Grateful Dead

May 26 - June 1, 2008

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

This week we'll cover 20 years in the Grateful Dead's recorded history, from 1973 to 1993, with a little taste of something in between.

Our first stop is at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, right on the tip of Haight-Ashbury. There's still a field there, but the stadium no longer exists, unfortunately. Hunter lamented the closing of Kezar and Lindley Meadows for concerts with this verse from Truckin', sung by the lyric writer, but never by the Grateful Dead in concert:

Once in a while when the music gets into the street
Fifty old ladies buck every cop on the beat
They're putting the lock on Lindley Meadow and Kezar
Beginning to look like we can't play in the park

Of course, the Grateful Dead would return for a free concert to memorialize Bill Graham on 11/1/91, but by the late-1970s, Golden Gate Park was generally closed to concerts. However, from 5/26/73 at Kezar, we are very please to play the ending sequence from the second set (of a three set concert), China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider, Bertha, Around and Around. This was the third consecutive weekend concert that would take up the Grateful Dead's May, 1973, schedule, with the others being 5/13/73 in Des Moines and 5/20/73 in Santa Barbara.

From the same date four years later, 5/26/77 in beautiful Charm City, Baltimore, we have the quartet of songs that closed the first set, consisting of Looks Like Rain, Jack-A-Roe, Minglewood Blues, Bertha. This was the penultimate show of the super fine Spring Tour of 1977, and featured the high level of playing consistent with the rest of the tour. It's always our pleasure to play you more music from this great tour, hon.

As our last visit to the Spring Tour of 1977, we'll stop in on the final show of the tour, five weeks after it started in Philadelphia. The tour ended at the venerable old Hartford Civic Center, then home to the Hartford Whalers hockey team, who were at that time part of the WHA, still two years away from joining the NHL. Many people don't know this, but the team's nickname, the Whalers, was applied due to the team's affiliation with its league, not, as a wise man once guessed, due to the “Connecticut whaling industry.” (!) Rather, the name stems from the fact that they were conceived as part of the WHA, hence the WHAlers. Anyhow, enough hockey talk. From the final show of the tour, here is the middle segment of the first set, Jack Straw, Row Jimmy, Minglewood Blues, Candyman, Passenger, Brown-Eyed Woman.

Finally this week, we'll check in on the Cal Expo show in Sacramento on 5/26/93. Last year here we played some of the more well-known highlights of that show, including that monster Playing In The Band that is widely considered one of the finest versions played beyond 1974. This week, we'd like to play you the show's closing sequence of Corrina>Playing In The Band reprise>China Doll>Around and Around. The Corrina has a very cool intro, with Phil doing all sorts of cool stuff.

Be sure to pop back next week for more great June Grateful Dead music. As we begin looking ahead a few weeks, we see some great music on the horizon. Feel free to write to the email address below with questions or comments, suggestions or requests.

David Lemieux
vault [at]


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Joined: Oct 31 2007
kezar dankety

great balanced recording almost paranormal...................

Joined: Jul 16 2007
China>Groovy> Rider

One of my top three all time! The fluidity of this version is just breathtaking. That show also has a killer Eyes, with Kieth really making grate contributions throughout. Fantastic picks this week. And please, please, please, play some 6/4/77 set two next week. Grate show, not so grate AUD. NFA, brm

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Joined: Jun 4 2007

This month flying by and all, I hope that summer is going to finally arrive here in dreary Erie.
Have a grate holiday everyone!!!!!

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Wow this month flew by....

Thanks for all the awesome tunes David!! :)
Always Grateful, Gigi

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Baltimore '77


Happy Memorial Day, everyone. Thanks to those who make us safe.
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