Grateful Dead

March 13 - March 19, 2017

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers’ Section, where this week we have music from 1973, 1977 and 1993.

Our first selection this week is from 5/20/73 at UCSB Stadium in Santa Barbara, CA, the middle show of three big May concerts in 1973 (5/13 in Des Moines, 5/26 in San Francisco). From this show, we have The Promised Land ; Brown Eyed Women ; Mexicali Blues ; Row Jimmy ; Jack Straw ; Big Railroad Blues ; Greatest Story Ever Told ; Here Comes Sunshine ; Big River ; Loser ; El Paso ; Casey Jones.

Next is the huge second set jam from the final show of what’s arguably the Dead’s most consistently great tour, from 5/28/77 in Hartford, where we have Estimated Prophet > Playing In The Band > Terrapin Station > Drums > Not Fade Away > Wharf Rat > Playing In The Band. This show was released on CD in 2009, if you’re interested in hearing more.

Lastly this week, we have the start of the second set from 5/26/93 at Cal Expo in Sacramento, CA, where we have Box Of Rain ; Victim Or The Crime > Crazy Fingers > Playing In The Band, including what’s widely considered to be one of the best versions of Playing In The Band since 1974.

Be sure to join us here next week for more music from the vault.

David Lemieux


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Joined: May 7 2017

I didnt see this show, but I saw alot during 1993. It was my 3rd year touring, During 1993 they brought out some really cool songs: Liberty;Here Comes Sunshine;Casey Jones,ect. Not to mention they had some new songs to start working on a new studio album:Corrina,Wave to Wind,Days Between,Lazy River Road. This Playin' has the old fashioned visuals.

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Joined: Jun 22 2007

Went straight to the '93... then realized all the comments did the same... curated trips through the 90s can be worth you time... buckling in for this one.

I'll wait patiently for my next heady Corina...

Joined: Aug 21 2007

This is an excellent Playin'! Never heard it before. I missed a lot of '93, including this run. Regret. I always thought the Hampton 86 Playin' was also a gem, long and spread over the course of the run. The first installment is something like 17 minutes and the reprise on the third nite something like another 8.

Joined: Jul 9 2007
bonus disc

Bonus CD;
Picasso Moon >
• Fire On The Mountain
• Cassidy >
• Uncle John's Band >
• Cassidy
• Gloria
• Broken Arrow
• Ramble On Rose
• Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again

this info can be found on

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
too late now

I see its too late now, but I wish I had grabbed a copy of the Cal Expo Road Trips... What was on the Bonus Disc?

That was a unique Playin I had never heard before...


Joined: Jun 4 2007

An exceptional year for Grateful Dead music. Jerry was shredding and soulful at the same time - all year long.

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Joined: May 27 2011
love early 80s but this is cool....

Enjoyin' 5/26/93....awesome.


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