Grateful Dead

June 13 - June 19, 2016

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers’ Section, where this week we have music from 1973, 1979 and 1980.

Our first selection is from 12/1/73 in Boston, the middle night of a three night run at the Music Hall, featuring Playing In The Band > Uncle John's Band > Playing In The Band ; Row Jimmy. The first and third shows were included on Dick’s Picks Vol. 14, but there was some good music within the unreleased middle show.

Next is the first set from 12/1/79 in Pittsburgh, where the Dead played Jack Straw> Sugaree; Me And My Uncle > Big River ; Loser ; Easy To Love You ; New Minglewood Blues; Althea ; The Music Never Stopped. I’d had the second set of this show in my tape trading days as one of the first 10 tapes I was ever given, and was happy to finally receive the second set many years later.

Lastly this week is the start of the second set from 11/28/80 in Lakeland, FL, where we have Feel Like A Stranger ; To Lay Me Down > Let It Grow > Terrapin Station, featuring a couple of usually-first set songs in the second set.

Be sure to join us here next week for more great music from the vault.

David Lemieux


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cmd's picture
Joined: Nov 4 2010

That same high quality board Grateful Prof
referenced appeared in my circles by
Christmas of '79 - which was quick in those
days. I would submit that it was no
casual accident that this show leaked out
and not others. Because it was fucking good!
Not sure what the issue is as why it has not
yet been released.

Joined: Oct 1 2007
Stanley '79

....has also the first C C Rider ever (and perhaps the best one), coming out of a very long He's Gone with a very developed Gloria jam. If my fuzzy memory is correct, this tape, when it emerged soon after the show (in my circles at least) was a astonishingly high quality board, which helped, I think, establish the popularity of this show.

Truckin79's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007
Stanley 1979

This show is one of my favorite all time dead shows. One of the best Sugarees I ever heard. The boys played a great show from beginning to end. Jerry was amazing. Still love to listen to this show! Wish they would put this out on disk.I would grab in a second.Thank you for all the great music!

unkle sam's picture
Joined: Oct 3 2008

I attended this show, it was a gas, with great renditions of classis dead tunes. This was also the last show at Lakeland civic center that was not overrun with cops and undercover narcs and police dogs. The Dead played there once more in 82 and after the treatment of the polk county sheriffs office and the batcrap crazy undercover jerks, they never played there again. I remember in the second set before estimated Bobby announced that "the person sitting next to you may not be who you think he is, so be careful."

Joined: Aug 17 2007
the ">"

I use a slash, "/", to denote instances of one song coming to an ending chord or note and a second song starting up directly from that without a continuous, gradually altering segue (as in the Me and My Uncle / Big River from Pittsburgh '79 here, or typically an even more cut-and-dried event in a move from Me and My Uncle to Mexicali Blues).

(The rarer instance, more common in the '80s and '90s, of maybe two to three seconds without play between numbers I'll tend to note as "..." or "/...".)

Joined: Jun 18 2009

Couldn't agree more with that, way overused and way misleading. And with most Deadheads, little things like that are paramount.

Joined: Oct 1 2007
Interesting opening to Lakeland show...

...although one of my pet peeves is the use of ">". For me if a song is played, and ends with its usual ending, and then with little pause a new song starts with its usual beginning (no musical transition between the two), this does not constitute an "into", merely two songs played sequentially with no pause in-between. Of course this does not matter much, but the use of ">" often misleads as to whether or not the Dead found a musically interesting way to move between two songs. Here To Lay Me Down clearly ends, and then Let it Grow begins with little pause. Interesting sequence for sure, but not, for me at least, an example of "into". But heck, so what, right?!


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