Grateful Dead

July 21- July 27, 2008

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers Section. This week we're going to hear music from throughout the 1970s and a touch of the 1980s.

First up is a track from 7/21/72 in Seattle, the start of a run of shows that would take the band through the next four-plus months of exceptional playing. From that show, we have this mighty little Truckin'. Over the course of the next several months, the band would play some of their best shows ever, including 8/27/72, 9/17/72, 9/21/72, 9/27/72 and 11/17/72. It sure would have been a great year to be a tour Head.

Next up is music from the Watkins Glen show, specifically from the Soundcheck on 7/27/73. This Jam is truly one of the finest improvisational jams the Grateful Dead would ever perform, in terms of a jam that has no distinct source, and yet that is filled with melodies and familiar tones and sounds.

Jumping ahead exactly one year to 1974, on 7/27/74 in Roanoke, Virginia, we have this typically outrageous Playing In The Band. For some reason, Donna Jean was absent from this show, and her vocal additions to this version are certainly missed. But, oh what a version of Playing! We're very aware that we play a lot of 1972-1974 versions of Playing In The Band here at the Tapers Section, which we hope you don't mind. Truth be told, we just can't get enough of this era's Playings.

Due to popular request based on last week's little taste of 2/10/79's second set opener, this week we have that same show's show-closing sequence consisting of Space>The Other One>Wharf Rat>Sugar Magnolia. It's a shame the master cassette cuts at the end of Sugar Magnolia, but at least we have the portion we have.

Lastly this week, from 7/22/84 at Ventura County Fairgrounds a little ways north of LA, we have the second set sequence of I Just Want To make Love To You>Women Are Smarter>Terrapin Station. This is the first version of I Just Want To Make Love To You in almost twenty years, and Brent certainly does a great job with the material.

Be sure to stop back next week when we have no idea what we'll play, but we expect it'll be great. See you then. And email the address below with questions or comments.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Jun 25 2007
Not the Dentist.....Enough drilling for one night.

April 19, 1982. I was there and I gotta say it kinda grabbed me by the Boo Boo if you know what I mean. Upbeat and beautifully played out first set. The second set was transcending. And at points kinda scary. Phil quoting Edgar Allen Poe with a background insane man laughing and just pushing me further and further. Seems like I been here before. Find just about any show from April 1982 and it will inspire.

Joined: Aug 20 2007

Keep on playin! What a great venue for exploration for the boys!

I really look forward to checking in here every Monday, many thanks.


I am looking for potential webmasters for these two new sites. Along the lines of a 'facebook' type deal for dead fans. Send me a message if you have any ideas or are interested - poke.

Joined: Sep 4 2007
on a roll ( :

Lemieux is doing a great job folks

It d be nice to have a whole cooler full of stuff like the 79 KC stuff . Everyone has their view of whats good and whats ' not ' good . Last week some folks disagreed with the KC 79 Scarlet fire , and everyone's entitled to vent out their opinions . Thanks god that that at least can be done .

This weeks KC post Space material is again , ethereal . That show was definitely a gift . Thanks DL

The PITB from Roanoake is IMO not as good as last weeks Fresno . But again last weeks Fresno is IMO the best PITB i ve heard . Save 2 ,3 or 4 other ones .

In 72 - 74 that song was a real vehicle for improv . I think it was the gem of many a show . DL does a great job showing us solid renditions of that Weir song

Before departing for the week , id like to add that this weeks PITB from Roanoake has exquisite Fender Rhoades playing from Ketih . He really plays it great . Thanks again DL .

You again filled up our GD gas tank generously , Gracias amigo

secopsycho's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
This Weeks Selection


Joined: Jul 2 2007
once again thanks

lovin the watkins glen sound check with that type of clarity sweet

peace love and tunes

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Oh yeah Brent

Rock on..................................................
I Just Want To make Love To You>Women Are Smarter>Terrapin Station.
Sweet :)

Joined: Jun 4 2007
taper's section improvements


It has been quite a while since the taper's section has been up. At the beginning, we were able to download the selections to play on our personal player. That was the best, because we didn't need to have the energy-sucking computer on to listen. (Technically, this taper's section, although nice, is helping to contribute to the destruction of our beautiful Appalachian mountainscapes through mountaintop coal strip mining.) That truly sucks.

Anyhow, doing some type of Dick's 'Dex for the Taper's Section would help out in locating a particular nuggest for on demand listening. That would be very nice in addition to Caroline's (see above) query.

For the environment, please bring back the mp3s.

Joined: Jun 10 2007
thanks and help, please!!!

thanks again, david! as always, i am tickled to hear what you've got to play.

i have searched for an answer to this question, but i couldn't find one-- could someone please tell me if - and how- one might listen to all the selections posted for a particular taper's section without having to go back and select the next one?! i don't mind keeping the page up and open, but at the same time, it would be great to know how (and if?!) i can let them play in sequence...
thanks in advance-


Joined: Jul 22 2008
I wasnt ther

I have just about every live performance on cassette tape from early 70's and up... Im running out of space in my apartment between all my tapes/vinyls/cds. Im looking to sell my whole catalogue. If anyone enjoys reliving a specific show anytime or for the first time then this is the perfect collection for you... email

josh e bear's picture
Joined: Feb 29 2008

David and Fellow Internet GD family

The New Batman Movie =BEST BATMAN MOVIE , EVER.. If you Like Comic Book Movies, you will Love this Flick,, I am Jazzed from it ~ it was kinda like a killer dead show..

JUST GOT HOME AND WOW, THIS WEEKS GD Nugs Sure look TASTY !!! I bet they will sound even Tastier !! mmm hmmm yummmmmie ~


....I KNOW !! I KNOW...



Anywho,,, About 73-74,, I do lov the Playin's,,, I realize now, after weeks of Listening to them,, that the GD were using that song as their "Psycehdelic Vehicle" for Jams during this Time Period,, as oppose to Dark Star or other Jam Tunes..

and boy, some of these Playins are O U T T H E R E !! YOW ~

I do love that " End Jam" at the end of the EYES OF THE WORLD back in 73-74,, How about a few more of those posted ?? Please...

Did they have a special name for that part of the Jam ?? Milken the Turkey ??

also ,,, can you dig up like the 1st ever " Lost > Saint " I never heard that b4,..

or other "1st time played " songs... LOVE THE SUMMER SELECTION !!

Thanks everyone and see you in downtown Gotham City !!!!

Josh E Bear !!


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