotta tell you, I appreciate getting complete shows from the run to listen too. I am not putting you down, not putting Rhino down, etc etc. Just stating an opinion, a wish, just a longing for that night's show. Just my view on this deal. Take care.

KRIYAS's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2007
Don't Let It Bring You Down

I just can't imagine being so upset with the releases we get from (Defects not included, that would upset me too) This is all from a band that has been gone for what 13-14 years. Most bands now a days can hardly muster a release that isn't some greatest hits repackage for their one or two songs you may have heard. And if they're from the sixties they probably didn't last past that time. I said on here before that I didn't get a chance to see the band live, "There's nothing like a Grateful Dead Show" they all say. Well who knows how long the strange trip has been going on for me, The Grateful Dead is tops among all I have heard.

The first Dead bought was Dozin' at the Knick. (I'm sure some of you scoff at that selection) But I love it, disk 2 is as good as it could be for later stuff in the 90's. Little did I know I would start the process of getting as much live stuff as I could, being blown away by the early stuff, and padding my collection with the studio stuff for sure, only to get all the studio stuff just about the time they decided to release everything remastered with the bonus stuff. Bummer for me but oh well you can't have it all, only wishes. So when I get on here hoping to read some good ole memories from this show or that certain song or the excitement of getting new Dead, and get to read all these bullshit spoiled hippies crying, full shows, complete shows wahwahwah. They just released the complete Winterland, did you miss that? Well go to the store section its still available.
I didn't get RT 1.1 because the bonus disk ran out, which is something they should change in trying to keep the bonus disk available for people who didn't know. But whatever most of us know its a limited time thing/preorder thing. But did get RT 1.2-1.3 and are just about all I have been listening to lately, its the Grateful Dead what more do you need. Because I'm sure the people that release this stuff are going to continue to release what they want, with maybe the help of real suggestions for a certain show or year with good stuff, which is just about every year they ever played from all I've heard, barring some maybe bad shows near the end.
STOP BRINGING US DOWN WITH YOUR HATING VENOM. If you don't like the release then forget it till the next one and check it out, because if there is as much as everyone says I'm sure everyone will get a little taste of what they want, especially when you don't always have a hundred bucks to spend on a complete run, the in between releases if you give em a chance have some pretty rocking stuff on them. Check out The Music Never Stopped on RT 1.2, what a cool song that is, or the Sing Me Back Home on RT1.3 so sweet, crisp and clean sounding wow. Look back alot of the releases aren't complete shows either. Let the people do their jobs, no band in the world has ever been as kind to its fans as The Grateful Dead so listen to the music, because it never did stop.
Oh yeah can't wait to get Egypt 78 and hear the Estimated Eyes Terrapin trio looks hot!!

Joined: Apr 2 2008
I am just saying why not

I am just saying why not release the whole show if it is available in the vault? I dont imagine that the only usable full shows from the vault have already been released but I guess I could be wrong. When I started collecting Dead shows over 25 years ago I cant seem to remember anyone trading compilations so why start now? Please give us complete shows and let us decide which is worthy of a listen and what is not. Its a very simple request. I guess what sucks most about these road trips releases is that a lot of us already have them on bootlegs and it is painful to us to have the majority of the show cut out of the official release. If they would tell us something like "This is the only salvagable part of the show on the reel" then it would be much easier to understand the partial releases but they really dont tell us anything like that. Drop the Road Trips idea and give us more complete show/runs box sets. Thanks. :)

aaron's picture
Joined: Jun 12 2007
I've ordered and I'm happy

I really am amazed at all the hating going on regarding compilation releases and giving deadnet s**t about computer glitches that happen to all businesses every day. I own every release available from DP1 and GAMH '75 to Winterland '73. And you bet I've ordered Rocking the Cradle, Road Trips, and the shirt (a great triple deal!).

I am simply grateful to have dead music continuing to be released. Let's face it, we've transferred our cassettes, downloaded what we like, and ordered what we want. Keep it coming.

I can understand frustration with skipping disks although I'll add that not one of my disks has ever skipped and believe me I play 'em! Defective products should be dealt with efficiently. But this complete show nonsense is getting out of control. A number of DPs are compilations as are many bonus disks accompanying releases. Do you just throw those away? Not listen to them? Hard to imagine.

Keep up all this hating and you might find yourself going a long time without a release. If you plant ice, you're gonna harvest wind. No one likes to put in tons of work to bring out a product just to be trashed. If you don't want to buy it, that's fine. But I sure will.

I don't want deadnet or Rhino to have the opinion that we're UNGRATEFUL!!!

Thanks for putting these out there guys and gals. There are a lot of us who are truly grateful and deadicated to keeping the music alive. Can't wait!!!


Joined: Jul 9 2007
road trips

I did not hesitate to order the Egypt 78 + Road Trips 1.4 and the shirt. The shirt is another Liquid Blue shirt which is one the best quality shirts and the images are very cool. I have ordered all the Road Trips so far. Also have ordered these in time to get the bonus discs. I have not been disappointed yet with any of the road trips and the bonus discs are great. I do hope the defective disc issue is resolved with this release. After all the recent releases with defects, Rhino should should have this resolved or at least have an effective replacement policy. Releasing defective discs at this point is counterproductive and will impact future sales by making fans withhold their purchases. No one wants to risk paying hard earned money only to get a defective disc and then not getting it replaced. Very easy for Rhino to fix this. Other than that, keep the music coming and let's support the releases.

gregornot's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
Rocking the Cradle

As much as I love the dead, I also will have to pass on this, my Road Trip CD's all skip and that really screw's up the songs, why but partial shoes that do even play or re-mixes of show that skip. Sorry but Dead CD's have gone the way of Jerry. Bring back whole live shows and, maybe, but the quality of Road Trips have been A BUMMER. Why buy CD's that skip, first time that you play them?

I love the dead, but lately releases are sub standard, sorry but sometimes the truth hurts, gregor


If the roots remain untouched and firm in the ground, a felled tree still puts forth new shoots.

If the underlying habit of craving and aversion is not uprooted, suffering arises anew over and over
~Dhammapada XXIV verse 338


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