Grateful Dead

March 15- March 21, 2010

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers' Section, where this week we'll be checking in on three full first sets from 1987 and 1988.

Our first stop this week is on 9/16/87, the second of the five night run at Madison Square Garden, the Grateful Dead's first appearance there since 1983. The first set this night was quite standard for the time, with one rather glaring exception: Scarlet Begonias was the second song of the night, popping out of a joyous Touch of Grey. Now THAT caught everyone off guard. We're pleased to present you with Touch Of Grey > Scarlet Begonias; Little Red Rooster; Dire Wolf; My Brother Esau; High Time; Let It Grow > Don't Ease Me In. the next night, on 9/17/87, jerry and bob made their famous appearance on letterman in which bobby, dave and biff attempted to levitate jerry, an old parlor trick.

From a little less than a year later, on 9/5/88 at the Capital Center in Landover, MD, we have the first set consisting of Iko Iko; Walkin' Blues; Ramble On Rose; Mama Tried > Mexicali Blues; Row Jimmy; Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again; When Push Comes To Shove; The Music Never Stopped. This is the show after the breakout of Ripple on 9/3/88, and the crowd was pumped by Saturday's developments.

Lastly this week, from 9/8/88 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia to start a four night run of shows, we have the first set, made up of Let The Good Times Roll > Shakedown Street ; Walkin' Blues ; To Lay Me Down ; It's All Over Now ; Loser ; Let It Grow. This was a real hit-and-miss tour, and this set is certainly one of the hits.

Be sure to join us next week for more great stuff here at the Tapers' Section. As always, we encourage your emails at the address below.

David Lemieux


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88 spring tour

By the way, if you want to hear a great '88 first set from earlier in the year ~

26 March '88 Hampton

And no, NOT because of Stir It Up. That was just an inspired garage moment, not a song performance.

(Very inspired ChinaCat -> Rider to open the second set, as well....)

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Prof, I appreciate your


I appreciate your sentiment, it's exactly what I felt at my last show in summer '95, when our bespectacled virtuoso ducked out of a Shakedown solo and didn't once hit the main riff to the Terrapin finale (seemingly exploring another....very dark...station altogether).

However ~ whatever it sounds like, and I realize that's all you have to go on ~ such was NOT the case at this show. What we have is a case of a voice that no longer works as it once did....not a hollow Jerry going through the motions. This show had great energy, just listen to Loser, and I personally DO hear inspiration in the To Lay Me Down finale.

I appreciate the link and recommendations! But they don't change my opinion. Though I can understand that if that's the Jerry you became a Deadhead to, it might be hard to listen to a later era's severely compromised vocal powers. All I can say is, the energy was good. When it wasn't, I didn't pretend it was....the mediocre shows (which certainly seemed to get more frequent after a time) made the great ones shine all the more. This wasn't a five-star show, but it was a four. Three and three-quarters, if you must, but certainly a night where we got our money's worth and left with big smiles.

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clip issue

should be fixed now, speak up if it is not.

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I have

my own planet stop over sometime.

Watch for Craters we have occasional bombs.


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dang grateful prof..

i never thought of enjoying the pathos of troubled Jerry as voyeuristic before. that statement sort of hits me, being a fundamental point of interest when listening to many mid 90's ballad performances. i sort of feel ashamed... i recently watched some 95 Knickerbocker vids and there wasn't even that voyeuristic element to draw from, Jerry being in such a rough place. it wasn't for pleasure that i watched them, but to inform myself having been absent from any dead shows (too young). so your comment comes poignantly on the heels of that experience, such that i can relate the successful pathos of his later performances to the dark place he was headed, and well within as the 95 summer tour wrapped up. -interesting thoughts. thank you once again David!!

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Daer Canyon Critter

I think they got yas... ~April Fool's~ Early! Keep looking and listening the music play. teeheeheee...I need that. phewSherBearintheair ---------------(--------@ sorry the gig is up if I'm right or not :) lmaosfh or was it my imagination, hmmmmm. oxoxoxooxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxo

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alternative fix

click on the link and then choose the start of the streaming audio, for those anxious to hear touch >Scarlet, et al

To Lay Me Down: check out Jerry Moore's recording of 7/29/74 from the Cap Center....pow!

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First link still Goes to third

Hey now.

First link still goes to the Good Times Roll on the trhid link. _____________________________________________ Will you come with me? Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!

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Tricky fun poking got my ears

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Listening now. thanks! Tough day today, glad to b here. Hi everybody and you. ----------------{---------@

Rip the Lip @ 20,000ft.

The cool breeze came on Tuesday with the heat of a volcano. And when it receed all it left were Ashes and Glass to lay me down in. The shard of porcelain unremovable for some pages never turn> but scars are so noble with twisted appearance the story each gives like the one on my knee remember that one that night it was your birthday. Thee scars of mind are a more sane idea because they so beautiful oh remarkable suffering find me a file find me a file find me a file don't you have ten gold dollars that could find find find put your gold money where your love is baby I know a little something you'll never know cold coffee the Saints won the Superbowl and it's not Friday but it's still sunny here today the morning will fade like yesterday and my memories in the electric fence and lines are hot hot hot the day has came it's at my back door I asked who's there and no answer came just a little note was left for me to read telling my fate with no ink or lead but it's alright... Those seasons can't make a difference where there's no scars because they have been healed and faded like a walstib, bending at the river once again, shall we called it by name? Live again live again live again live again live again live again live again with grace peace love He who is alright with me a gain again maybe but the words on the page are the yield of thee harvest and sweet deliciousness of the cool breeze and thee truth of our memories. SherBear

Gonna make the Band play one more song Get in the Groove, if it takes all night long all night all night ahhh hhhh all night long somebody told me it might take all night long

Don't let em tell you these ole walking blues ain't so bad.

/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/`/` those are my high steps right into town

Remembering k right Sherbearlayingmedown @@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@ JERRY @@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@

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To Lay me Down

I Toallly agree w/ the prof, they can break out The Eleven but if it sounds like chit it's chit, listen to the To Lay me Down from Paris 1974 & then well talk. Or better yet from '76.

These are the Dead at their best, jerry's voice pure & clear, like an angel singing.


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