Grateful Dead

August 23 - August 29, 2010

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to our weekly installment of Grateful Dead music drawn from the vault's master tapes. You might not always like what we play here, but you certainly can't complain about the cost...

Our first selection this week is music from 5/1/81 at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia, site of many fine Grateful Dead shows, most famous of which were the magnificent Warlocks show in October, 1989. From the 1981 stop at the Coliseum, we have the first set closing trio of Tennessee Jed>Let It Grow>Deal, drawn from the cassette master.

From about a year later, on 5/23/82 at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, we have two parts of the show, made up of Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Moutain, Satisfaction>Brokedown Palace. The first combination is the second set opener, and the second combination is the encore, a somewhat rare-in-1982 double encore.

Lastly this week, from a decade after the Greek selection above, we have the end of the show from 5/24/92 at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA, featuring The Last Time>Morning Dew, Johnny B. Goode, the last track being the encore. We don't play too much 1992 Dead here, so when we find some good stuff from that year, it's always fun to play it for you. This show was suggested to me for a listen by a good friend of Dick Latvala's. The Dead in 1992 were more hit-and-miss than they'd been in a long time, but there certainly were some decent shows.

Join us here next week for more Grateful Dead music. We don't know what we'll play, but it'll be something good from the vault we expect. As always, feel free to write the address below with questions or comments about the Tapers' Section, or anything else Dead-related.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Jun 13 2007

the drum roll.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
He blacked my eye and kicked my dog...

better "head" -back to Tennessee!
Well as usual I am glad to be here!
It's Monday night and I'm smiling,
typing, listening and thinking of the
things the river has taught me.
I AM I AM remember that lama?
It was Let It Grow that made me think your
screenname was was was lol....teeheehee.
Ok you either get that one or not. lmao.
Phish did a video that was right in with my wishes
for you, it was great and it was to the song llama.
You should check out utube and find it>>>
if you don't understand me....just listen to the music.
What shall we say should we call it by name?
Allright, on another note. just touching base
xoxoxo with the sound
and all of you all here hanging out.
(dancing on a pin) (thunder shout)
I was watching the San Fran Football game and heard
a quick snippet of Touch of Grey and it was nice.
So, can I make a request???
How about a few Touch of Gray versions!
(goes to show you don't ever know)
(wondering what to choose) lol.
Love n light, love n light always

lamagonzo (not verified)
Raff, never but almost...

The question of 2 identical show lists is a factoid I obsessed on for some time until satisfying myself that I had the definitive answer. The answer is never, but almost. The entire 2nd set is virtually identical except for a Nobody's jam.

The dates are, drum roll please,

Prov. 5/14/78 and and UCSB 6/4/78

Read'em and weep.

Joined: Mar 2 2010

....zery intersting early 80's stuff.
I can even hear a little Phil's bass too!
Good stuff. Maybe a road trips things can be arranged?

deadheadgarcia's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
re grateful prof

my point is that any dead show is better than lady gaga... I guess you didn't get it, I have been to hundreds of shows also and love many bands but none are as good as the GD, IMO.
but I don't get why people feel the need to be critical of GD. I'll take El Paso from Nokia before Gaga...

Joined: May 30 2008

i was about to skip JBG from '92 but i'm glad i didn't there were some keys tossed in there that were different that what is normal (at least to my ears)

i'll double what i pay to hear these tunes if you give us more to listen to! :)

Joined: Jun 10 2007
Just wondering: is it

Just wondering: is it possible that in all those years of Dead shows there were two identical setlists? Whole shows? Anyone seen anything about this?

Cleodus's picture
Joined: Jun 24 2007
End of the 5/23/82 snippet

What's the background on the tune at the end of the 5/23/82 selection? Was that some of the departing music played afterward during the crowd exit?

Joined: Oct 1 2007
hamptons show

Yea lamagonzo, I was at this show too, had a crazy time getting there, involving a State Trooper, and a car full of things it should not have had..... and a very helpful WWII veteran.....a story for another day!

Joined: Oct 1 2007
rights to the site....

Hey Ben, thanks for the honesty, but I feel sorry for you if you cannot find LOADS of music to listen to and enjoy other than even less successful Dead shows! Open your ears to the many wonderful sounds out there! I did not know I "have to" like everything David so kindly presents us with, as opposed to using it as a forum for discussion, analysis, and knowledge concerning the many facets and phases of that wonderful juggernaut the Dead. I for one do not like much of the later years, yet I hardly think I have no business on this site, why should that be? As a veteran of hundreds of shows, and someone who almost literally has DEADicated his life to the study of the dead, it would be very odd indeed to either ban folks like me from the site, or suggest that our sometimes critical attitude is due to anything other than our willingness to critically analyze our likes and dislikes. The Dead were a great enough band to DESERVE our critiques, its the Lady Gaga's of the world who rely on unthinking automatic adoration.


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