Grateful Dead

August 25 - August 31. 2014

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers' Section, where this week we'll end August with some Grateful Dead music from 1973, 1979 and 1981.

First up is music from 10/23/73 in Minneapolis, on one of the Dead's best tours ever. From the second set of that show, we have the big jam of Truckin'>Nobody's Jam>Other One>Jam>Weather Report Suite.

Next is music from the end of the show on 11/29/79 in Cleveland, featuring Black Peter>Around>Johnny B. Goode, US Blues. The last couple of months of 1979 included some terrific playing, as Brent was now settled in after joining the band in April.

Lastly this week, from two years later also in Ohio, we have the first set of the 11/30/81 show in Dayton, featuring. New Minglewood Blues ; Mack The Knife ; Bird Song > Little Red Rooster ; They Love Each Other ; Cassidy ; Tennessee Jed ; Let It Grow ; Don't Ease Me In. This, of course, was the Dead's only attempt at playing Mack The Knife, despite Bob's promise that they'd work it up for next time.

Be sure to join us here next week for more music from the vault.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Dec 3 2007
Minneapolis Oct 23 '73--Keith plays organ on "Truckin'"

Keith plays organ during the opening verse on "Truckin'" The band actually toured with Pig's organ and set it up at most or every show through 1974, but Keith rarely played it. There was something in the water this week, however, as Keith also played organ at the Indianapolis show (Oct 27). Once the soloing starts, Keith switches over to piano.

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Joined: Mar 28 2011

10 shows in 12 days. Brent "joined the band". 12.01.79 first "CC Rider". Double encore 12.11.79

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"dayton 1981" - Thanks for that!

A 3 foot bong? Really? That's so awesome won't even ask how! I once got a small one into a Jethro Tull concert, stuck it down in my boot (78 or 79 maybe? Height of the Aqualung era, 10,000+ arena). Of course security on those days was nothing like it would become later. I remember the hardest part was getting water for it, the woman at the beer stand wouldn't give me a cup because they counted them for inventory or something like that and I was too young to buy beer.

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dayton 1981

This was my first show. I was 16. My friend Jeff's Mom thought we were listening to the wrong kind of music and bought Jeff and his friends two whole rows of seats at Hara Arena that cold rainy windy night. Earlier in my life, 6th grade my friend Jeff thought my taste in music sucked ( Kiss and Led Zep being my faves and I still like 'em) and I needed to hear his older brother Jerry's favorite band The Grateful Dead. He played me Skeletons from the Closet and I liked most of it so I went to the local used record store and bought the only Dead album they had for $0.50, it was Blues for Allah and I loved it. I was hooked from an early age so when my first opportunity to them came around I was in. The ride there with a keg in the back of Jeff's Suburban loaded with 15-17 year old kids in the sleet and rain was memorable, it was cold so we didnt hang in the lot long, we went right into the small arena ( about 5000 cap. ) it was very laid back, unlike any other concert I had been to, general admission on the floor, people sitting in groups on the floor, partying freely waiting for the show, its usually a big push to the front from the word go, not with this crowd. We had 2 full rows of seats for about 24 of our best friends on the corner in Jerrys side. Great seats! The show itself was not that great, I was still very inexperienced about he vast catalog they had so I did not know many of the songs they played that night. They had some technical problems at the start which led to the Mack the Knife which is more a tease than actually played. The rest of the show is a slow simmer of a show, I only had a audience copy to reference from all these years and this board copy sheds some new light on it for me but still think its kinda a slow show. Highlights are Birdsong, Tenn Jed, Must have been the Roses and post drums second set. I remember being absolutely amazed how the entire crowd ( especially the floor section) was so in time with the music throughout the show danced nonstop, also a first for me at a concert. The crowd was memorized by the band, on each and every nuance the band had to offer and responding in kind. It was thrilling to watch and be a part of. I went to the floor and got pretty close to Phil during the second set for a while but we had a 3 ft bong we smuggled into the venue back at the seats and went back there after a while. I had to wait 3 more years till came back our way again and have been on the bus ever since. What a long strange trip its been. Still have the bug too, I have been in Jerry's Little Band for 20 years now playing the music of The Grateful Dead, it is SO rewarding every way possible, unless you do it you just cant imagine...inspiration move me brightly.

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mack the knife:


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Minneapples 1973

I haven't paid much attention to 10/23/73, for some reason: thanks David for pulling it out for a listen. Is this the show Phil got upset over something from or in the crowd?


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