Grateful Dead

November 3 - November 9, 2008

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back. This week we have some great Grateful Dead music from 1969 through to 1985, with a rare Tapers’ Section appearance of an audience recording in the mix this week.

First up we have the show-closing tune, Lovelight, from 11/7/69 at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. This was included as a bonus track on the stellar Dick’s Picks Vol. 16, which consisted of the entire 11/8/69 show at the same venue. The Fillmore Auditorium is the very same Fillmore venue in San Francisco at which we can still hear great live music, and should not be confused with the Fillmore West in San Francisco, which was also known as the Carousel Ballroom.

Next up we have a stunningly hot jam from 1970 at the Capitol Theatre in Portchester, NY on 11/8/70, featuring Truckin’>Dark Star>The Main Ten. This is from an audience source, as most of July through December, 1970, is not in the vault, either not recorded or simply having walked away over the years. I hope you don’t mind the audience recording, but because it’s my birthday, I can do what I want ☺.>

Nine years later, the Grateful Dead were on their big Fall Tour of 1979, still working Brent into the band. As you’ll hear from this Eyes of the World>Estimated Prophet>Franklin’s Tower. sequence from 11/5/79 in Philadelphia, Brent had become a central part of the band’s sound by the Fall.

Lastly this week, we have two sequences from the show in Richmond, VA, on 11/2/85, the pre-Drums trio of tunes Estimated Prophet>Uncle John’s Band>China Doll and from the post-Space part of the show, Morning Dew>Throwing Stones>Lovelight, Baby Blue. Certainly the equal of the previous night’s very famous concert at the same venue.

Be sure to drop by next week for music from 1970 to 1979. Some great stuff, by the looks of it…

David Lemieux


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Happy Birthday!

Keep the primal nuggets coming!!! How about a Pump Song or a Seven???


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Such a highlight...

The taper's sections has been such a highlight of my week since its inception...thanks for all the hard work David! Just awesome!

"You're either on the bus or you're off the bus." ~Kesey

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Sirwl yer face right of your head

This should be called Grateful Dead , or better yet Playin' in the band 101 w professor Lemieux

The truckin from portchester is possibly one of the best ive heard - audience recording and all . The playing is superb . The love of god in its very best example

Just wantd to share w the rest of the site visitors my favourite Truckin s

March 11 , 93 Rosemont IL
June 25 91 Bonner springs ks
Aug 22 , XIIIC OR
Soldier field June 19 XIIIC
View from the vault 4 [ ltgtr - truckin - .. of grey }

And now , this rollicking 1 from Portch 11 . 1970

I must share and add that the Dark star that follows is what the doctor ordered . Peace

.. And the main ten that continues lands quite nicely . A prelude of the later PITB s

Thanks for the good audience audio photograph

p.s. Another Truckin worth sharing was the one played by TOO in Jun 1998 in Charlotte . I recorded with AKG mics and came out with a pretty tape . recorded 5 more shows that tour , and Charoltte remains one of my favourite days and nights with this bands music . it was like 105 that afternoon . And mark Karan was ripping the greatest solos id heard in some time .

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Happy Birthday!!

and thanks for playing the 11/8/70 aud. The first time I heard this tape many many years ago I knew it was evidence of something really special. As I got to know fans older than I (now 48), many would say without hesitation that 1970 was the best time they ever had at Dead shows. How tragic that there was no secret taping going on by the house crew at the Capitol.... And be sure to try other great crusty auds from 2H-70 because there is little in the vault, according to Dick.

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2 lovelights!!

1 to start and 1 to end, that so nice!
thx david
the morning dew>baby blue seems to fit very nicely to today nov 5th

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I love waking up in the morning and turning on my lovelight!

Thank you David and Happy birthday....

I get excited every week to here these wonderful collections of musical masterpiece. I can't tell you how many times I here the first song and hang on every note till the next song. As I'm writing this I can't wait to here the audience taping. And Eyes>Estimated Prophet>Franklins, being from California Estimated is special to me. Thank you so much for helping my week go that much better! This lovelight is awesome.

Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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happy birthday

happy birthday bro. thanks for so many years of great music.. some real tasty selections this week,,primal dead 69to souful 85... saw bobby and co last week,, solid shows out at westbury.. looking towards phil & friends next week, we will be at new years in san fran. for the first time. my.first show 74 roosevelt stadium nj.. hard to believe..

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On paper, your work looks like an A , Dave .. now , onto listen

Happy b day D . Funny thing is im still having those tiny bursts of laughter in public , due in part to that stratospheric PITB from Aces b day on 10.16 - LXXIV

I m glad that i can control myself when that happens , as that music ,along with that Fresno PITB from July - LXXIV create the same mind state in me = )

Cant wait to hear that Aud recording from 1970 . Just what i ve been waiting for .

remember folks that Gods love is everyhwere , we just have to go look for it . Its in this group's page . The music on the page , its in the air we breathe , it s in a beautiful beach on california . And a gorgeous stream tucked away amidst the horizon Iowa , or Kentucky , or Tenessee ( pick your favourite place ]

Its in the determination of our great leaders , always ..

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great picks, and a happy birthday to you!


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