Grateful Dead

August 16 - August 22, 2010

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers' Section, where this week we'll check out a decade worth of Grateful Dead music, 1982-1992.

We'll first check out some music from the quaint Glens Falls Civic Center on 4/14/82, a town just north of Albany. From that show, we have the end of the second set and encore, featuring The Wheel>Miracle>Bertha>Peter>Playing>JBG, US Blues. This was the same tour during which Bob and Jerry appeared on the then-brand-new Late Night With David Letterman show (which had debuted on 2/1/82), an appearance on which Bobby unleashed the phrase ‚"more fun than a frog in a glass of milk‚" to the world.

Next from the excellent show at Cal Expo in June, 1990, we have the end of the second set from the third and final night of that run on 6/10/90, featuring Gimme Some Lovin' > Standing On The Moon > Throwing Stones > Not Fade Away; The Last Time, including the encore. These shows, the following week at Shoreline and the pair of shows in Eugene two weeks later was a terrific two weeks west coast run of eight shows.

As you might recall, last week played some Albany '92, and this week we have a bit more, the end of the second set from the first of a two night run, on 6/11/92 featuring Space > I Need A Miracle > Wharf Rat > Around And Around; The Mighty Quinn. These were OK shows, on a tour that was consistently inconsistent. That Jerry took some time off to recuperate following this tour came as no surprise. I distinctly recall see a quadruple bill concert that summer in Ottawa, Canada, featuring Michelle Shocked, Joe Cocker, the Neville Bros., and Bob Dylan, and Aaron Neville dedicated several songs that night to ‚"our ailing brother Jerry."

As always, we look forward to seeing you here next week for more great tunes. Thanks for stopping in, and feel free to write to the email address below with questions or comments about the Tapers' Sections, or anything Grateful Dead-related.

David Lemieux


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Weekly Tapers Section


Thanks for sharing music from any era.

Let there be songs to fill the air

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awesome wharf rat....its

awesome wharf rat....its grate to here one so good from '92

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40th Anniversary American Beauty

We are passing through the 40th anniversary of the most intensely creative period of the band.
August and September 1970 were when the sessions for American Beauty happened.
There are fantastic shows from around this time especially at the Fillmores' East and West.
Being a nice round number (40) and ranking as a peak time for the band it seems odd not to commemorate it here.

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Taper's Section*

70's show* (last- 38)

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I agree w/Weironourown

enough of the 90's...........................Time to move on

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Blues for Allah, hatched 9-1-75

How about a RT or Rhino release to commemorate the 35th release anniversary of "Blues for Allah"? There must be some great '76 or '77 sets that have fallen below radar. Failing that, we don't seem to see much posted here from '76.... Thanks Dave

lamagonzo (not verified)
Love the encores

How about a taper's section devoted to encores?

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yikes - 90s again

Why all this emphasis on this era? It seems like it's been weeks since a '70s show has been posted. The 90s can be painful to listen to in comparison to a 70s show.

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thank you dl

mannic monday,man i woke up in a nasty mood today finally snapped out of it,should have listened to the tapers earlier,ty dl..tomo night n wed night phish jones beach(place sucks to c a show,freakin pigs)should be fun anyways...

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West Coast late Spring '90 & Summer '92

I would buy any and every single show from Cal State Dominguez through Autzen, favorites being the 2 Eugene shows. This is The Grateful Dead I miss the most. It still saddens me that Brent went out at the top of his game. Heck, I'd buy every show from anytime during the summer '90 run.

I agree that summer '92 is hit and miss. The first nights at Deer Creek and Soldier Field I believe were the best of the bunch though Star Lake first night was also decent. Most everything else from this tour I've listened to thus far sounds tired and uninspired. Bwsides the shows I mentioned, the rest of the tour would be served best as a Road Trips compilation or two.


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