Grateful Dead

May 3 - May 9, 2010

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back, and we hope you're in the mood to hear some excellent Grateful Dead music from May, 1991. If not, I'm sure there's some music to your liking to be found in the older, archived entries in the Tapers' Section series. But, the music below is really good!

From the start of the second set of the first night of a three night stand at Cal Expo on 5/3/91 we have China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider ; Estimated Prophet>He's Gone. Bruce Hornsby was absent from these shows, giving Vince a rare solo spotlight during his first year in the Grateful Dead.

From the same slot in the show the next night on 5/4/91, we have the start of the second set, featuring Victim Or The Crime> Crazy Fingers >Playing In The Band >Uncle John's Band. This is a fairly typical, and very well-played, batch of songs from this era. All of these Cal Expo bits are drawn from the DAT soundboard master tapes, with some good audience blended in.

From the final Cal Expo show during this run, on 5/5/91 we once again have the start of the second set, Eyes Of The World>Man Smart (Woman Smarter) ; Ship Of Fools ; Truckin' >Terrapin Station. The Eyes is of that early-1990s, slow and laid back variety, much more similar in tempo to the 1974 versions than the mid-1980s super speedy versions that often clocked in at 6 minutes.

We'll have more great music for you here next week, so be sure to stop in. And as always, feel free to write with questions or comments to the email address below.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Stuck in Folsom Prison and the Dead take me home...

Grate weekend in the capitol, not being a national this is the weekend i not only found out what Derby weekend means as well were Folsom City prison is, Oh thanks guys for getting me back to Canada (can still here the slow cadence of Crazy Fingers dripping through the Spring night air ...) thnx again for the memories yikes almost 20 years. Go Canucks Go

uncjhn's picture
Joined: Dec 5 2007

Thanks for the tunes once again David.
91 was the last year I saw multiple shows. After over 150 shows in10 years I would see no shows in 92,93 and only one each in 94 and 95.
I remember cal expo with great memories of shows in the late eighties. In 1990 I was shut out of the first night as I bought a ticket at the entrance only to find out it was for the next night. Lucky for me Healy brodcast the show on radio to the lot and I heard it from outside with many cool people. So many years. so many memories. 91 was the last really good year for me at GD shows. When I got back on the bus in 94/95 it wasn't the same. I wonder if that's how people felt in the eighties after going to many shows in the 70's. I try not to judge the late 90's it just wasn't my time.
Every Grateful Dead show was a MIRACLE.


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