Grateful Dead

March 1- March 7, 2010

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Greetings, and welcome back to the Tapers' Section. Over the last three and a half years, we've mostly been playing you things from the vault that have not been released on CD, and don't worry, that practice will continue. But the fact is that some of the best and most interesting Grateful Dead music has been released commercially, and we'd be missing out on playing you some of the best stuff ever if we only went for the unreleased material, so this week we'll be playing a few highlights from CD releases that were recorded 1970-1978. Even if you've heard them before, there is certainly never a bad time to hear them again.

Our first stop this week will be at Harpur College on 5/2/70, site of one of the finest and most legendary Grateful Dead shows ever. This show in its entirety, with the exception of Cold Rain ad Snow, was released as Dick's Picks Vol. 8. I think most of us who have been trading tapes for 25+ years had this as one of their first tapes ever. It was certainly true for me, a tape I received in my initial batch of 10 in 1984. From that magnificent show, we have It's A Man's World and one of the wayest of way out there versions ever of Viola Lee Blues. It goes on and on, and hits loads of peaks.

From Kezar Stadium in San Francisco on 3/23/75 when the Grateful Dead were performing their first show in more than five months, we have the entirety of their set (minus Johnny B. Goode), consisting of the new material they were in the process of writing and recording, Blues For Allah>King Solomon's Marbles>Blues For Allah. This was released in 2004 as part of a bonus disc, so if you weren't lucky enough to get that CD, here it is now.

From a couple of years later, at a show that took place north of the border in Toronto on 11/2/77, we have Estimated Prophet, part of Dick's Picks Vol. 34. Estimated was really common at the time, but this one goes above and beyond, with a jam that stretches out to some really great spaces. This and 11/24/78 have two of the better jams out of Estimated.

When people ask me for a good version of The Music Never Stopped, I give them this one, from 2/5/78, part of Dick's Picks Vol. 18. It is not only played very well, but the ending jam is one of the best, most inspired ever, with Jerry leading the band higher as the jam builds and builds.

Lastly this week, because we like playing examples of the Grateful Dead having fun, we have Dancing in the Street from 5/11/78 from Dick's Picks Vol. 25. Something must have been in the air (or punch!) that night judging by the laughter during the music. An A+ version of this song.

Be sure to stop by next week, and please do write the email address below with any comments or questions. Thanks for listening.

David Lemieux


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smallz's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
OK David

I know I've given you flack before about choosing already-released tracks over the unreleased stuff. But I think this is a good idea, so I'll forgive you...this time :)

The Blues For Allah gets really out there, I mean in deep dark space! I love it.

jgband, I wholeheartedly agree: DP18 is one of the best. And as good as TMNS is here, TLEO from this release is more of a stand-out version, I do believe.

How 'bout the China -> Rider -> Doll from 12/29/77 for the next batch, eh David?

Thank you!

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
Taste eternity, the stars sing

Thanks for that Kezar clip. That's one of my favorite Dead jams ever. I first heard it over 25 years ago on a cassette my buddy had.

Bruce K

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Joined: Aug 11 2008
thanx for the VLB

Hits the spot first thing a.m.
Gets the morning started right

Joined: Jun 10 2007
1st period...

so my first class of the day has been trickling in, and i have been jammin to TMNS-- and the quietest girl in class just asked, hey, miss c-- can you play that one againl and turn it up?!'

well, hell yes, jennifer, i can play that song again and of course i can turn it up!


Joined: Jan 13 2010
fond memories of...

listening to 3/23/75 in my dorm room 25-ish years ago whilst visiting Lysergia...magic stuff, y'all.

Joined: Oct 1 2007
Music Never Stopped

Yup, nice, very hot, cleanly played version. Thanks for posting it, I was not familiar with it, and gave at the time the mid-west part of this tour a pass. Oh well!

Joined: Jun 12 2007

Gotcha, that would explain, I did not buy Beyond Description. Still kicking myself for procrastinating the 69 box set too, one day I went to order and it was sold out already. Love the bonus disc concept though.

Joined: Jun 27 2007
Blues for Allah

I think Blues for Allah has me back on the bus here! wootwoot
*missed my Tapers* nice to ba back

round and round

Joined: Nov 6 2007
Awesome Selections!

Haha... 3/23/75 is a gorgeous adventure in deep mystery...

I never get tired of listening to Dick's Picks. I've lost some over the years, but necessarily I buy them again. I can barely pick favorites, because that would be half the series. If I had to pick a favorite it would be Vol. 31.

'In fact your salvation is within yourself, in your own essence of mind, it is not to be gotten grasping at external people like me.' ~ Jack Kerouac

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bonus disc

It the "Beyond Description" bonus disc.


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