Grateful Dead

Ongoing RatDog Summer Tour Setlists!

By Blair Jackson

Getting mostly great reports from the RatDog tour. For those who like to keep track of the tour from afar, we’ll be providing regular setlist updates. For more details, fan commentary on the shows and photos as they become available, bookmark the fabulous fan site!

7/5/09, LC Pavilion, Columbus, OH
Jam> Jack Straw> Easy to Slip> Dark Star> Little Red Rooster, Mississippi Half-Step> Samson and Delilah> Milestones> stuff, Dear Prudence*> Dark Star+ > Touch of Grey+

* with Chris Robinson (vocals)
+ with Jackie Greene (guitar/vocals);

7/9/09, Pavilion, Glen Allen, VA
Jam> Feel Like a Stranger> Easy Answers, It’s All Over Now Baby Blue, Odessa, Ramble On Rose, Playing in the Band> The Other One> stuff> Standing on the Moon, Quinn the Eskimo*> GDTRFB*

* with Al Schnier (guitar)

7/10/09, All Good Festival, Marvin’s Mountaintop, Masontown, WV
Jam> Truckin’> Tomorrow Never Knows> Lucky Enough, Big Boss Man, Money for Gasoline> Maggie's Farm, Loose Lucy, Eyes of the World> stuff*> Tomorrow Never Knows*> Morning Dew, China Cat Sunflower+> I Know You Rider+

* with Les Claypool (bass)
+ with Al Schnier (guitar)

7/11/09, Mark G. Etess Arena, Atlantic City NJ
Jam> Help on the Way> Slipknot!> Cassidy> Bird Song> All Along the Watchtower> Lazy River Road> Big Railroad Blues, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall #, She Says> Two Djinn> stuff, Days Between> Bird Song (reprise)> Cassidy (reprise)> Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower / E: One More Saturday Night

7/12/09, Highland Bowl Amphitheatre, Rochester, NY
Jam> The Music Never Stopped> Big River, Senor> Loser> New Speedway Boogie> Even So> October Queen> The Deep End> Samson and Delilah> stuff> Black Peter, St. Stephen*> William Tell Bridge*> The Eleven*> Lovelight* / E: Ripple

* with Jackie Greene (guitar/vocals)


7/14/09 Penn’s Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA

Viola Lee Blues> New Minglewood Blues> Queen Jane Approximately> Walkin’ Blues, Tennessee Jed, Shade of Grey> Hell in a Bucket  

Stealin@*, Oh Boy @*> Not Fade Away@*> Iko Iko*> stuff, Come Together> Sugar Magnolia / E: Gloria


*with Jackie Greene (guitar/harmonica/vocals)

7/15/09, Penn’s Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA

Jam> Here Comes Sunshine> Casey Jones, Mission in the Rain> Crazy Fingers> Brown-Eyed Women> Dark Star

Blackbird@, When I Paint My Masterpiece@, Black-Throated Wind@, Lady with a Fan > Terrapin> stuff, Stella Blue> Dark Star> Johnny B. Goode / E: At a Siding> Terrapin Flyer

@ acoustic

7/17/09, Masquerade Park, Atlanta, GA

Jam> Dancing in the Streets> The Golden Road> Wang Dang Doodle* > Milestones*, Picasso Moon, Weather Report Suite

You Win Again@, Jackaroe@, Friend of the Devil@, West L.A. Fadeaway* > Scarlet Begonias* > stuff* > Knockin’ on Heaven's Door, Not Fade Away

* with Bryan Lopes on sax

7/18/09, Masquerade Music Park, Atlanta, GA

Jam> Shakedown Street> Maggie's Farm, They Love Each Other> Easy to Slip> Bird Song> Lazy River Road

Me and My Uncle@, Corrina, He's Gone@ > The Other One*+ > Stuff*+ > Sugaree* > Bird Song* > One More Saturday Night*+


* with Bryan Lopes on sax

+ with Al Schnier on guitar

7/19/09, St. Augustine Amphitheatre, St. Augustine, FL

Jam> Playing in the Band> Cold Rain and Snow, Silvio> Tequila, Althea, Lost Sailor> Saint of Circumstance, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall@, Looks Like Rain@, Mississippi Half-Step*> stuff > Dear Prudence*> Throwing Stones> Johnny B. Goode

@ acoustic

* with Chuck Garvey on guitar

7/21/09, Greenfield Amphitheater, Wilmington, NC

Jam> Feel Like a Stranger> Mama Tried, She Belongs to Me> Youngblood, Row Jimmy, Cream Puff War, It's All Over Now> Liberty

Catfish John@, Me and Bobby McGee@, The Weight@, Uncle John's Band> The Wheel > stuff, Death Don't Have No Mercy> Corrina / E: Brokedown Palace

@ acoustic

7/23/09, Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH

Jam> Casey Jones> All Along the Watchtower> Dire Wolf> Little Red Rooster, Odessa, Ship of Fools, Money for Gasoline> Eyes of the World

K.C. Moan@, Mexicali Blues@, Victim or the Crime@, Two Djinn> stuff, Wharf Rat > China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider / E: Touch of Grey


7/24/09, Casino Ballroom, Hampton.Beach, NH

Jam> I Need a Miracle> Truckin’> I Need a Miracle> Jus' Like Mama Said> Big Boss Man> Even So> October Queen> The Deep End> Dark Star> Big Railroad Blues

Me and My Uncle@, Desolation Row@>, Estimated Prophet> The Other One> stuff, Dark Star jam> Come Together> Dark Star> Goin’ Down the Road / E: Attics of My Life


7/25/09, Gathering of the Vibes, Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT

Jam> Festival> Jack Straw, Lazy River Road, Bird Song> Bertha*, Silvio> Tequila> Scarlet Begonias*, Ashes and Glass> Iko Iko> stuff> Days Between> Bird Song, One More Saturday Night* /E: Ripple*

* with Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay on vocals


8/21/09, Britt Pavilion, Jacksonville, OR

Jam> Shakedown Street> Mama Tried> She Belongs to Me, Jus' Like Mama Said, Playing in the Band> Festival> Terrapin, Blackbird@, When I Paint My Masterpiece@, Mississippi Half-Step> stuff, Morning Dew> GDTRFB*

@ acoustic

* with Jackie Greene on guitar,harmonica and vocals

 8/22/09, Cuthbert Amphitheatre, Eugene, OR

Jam> Jack Straw> Easy to Slip> Lazy River Road> Dark Star> It's All Over Now> She Says> Liberty, Two Djinn, Me and My Uncle@, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall@, Ashes and Glass> stuff> Dear Prudence> Dark Star*+ > One More Saturday Night*+

@ acoustic

* with Jackie Greene on guitar and vocals

+with Barry Flast on keyboards

 8/23/09, Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA

Jam> Dancing in the Streets> Hell in a Bucket, Even So> October Queen> The Deep End> Milestones, Lost Sailor> Saint of Circumstance

Victim or the Crime@> Black-Throated Wind@, Shade of Grey> The Other One> Samson and Delilah> stuff> Sugaree> Sugar Magnolia / E: Ripple

8/25/09, Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox, Spokane, WA

New Speedway Boogie*+ > Smokestack Lightnin*+ > The Music Never Stopped*> Maggie's Farm, Mission in the Rain, Walkin Blues> Crazy Fingers, Lucky Enough> Tomorrow Never Knows

You Win Again@, El Paso@, Silvio>Tequila> Silvio> Althea> Iko-Iko> stuff> Wharf Rat> Touch of Grey / E: Johnny B. Goode

@ acoustic

*with Jackie Greene on guitar/harmonica/vocals);

+with members of Jackie's band 


8/26/09, Wilma Theatre, Missoula, MT

Don't Let Go, Rock Your Papa, Walk through the Fire, Easy Wind> Feel Like a Stranger> Minglewood Blues, Bird Song> Big Railroad Blues

K.C. Moan@*, Fever@*, Friend of the Devil@5*, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl*, Tennessee Jed* > stuff > Come Together* > China Cat Sunflower* > I Know You Rider* / E: U.S. Blues*

@ acoustic

* with Huey Lewis on harmonica and/or vocals;

"Don't Let Go" through most of "Easy Wind" without Bob

8/27/09, The Knitting Factory, Boise, ID

Jam> Truckin’> Loose Lucy> Row Jimmy, Bury Me Standing> Greatest Story Ever Told, Salt Lake City> Truckin’ jam> Deal

Jack-A-Roe@, When I Paint My Masterpiece@, Ramble On Rose> Estimated Prophet> The Wheel> stuff, Ship of Fools> GDTRFB / E: Brokedown Palace

@ acoustic

8/29/09, The Depot, Salt Lake City, UT

Jam> Help on the Way> Slipknot!> Loser, Money for Gasoline, Cassidy> Book of Rules> Little Red Rooster, Odessa> At a Siding> Terrapin Flyer

Me and Bobby McGee@, Catfish John@, Looks Like Rain@, He's Gone> The Other One> stuff* > Death Don't Have No Mercy> Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower / E: One More Saturday Night  

@ acoustic

* with Matt Butler on washboard

8/30/09, Chautauqua Auditorium, Boulder, CO

Jam> Casey Jones, Easy to Slip> Stagger Lee> Dire Wolf, Candyman@, Corrina@, I Need a Miracle> Playing in the Band> Mississippi Half-Step> Samson and Delilah> stuff, Black Peter> Touch of Grey

@ acoustic

8/31/09, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver, CO

Here Comes Sunshine> Easy Answers, Queen Jane Approximately, Lazy River Road, Jack Straw, Peggy-O@, The Weight@, Lady with a Fan> Terrapin> stuff> Standing on the Moon> Playing in the Band (reprise)> Johnny B. Goode /  Ripple

@ acoustic







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Joined: Jun 13 2007
The most beautiful evening in Colorado


Words cannot describe....
Thank you for the listen in, it was so beautiful.
The best, best, best!

Joined: Jun 13 2007
In the middle of the air

Oh Yeah! You guys are not only ready for this but
a whole lot more...I hear!
HIIII, OWWWW, smiling again.
God Bless our Entertainer's!
I'll await catching up with this leg of the tour via the internet
as I am experiencing coastal wrongsidedness at the moment.
....nah, nah, nah, nah, don't worry 'bout me no!
Have a blest blast! Rock one out for me...please.
Guess the dayz aren't gone after all.
Love you ALL,

Joined: Jun 13 2007

What? This? Here? Nice!

Ok, leaving alot out.

Thanks for the Vibes! I had a spectacular evening. Thank you.
Guess we finished up that request. Ha!
Thanks to Dave for his delightful assistance and painful role in that.
End request. Healing vibes to Dave forever and love, love, love too.

Full circle. ----{------@

Are you ready?

1gr8ful1's picture
Joined: Jan 8 2009
hampton beach

sweet show last night hope tonight brings the same ..thanx for the stream of another dimension....We're gonna go to the next dimension, we're gonna take a look outside
Let me take a spin to the next dimension
Follow, follow you to the next dimension
Things are cool in the next dimension. everything rocking from side to side
Roll together to the next dimension, points beyond if we catch your eye


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