Grateful Dead

November 2 - November 8, 2009

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to our first full November week of music here at the Tapers' Section, where this week we'll listen to music exclusively from 1984 and 1985.

Last week, we mentioned the Berkeley Community Theatre shows in the Fall of 1984, and from the six night run, we have the second set opening sequence from 11/2/84 featuring Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin'sTower>Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance>Wharf Rat>Gimme Some Lovin'. This was the first ever live Grateful Dead version of Gimme Some Lovin', and although Phil had started singing a little bit earlier in the year, adding some vocals to Why Don't We Do It In The Road, this night featured what is widely considered Phil's return to active singing duties. Soon Tom Thumb Blues would be added to Phil's vocal repertoire, followed by Box of Rain 1986, and slowly but surely he would add songs, from covers such as Broken Arrow to originals such as Childhood's End and the return of Unbroken Chain, not to mention his very fine backup vocals on songs such as Built To Last.

From the very next show, the final night at BCT on 11/3/84, we have another remarkable second set sequence, featuring Feel Like A Stranger>Cumberland Blues, Gloria>Why Don't We Do It In The Road>Jam. The Fall of 1984 had some pretty darn good music at times.

Our next selection is from a year later on 11/7/85 at the Rochester War Memorial, where the Dead would continue a very good tour that included a few very good two night runs (Richmond, Worcester, Meadowlands, etc). For this first night in Rochester, we have the second set opening sequence of Touch of Grey>Samson and Delilah, High Time>Let It Grow, with this being a very rare second set Let It Grow.

Lastly this week, we have more music from Rochester, NY, on 11/8/85. This was very nearly my first show, as many of my friends' older brothers were going to these concerts and we almost tagged along, being huge Dead Heads already but a bit young for such a long road trip (or so the older brothers thought…). This night was my 15th birthday. Instead my friends and I got mugged this night. I think going to Rochester would have been the better choice. From the end of the show, we have The Other One>I Need A Miracle>She Belongs To Me>Sugar Magnolia, Satisfaction.

Just as this week featured music exclusively from the mid 1980s, next week we'll only be hearing material from 1971 and 1972. And it's reeeeeaaaallllly good. See you next week. And feel free to write the email address below with any questions or comments about the Tapers' Section

David Lemieux


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Joined: Nov 7 2009
11-7 drums

Thanks as always for the tunes, but you cut one of the coolest parts of 11-7: the great transition into Drums with the whole audience clapping a complex rhythm, drummers egging the crowd on. "Best music class I ever had!" -Billy K (I think)

wolff's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007

great year jerry did look alittle ruff around the edge's but his playin was wow damn good 42 shows that year for me most ever in a year
peace to all wolff

unkle sam's picture
Joined: Oct 3 2008
lost sailor

all I can say is "marvelous, simply marvelous" great selections this week, I seem to remember a rumor that Jerry didn't really care for lost sailor, but it sure sounds sweet here. What a wonderful decade the 80's were, for dead music anyway, the rest kinda sucked, reaganomics and just say no, the a team? I remember the 80's by the great dead shows I saw in those years, kinda like, lets see, what year was that? oh yeah, went and saw the dead that year, or was it before that show? it must have been around there, right? Or was it right after? Mid 80's dead, awesome. Just wait till next week if ya need pre 80's. Thanks David, and belated birthday wishes, you youngster you :)

lamagonzo (not verified)
nothing post 81???

it wasn't the same after Pig died...
it wasn't the same after the 75 break...
it wasn't the same after Keith & Donna left...
it wasn't the same after Brent died...
It wasn't the same after Bruce left...
it wasn't the Grateful Dead after Jerry died...

take your pick

iGrateful's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007

I left work today after a grooloing 11 hr Friday and couldn't WAIT to get into my car to hear Disc 8 of the Winterland set... start it at track 3 cause I only have 22 min to get home so i'm cranking Help/Slipnot/Franklins... ahhhhh 11 hrs is in to abiss....

So now i finally have a chance to check out what's on tapers Section and i see a Help/Slip/Fraklins from 85....

I gave it about 28 seconds....

Please stop... Please stop posting ANYTHING post 1981.... it's just not the same band... not the same Jerry... not the same music... almost painful.
Sorry, that's me for what it's worth...... and my FIRST show was in 1981... so I know I missed out on the good stuff live... you don't have to tell me

Canyon Critter's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2008
And to think....

People were grooving to Miami Vice, Wham, and watching the A. Team, etc.....if they only knew Jerry would blow their minds!

Will you come with me? Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!

Joined: Sep 4 2007
11.8 1985

I own a terrific audience tape of the 1st set of 11.8 1985 .

Baby what you want and revolution , i think grace that excellent 1st set .

Will have to check out your 2nd set contribution Mr Lemieux

Thank you ,


shwack's picture
Joined: Apr 12 2008

Hey Man,
Fantastic installment this week! Some solid 80's set lists represented here
as well as the last few weekly postings of late.The 1st and 2nd guitar
breaks on Cumberland Blues 11/3/84 are extraordinary!

Merci Beaucoup Monsieur Lemieux

shwack in nh

lamagonzo (not verified)
Another vote to release Fall 84

Just do it!

(You'll sell a ton of'em OK!!!)

lamagonzo (not verified)
Fall 84: Classic Dead

Wavy was right at Kingswood that summer -- these are (were, sigh!) the good old days...
Release the whole 84 Fall Tour tour in it's entirety!
(Augusta, Hartford were Hall of Famers)


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