Grateful Dead

April 14 - April 20, 2008

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

This week we're going to check out some cool, under-the-radar material from early 1971, as well some other great stuff.

The first stop this week is to Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA, on 4/14/71. A quick caveat, and that's that the right channel, likely attributed to Weir's guitar, has a bit of a buzz occasionally. Rest assured the music shines through, though, so it's certainly worth hearing. From the middle of the second set, we have this excellent Cryptical Envelopment>Drums>The Other One>Wharf Rat. unfortunately, there is a reel change cut in wharf rat, but we figured we'd let you hear the whole jam intact as it exists in the vault.

From this same concert, we have the show's concluding sequence, typical of the time, which means high-energy. from 4/14/71, Hard to handle, not fade away> GDTRFB>Not Fade Away>Johnny B. Goode. In 1971, Hard To Handle is usually measured against a few versions, specifically 4/28&/29/71 and 8/6/71, and this one is certainly one of the better versions, with an exceptional solo by Weir to start the jam. Damn, he can play guitar!

From 4/19/83 in Orono, Maine, we have the opening trio of songs, Jack Straw, Friend of the Devil>It's All Over Now. The mix for the first three minutes of Jack Straw is rather dicey, but that's common of a lot of board tapes. However, things settle down nicely. There is a drop out/cut in Jack Straw, also typical of the PCM digital tapes from this era, so this piece of music exhibits lots of examples of the tape limitations from 1983.

From 1978, we'll drop in on the Spring Tour to hear some music from the Pittsburgh Civic Arena on 4/18/78. As we've mentioned in this space before, the shows prior to this night on the Spring tour are not in the vault (4/6 through 4/16), but the remaining shows, 4/18 through 4/24, plus the entirety of May tour, are thankfully in the vault. From the end of the second set, we have this very cool sequence of Samson and Delilah, Terrapin Station>Around and Around.

Finally this week, we have a nice little rocking combination, the show opener from 4/19/78 in Columbus, Ohio, Bertha>Good Lovin'. This was always such a great way to open a show, and a fine way to end this week's Tapers Section.

Be sure to stop back next week for more great music. We don't know what we'll play, but it'll be interesting we expect. Write the email address below with questions or comments.

David Lemieux
vault [at]


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Joined: Jun 7 2007

"...right channel hiss..."????

I only get these in mono. Am I doing something wrong? When the Tapers Section was in mp3, everything was stereo, then the streaming was in stereo for a while but now I only get mono.

I assumed this was intentional but now I'm wondering if it's something going wrong with my browser. It's definitely not my sound card or anything since I get stereo for everything else.

Any thoughts?

pomo1's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Spring 78

I always felt Spring 78 is underappreciated. Then again, I am probably biased because that is when I got on the bus. A special thanks for the tunes from Pittsburgh 4/18/78-- my first show. Boy, what memories.

Thanks again, David

GRTUD's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

This may be my favorite Tapers Section offering yet. Every song selection is spot on - not a bad song in the entire group, right channel hiss and all. Bravo, David and thanks!

"Since you've all been such good boys and girls, I would like to take everybody in this entire audience out for milk and cookies. There are buses outside. Everybody follow me."'s picture
Joined: Nov 3 2007
4-10 & 11-78 missing?

It's odd that this one isn't in the vault as I remember Dick in the late '90's saying that he would eventually use it as a combo set. I know what happened with the Betty Boards but I thought that there must have been another copy in the vault.

rongmvw's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007
The Other One

I think this '71 sequence is the absolute bomb. I don't think it is from Bucknell though. I checked a couple of sources and there seems to some difference on the actual show and neither source lists CE or Wharf Rat. Either way, this sequence is outstanding!!!!!

KCJONZ68's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

Thanks for the tunes. The 78 Kentucky show would be a great release. I also like the 82 and 83 shows alot. It's all good.

davey concepcion for hall of fame's picture
Joined: Aug 7 2007
Well, I haven't posted in

Well, I haven't posted in eons (maybe since the old Deadnet), but this has roused me. SPrin 78 is a GREAT string of shows. We can only hope [dare I?] that we will be graced with the lost second encore from Lexington 4.21.78 "US Blues" or an uncut "Dire Wolf". Yes, this show is famous for the all time Stella, but the entire second set from Playin>Drums>Truckin>Stella>Playin is absolutely phenomenal. Of course, the comments from Weir and LEsh after Ramble On in the first set are too funny.

Release the whole shebang next week!!!!!!!



PS - The Winterland Box is beyond description . . . it is, just exactly perfect.


josh e bear's picture
Joined: Feb 29 2008
rainbow spirals round n round .. trembles, explodes !!

dang ~ 1971 ~ soooo smooth ... thanks Jerry !

coming around y'all !!! Josh E Bear !!

grdaed73's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
what bobby said

oh yeah, thank U David
bertha don't u
test me test me
u arrest me
throw me
doctor said
got to have lovin
thank you

hey_bob's picture
Joined: Oct 26 2007
another Monday with a smile

Don't know about tape limitations and such from 1983...
but DO know Friend of the Devil>It's All Over Now is sweet and soulful. Not only can that fellah Weir play the guitar...he can sing -
Thanks for a nice start to the week David


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