Grateful Dead

August 27 - September 2, 2007

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

I undertook the Taper's Section last November with a pretty simple vision: to have fun providing folks a regular opportunity to hear vault material that kept their interest in Grateful Dead music fresh.

Recently, I and others that work on became aware that certain fans had been regularly downloading the tracks offered in the Taper Section. From the very beginning, this program has always been intended to be a "for streaming only" service. Downloading was never announced, described or promoted in any manner. The situation that developed over the past months is very different than my original plan.

Where we’re at today requires us to step back, gather some information, do some thinking and get back to you. In the meantime, we ask that you all realize that's and GDP's commitment to the Dead Head community is unchanged. We’re very excited to be hard at work with Rhino on a number of very cool releases and programs that you’ll be hearing about soon. Please bear with us until then.

See you next week,

This week, we’re going to explore some cool moments from the Family Dog in 1969, as well as some great material from 1980 and a taste of 1972.

Although most shows in the Bay Area in the late 1960s were BGP-produced concerts, there was a very hip alternative promoter, namely Chet Helms and his Family Dog at the Great Highway. At the end of the summer of ’69 (no Bryan Adams jokes, please), the Grateful Dead played a few shows at Chet’s cool venue, and from those shows we have some interesting material. From 8/29/69, we have a nice Easy Wind, Me and My Uncle>High Time, as well as the show-closing Lovelight, and from the next night, 8/30/69, we have a very good Morning Dew from early in the show. Be sure to check back next week for another rare track from the Family Dog in 1969.

One thing we always get excited about is a great tour with consistently great performances, with highlights too numerous to list. The mid-August to early-September 1980 tour is one such stretch of shows, and we have a few examples of great material from this tour this week. Unfortunately, two of the best shows from the tour are not in the vault (9/6 at Lewiston and 9/2/80 at Rochester), but what does live in the vault is exceptional. From 8/27/80 at Pine Knob in Michigan, the second set opening trio of China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider>C.C. Rider (or China>Rider>Rider, if you will) is as high energy as they come. From three nights later in Philadelphia we have the ending sequence of the show on 8/30/80, featuring Space>Not Fade Away>Black Peter>Sugar Magnolia, One More Saturday Night. A classic 1980 sequence if there ever was one. Unfortunately, the first set of this show is not in the vault. Finally from this tour, we have the show opener on 8/31/80 at the Capital Center in Landover, MD, with a rocking duo of Alabama Getaway>Promised Land. As the flipside to the Philly show above, the second set from this Cap Center show is not in the vault.

Lastly this week, we have a couple of tracks from the first night of the Europe 72 tour, the first two songs played on the tour, in fact. Both of these songs from 4/7/72 in London have a little extra something, as the band was clearly happy to be playing in Europe, a feeling that would evidently continue through the final show on 5/26/72 in London. Oh, yes, the songs: Greatest Story Ever Told and Sugaree. Enjoy.

Be sure to check back in next week when we’ll have some music from 1969, 1972, 1973 and 1985. It’s going to be a busy week. Feel free to write anytime with questions or comments.

David Lemieux
vault [at]


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stone jack baller's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007
Shoeless Joe said....

If you post it, they will come..........

.....and download, Baby!

Greg Macfarlane's picture
Joined: Jun 6 2007
Press release makes it all clear

Following previous post it’s now crystal clear… Mssrs. Pascucci, Goldman & Edwards must be Lily Allen fans, confirmed by being so astute, knowing the market place, knowing what sells.

Yeh, this makes the most sense for the long-term success of Grateful Dead. Yes, I hear their thought process; this’ll preserve and nurture the special relationship.

Anyway, listened to 3FTV again today, thinking it's rather good, particularly the Pigpen stuff. Okay, not an all-time best but if I was selecting all you’d likely get is 68/69.

Looking out for a new and smarter release :-)

simonrob's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
How many downloads?


Joined: Aug 20 2007
what's going on?

I have nothing to look forward to anymore when I get home from work on Mondays. Please put the format back to the way it was.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
How many downloads?

No, that's not the start of a new joke (How many downloads does it take to change a lightbulb?) (How many downloads does it take to make a deadhead happy?)

Someone mentioned how many CDs he/she burned from tracks downloaded from here (I think it was 84?). Does anyone know how many tracks were offered in total? I think I have 374.

Joined: Jun 18 2007
July 7, 2006 press release from Rhino states, in part...

"Grateful Dead has always shown tremendous vision," says Scott Pascucci, President of Rhino Entertainment. "With this deal they have once again placed themselves ahead of the curve."

"Under continuing creative direction from Grateful Dead Productions, we look forward to working together under this new arrangement to protect and extend the artist's dynamic legacy," says Gregg Goldman, Executive Vice President at Rhino. "With this expanded relationship, we'll be able to look at the bigger picture and proceed in ways that make the most sense for the long-term success of Grateful Dead."

"With Grateful Dead it all begins with the music and the fans," says Jimmy Edwards, Senior Vice President at Rhino. "They truly have one of the most knowledgeable and devoted followings in popular music. We are very excited about this opportunity to preserve and nurture this special relationship through releases and initiatives of the highest integrity."

Mssrs. Pascucci, Goldman & Edwards, what do you have to say for yourself? It's becoming abundantly clear that nobody - NOBODY - at Rhino takes their stewardship of the vault seriously. Talk is cheap, and you prove it every damn day.

Josef's picture
Joined: Jun 30 2007
"I am very grateful that

"I am very grateful that David has taken over the job of custodian of the vault and has helped put into the community so much music of merit and I have wrttien to him on several occasions before now to thank him and to wonder at this great phenomenon which is a the symbiotic relationship of the Grateful Dead and deadheads. Please, please though, Rhino/GD do not allow a rift to open between us - you need us as much as we need you. You ain't going to generate a completely new fanbase at this stage of the band's history no matter what you do - you're largely stuck with what you've got."



Well said CJ!

OK... Here we go again. Am I the only one who understands the beauty of trading live music over the internet? (Rhetorical question!!)

I understand that live GD tape trading was a communal activity! (Yes... Bob I really do... I did it for over a decade.) For me it was a magical time and lifelong friendships was the ultimate byproduct. Today we have the internet. Why do such boundaries create such malaise?!?! Huh! Boundaries... Not a word that I would have used describing our community or the band for that matter........ EVER!!! Now........... I don't know. It seems to me that someone must think that saving music for the gear of the day seems to be a financial threat to the band and its 'dead head' base. I am so sorry to think like that. I personally know that not only did it NOT take sales away but it created more opportunity than anyone would have ever dreamed of. Don't we all have a story to tell???

That is all I have, or can, say for now.

Joe (Itie)

All I can do is speak for myself.

Joined: Jun 12 2007
nag nag nag

Let's face it, the mp3 version of taper's section was a virtual goldmine, so where's the gratitude to David Lemieux for delivering all the goodies to the community? Just take a bow, brethren and sistren, show some respect. Now it's all over, and we can start to sort out the stuff, enjoy it and basically: IF YOU GET CONFUSED, LISTEN TO THE MUSIC PLAY. Personally, I believe that the section has been the ultimate explanation of "the dead experience", the perfect introduction for the newcomer in terms of understanding this long, strange trip. And honestly, we've all got tons and tons of GD-music, in my case I felt slightly relieved when it all came to an end. Let's just value this tremendous effort one more time. Thank you, David!

Joined: Jun 5 2007

you misquoted me.... I actually said
"thought i heard many BABIES all crying all at once"
whaaa whaaa whaaa

Joined: Aug 27 2007
Slinging names all around this place

Jack Jones qouted morning dew saying "thought I heard a baby cry this morning"

ever hear this one? "Jimmy Jack Jones and I don't care."


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