Grateful Dead

July 26 - August 2, 2010

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Greetings, and thanks for joining us again here at the Tapers' Section, where this week have some music from the summer tour of 1981, and a taste of 1985 Grateful Dead music.

Our first selection this week is music from the first and second set of 7/5/81 Oklahoma City, where we have the last song of the first set followed by the first four songs of the second set: Let It Grow; Samson and Delilah, Don't Ease Me In, The Music Never Stopped, Ship Of Fools. A couple of those second set tunes have an odd placement, which is always one of the cool things about GD shows, never knowing what's going to be where, despite expectations.

From two nights later on 7/7/81 in Kansas City, we have the start of the second set, featuring Women Are Smarter, Candyman, Estimated Prophet>Eyes of the World. This is the second-ever version of Women Are Smarter, the first being played on 7/2/81, and also note that the Eyes cuts here where the master cassette cuts.

Finally this week we have second set music from one of the most famous shows of 1985, from 6/30/85 at Merriweather Post Pavillion. Of course, the sequence that comes to mind for most people when they hear this show's date is the pre-Drums sequence with that interstellar Shakedown Street and the Cryptical (and the Samson, Gimme Some and He's Gone!), so today we're pleased to play you the post-Drums sequence of Other One>Stella Blue>Around and Around>Sugar Magnolia, which includes the Other One that completes the Cryptical. Good stuff on this tour.

Thanks for checking us out this week, and please do feel free to write to the address below with questions about anything Grateful Dead related. We respond to most everything that comes our way, so we do encourage you to reach out to say hi and ask anything about the tapes that you might want to know.

David Lemieux


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Happy Birthday, Jerry!!! RIP....

DoDa Man ;^ )

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Wow, the memories that this music brings back. Thank you so much for once again providing the best of the best Grateful Dead. I can't wait for the next set you bring us, it is absolutely fantastic.

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works for me

I listened to the 7/5/81 and it was continuous; however, the recording does have a lot of "dead" air between songs. I'd say the Heinekens were getting warm and had to be drained quickly.
If you've ever been to the Zoo in July, it must've been hot and humid.

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Both Oklahoma city sets are cutting out on me.


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" seems like all this life was just a dream."

The merryweather spot is such a treat. Like an old amazing friend.

Shall we Dance?!!

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Thanks for the tunes

I appreciate getting to hear the tapers section every week. However, I am disappointed that you never include Drumz>Space in these sets. I may not be like the majority of fans but for me, the juxtaposition of the spaey improv into the next song is usually amazing. I enjoy the way the band slowly bleeds into the next track or builds it up from the spacey cacophony. Any chance you could start giving more attention to this?

Thanks so much,

Joined: Nov 6 2007
Strong Picks, David!

The '81 sounds are fired up and locked in. Definitely need to check out more shows from this era.

Thanks for the posting Merriweather Post Pavillion. The Other One is inspired, Stella Blue is beautiful, and Around & Around / Sugar Magnolia rock like they should! Looking forward to hearing more of this show.

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good stuff from those summer '81 shows

I'm really impressed every time I hear stuff from the summer of '81. Seemed like a really strong time for the Dead. These selections don't disappoint, either. Don't Ease lopes along at a different pace than what I'm used to hearing in the usual set-ending or encore slot. The band is having a good time in Man Smart/Woman Smarter, and Bobby is in fine form vocally during the Estimated. Lots of good collective jamming at the end of Eyes too.

I've never listened to the Merriweather Post show (believe it or not!), so after hearing this jam from the second half of the second set, I'm naturally buzzed to go seek out the entire show on the Archive. The first half of the second set looks mighty juicy!

Enjoying the entertaining stories from tours gone by, everyone! Thanks for the great selections this week, David. :-)

Joined: Jun 6 2007
OKC '81

My one and only Dead show! Great show! I remember the smells. Ahh, those smells!


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