Grateful Dead

August 27 - September 2, 2007

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

I undertook the Taper's Section last November with a pretty simple vision: to have fun providing folks a regular opportunity to hear vault material that kept their interest in Grateful Dead music fresh.

Recently, I and others that work on became aware that certain fans had been regularly downloading the tracks offered in the Taper Section. From the very beginning, this program has always been intended to be a "for streaming only" service. Downloading was never announced, described or promoted in any manner. The situation that developed over the past months is very different than my original plan.

Where we’re at today requires us to step back, gather some information, do some thinking and get back to you. In the meantime, we ask that you all realize that's and GDP's commitment to the Dead Head community is unchanged. We’re very excited to be hard at work with Rhino on a number of very cool releases and programs that you’ll be hearing about soon. Please bear with us until then.

See you next week,

This week, we’re going to explore some cool moments from the Family Dog in 1969, as well as some great material from 1980 and a taste of 1972.

Although most shows in the Bay Area in the late 1960s were BGP-produced concerts, there was a very hip alternative promoter, namely Chet Helms and his Family Dog at the Great Highway. At the end of the summer of ’69 (no Bryan Adams jokes, please), the Grateful Dead played a few shows at Chet’s cool venue, and from those shows we have some interesting material. From 8/29/69, we have a nice Easy Wind, Me and My Uncle>High Time, as well as the show-closing Lovelight, and from the next night, 8/30/69, we have a very good Morning Dew from early in the show. Be sure to check back next week for another rare track from the Family Dog in 1969.

One thing we always get excited about is a great tour with consistently great performances, with highlights too numerous to list. The mid-August to early-September 1980 tour is one such stretch of shows, and we have a few examples of great material from this tour this week. Unfortunately, two of the best shows from the tour are not in the vault (9/6 at Lewiston and 9/2/80 at Rochester), but what does live in the vault is exceptional. From 8/27/80 at Pine Knob in Michigan, the second set opening trio of China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider>C.C. Rider (or China>Rider>Rider, if you will) is as high energy as they come. From three nights later in Philadelphia we have the ending sequence of the show on 8/30/80, featuring Space>Not Fade Away>Black Peter>Sugar Magnolia, One More Saturday Night. A classic 1980 sequence if there ever was one. Unfortunately, the first set of this show is not in the vault. Finally from this tour, we have the show opener on 8/31/80 at the Capital Center in Landover, MD, with a rocking duo of Alabama Getaway>Promised Land. As the flipside to the Philly show above, the second set from this Cap Center show is not in the vault.

Lastly this week, we have a couple of tracks from the first night of the Europe 72 tour, the first two songs played on the tour, in fact. Both of these songs from 4/7/72 in London have a little extra something, as the band was clearly happy to be playing in Europe, a feeling that would evidently continue through the final show on 5/26/72 in London. Oh, yes, the songs: Greatest Story Ever Told and Sugaree. Enjoy.

Be sure to check back in next week when we’ll have some music from 1969, 1972, 1973 and 1985. It’s going to be a busy week. Feel free to write anytime with questions or comments.

David Lemieux
vault [at]


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Olompali's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
The Cubes

Gray Flannel Organization Angered Over Free Samples.
Sad but typical.
Good Luck Dave.

stone jack baller's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007
Like Bill said, "....who's in charge here??"

I don't know who wrote David's "explanation" but it sure smells like a bunch of corporate gobbleygook.

Corporate suits that Jerry and Phil's scene used to refer to as the "straights".

The long trip just took another strange turn.

Joined: Aug 20 2007
Dave, Thanks for the


Thanks for the feedback. Doesn't the mere term "Taper Section" infer that copies are being made?

FYI - regardless of the nature of the change; I still can not get it to work for me. My PC at home and my laptop at work both have problems with the new interface. I do not have this issue with other streaming sites.

srumble's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
NMJ H N/*--*

My nine month old daughter (Hazel) typed the subject I just wanted to correct my spelling mistake WEIGHT not WIEGHT...WOOPS!!

richard's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
Mea Culpa

Since it was only "certain fans" who "had been regularly downloading the tracks offered in the Taper Section"; I must confess that I was one of them.
Although I was unaware that what I was doing was wrong, I understand that ignorance of the law is no defense. Therefore I plead guilty and throw myself on the mercy of the court.
I am sorry that I ruined it for everyone else. Please forgive me.

I now feel compelled to return that which I have so shamefully taken. Please let me know where to send the files.


srumble's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Hey David, Thanks for

Hey David,

Thanks for explaining the situation. It would be nice if you could provide a bit of information on the cool releases as well (something to look forward to).

The fact that the taper's section was; designed around bits and pieces of shows, formatted using MP3's and often with several songs joined together - adds wieght to your claim.

This is not my desired way to collect shows. I prefer flac or some other form of lossless downloading.

But I will admit to enjoying the flexability of downloading the songs each week to listen to them when and where I wanted to.

These downloads would never affect my willingness and or desire to buy any and all official releases.

Well, that my two cents - keep up the good work.

Sequoia420's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2007
Thank you

Thanks David for all of your hard work getting us the music.

Joined: Jul 9 2007

at least we now have some explanation and communication.

thanks, david L, it was fun while it lasted.

bigbeahner's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2007
more 80's

thanks for the music David.

too bad about the change up, but oh well, like many others i dont have the luxery of streaming all this stuff, just bits n peices of it.....

any hints to how soon we can expect a new release??

release the JGB reels!!!

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
Streaming is for idle minds - MP3 for people who work

Streaming may work for some people, but you need to have speakers on your computer and not use it for work all the time.

Please give us back the MP3's....


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