Grateful Dead

August 26 - September 1, 2013

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Thanks for joining us here at the Tapers' Section, where this week we'll listen to some music covering a 15 year span in the Grateful Dead's career, 1974 to 1989, with a stop in 1981.

We'll first check out a Wall Of Sound-era show from Chicago on 7/25/74, featuring the big second set jam of Dark Star >Stella Blue. You'll notice a very distinct Slipknot! jam in the Dark Star, which would be recorded in early 1975 as part of the Blues For Allah album.

Next is some music from the mostly excellent summer tour of 1981, with a stop in St. Louis on 7/8/81, where we have music from toward the end of the first set, featuring Althea, Me and My Uncle>Big River, Don't Ease Me In, New Minglewood Blues.

Our final stop this week is at Deer Creek Music Theater in Noblesville, Indiana on 7/15/89, the Dead's first trip to Deer Creek. This was one of the most fun shows I ever attended, for many reasons. The first impression of the venue after driving through corn fields from Indianapolis was spectacular, particularly after seeing the Dead in five of America's biggest stadiums to start the tour (Foxboro, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Giants Stadium and RFK Stadium). This was a holiday from the mega shows. And for the most part, the band played great. A few big clams in the second set (Crazy Fingers was a bit messy…), but these first set songs give a good impression of how hot the show was: Peggy-O, Queen Jane Approximately, We Can Run, Bird Song.

Be sure to join us next week for more tunes from the vault.

David Lemieux


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Thank you wilfred t!

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set I set II
Right click and "save as" and you should be good to go...

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Hello all,

Can someone help me find a copy of this show. I heard it last night on the GD Channel. I found a place to stream it ( but wanted a hard copy.


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St. Louis

Thank you for the St. Louis clip! Wonderful memories of my 5th show, just weeks before my 15th birthday. Really enjoyed the 4 shows I attended at the Kiel as a teenager. I only went to 3 venues growing up in TN. The police vibe was much better in St. Louis, than it was in Nashville and Birmingham.

No need for personal attacks, but "We Can Run" is a fine song on the destruction of our bright blue ball that is spinning free.

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Deer Creek

Thanks Dave! Yes if you build it Dead Heads will come! It was a Field of Dreams! One of the best sounding venues stuck in the middle of corn fields! On that day(7-15-89)> I had a birthday show/a Sheehan family reunion/met Annie(who became my wife 5 years later)at this show for the for the 1st time and saw our favorite band christen a brand new venue that we all LOVE. What a great day! I know it is not played during this Tapers Section selection but the Close Encounters theme(tones d e c C G) during Space was so special that day! Because at the beginning of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind there is a scene that took place in Muncie,Indiana(it mentions this in the movie) which is directly 30 miles of corn fields or more north of Deer Creek. I'm sure Jerry knew this! Which is why I think he played the Close Encounters theme during Space at Deer Creek. It is not as long as the 1-22-78 McArthur Court version but is very recognizable. Thank You Jerry!

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Some of these people may have been exposed
to a dog they call Snapper.

Um yeah, Snapper may also have
infiltrated these people subliminally.

I cannot be sure but I thought ya'll
needed to know.

What is lie and what is the truth?
You cannot know unless that is which
you wish to know. Don't forget...
a Tuesday is Saturday and Wednesday
is Sunday, to me. Try and tell me
different, lol.

I love you, ALL, hmmmmmm
sometimes it is just practice,
and still love, to be sure, xo!

Thanks for the great music on
this Thursday Evening in NY!

"Sweet William he is Dead"

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enough with the personal insults. This isn't the place. Thank you.

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Crude Boy George, we meet again.

I'll say this as kind as I can. How many pills did you injest before you spewed that pathetic dirge? Your Webster's Thesaurus vocabulary and immaculate grammar may have impressed your 4th grade teacher. However, CrudBoi I am saddened to inform you, I am not impressed. You Sir, are dumping your trash in my back yard. The combination of your arrogance and scathing skeptical review, has given me the impression you are a bitter individual that covers his shame by trying to correct others. Implying that you could do better. With that being said, there is a chance for you to prove your worth in this page. The Dead Covers Project offers any individual with musical talent a chance to show his or her skills. I challenge you to do your best. When the time comes you can team up with anybody and display your composition for all.

Joined: Nov 29 2012
RudBoi So who's Brett? If

So who's Brett? If you're going to blast someone, at least get his name right!
You know you're going to get some replies to your negative post. You should know better. We Can Run is a solid effort by Brent reflecting on the Rainforest benefits they were playing at the time. Almost any song with a populist 'message' is bound to offend some. We Can Run is just fine.

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won't post anyway

Rude Boy

Tell us about the songs you write, dude.

We can run has a significant environmental statement that I respect.

Keep it positive, brother.


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